VW Golf 8 R-Line Delay?

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    Hi guys,

    First time poster, long term Motability customer.

    Ordered my shiny new Golf 8 1.5 eTSI R-Line back in December ’20 and I got a call today from my dealer to say there’s now a delay in production of car meaning I’ve got an unconfirmed build date sometime in April.

    I was originally due to change-over on 1st March so rather frustrated I now potentially have to wait until May to get the car. What’s more frustrating is that, nothing is confirmed so this may be later, earlier or as expected – the clarity here is dysfunctional.

    I never had this issue with my last three Ford vehicles or my latest Kia. I contacted VW customer service who advised that the dealer should have quoted a 19-week timeframe as opposed to ensuring me the car would be ready for my usual hand-over date.

    I just wanted to know if anyone has had a similar experience? Could this be an overestimation? I read a post back in 2019 with a similar position to me but nothing as of recent.


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    i orded a gtd in april just says with the factory i have deleted the car and re added it but still same

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    Hi everyone

    This is my first post on here

    I ordered a Golf 8 R line DSG on the 17th Feb 21, I was told I should get it at the end of June, Then I was told middle of August, Now I have been told week 38 middle of Sept, It is forever moving.

    What I would love to know is there anyway I can track the progress of the car myself, instead of calling the garage everytime. I know this year has its problems with car manufacturing but it should soon be sorted, if ever.


    Vauxhal Astra SRI


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    Welcome Seamus, someone may be along with specific VW knowledge, but until your order gets allocated a firm production slot, I think there’s going to be nothing to report.  It’s in a queue and unlike a phone answering queue there’s no annoying music interrupted by a voice saying your custom is valuable to us. Thanks for waiting, you are now number 2412.

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    you will be able to track it on the vw web site you just need your order number.orded gtd april dealer said week 32 but i think hes lieing to me as the site says with the factory sill been that way for 2 months now i have deleted car and re added stll same

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    Well, there you are, Matt knows more, but ‘with the factory’ presumably means the order is in the factory…   waiting in a queue.

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    Hi All,

    I originally placed my order for a Golf R-Line DSG on 6th January however when the Q2 price list was released in April I changed my order to a GTD.

    Thankfully I collected the vehicle Tuesday just gone, the vehicle is great! I went for the dolphin grey which looks amazing! I’ve attached a few pictures from collection day.

    One of the main reasons for switching to the DSG other then the 200ps engine was the fact that the car came with loads of extras as standard compared to the R-Line so even paying the increased AP in my opinion was worth it.


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    looks great pal

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    Zak the car looks immense buddy! How you finding the touchscreen and touch buttons?

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    Hi Scotty,

    Thank you very much. I must admit I’m still trying to get my head around some of the features compared to my previous standard Seat Leon. The buttons on the steering wheel are fine to use however the volume / heater buttons I’ve noticed need to ‘slide’ in a certain way which I’m still yet to master. The general build quality however is very good, the interior compared to my previous Leon is a massive improvement. I’m due to do a decent lengthy journey in a week or so, once complete I’ll let you know how I get on with MPG and general drive experience.

    Have you got anything on order yet?


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    Beautiful car, I wish you safe and happy driving.

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    Hey Zak im sure you will get used to it sooner or later.

    I watched this video and seemed very useful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nVGxsCoe1qo

    Also I have a GTD on order but in Black with bigger wheels! I was told Week 27 which was a generic build week by the dealer but he said they are struggling with chip shortages so could be pushed back.

    It will probably be around September by time I get it.

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    scotty when did your order it?

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    ordered in April

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    Sean Blower

    Hi I ordered my r line 02 02 2021  was told 12 weeks update last week  car still not got a confirmed build week but is planned for week commencing  24 July which means mid August b4 I even get it  6 and half months its a joke  gona start looking for focus st line stock

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    That will be the same,maybe longer now,some still not being made due to semiconductor shortage, no joke,all manufacturers behind, but the world as it is at the moment, does not get any better, ford are one that have major problems as well

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    VW delivery times on non stock items has been a minimum of 6 months for as long as I can remember, Never take any notice whatever of salesman basically lying to get your order

    Currently driving Seat Ateca 2.0 FR Sport TDI 190 DSG 4drive

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    orded mine in april he said week 32 contacted vw they said it dose not have a build date so i think he was having me on about the build date not heard a thing from dealer in about 2 months

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    just had a email from dealer its now gone to week 36 from week 32 🙁

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    What did you order Matt?

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    golf gtd

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    John Lawton

    I thought that I would get ahead and order (Jan 11th) my shiny new Golf 8 R-Line, Etsi, DSG box way before my exchange date of 17th May!!

    Let’s just say it won’t be appearing anytime soon on my drive!! Was told on first ordering build week 15, now have been told build week 32. What joy.

    Pretty much expecting no compensation with delays, spoke to dealer who said they ‘might’ put some fuel in the tank for me!! Whoopee F’n Doo….😡🤬

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    am same for the gtd i orded said week 32 now week 36

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    John Lawton

    Just got a update from dealer my shiny new car won’t be available until September!! Yes, I did order it in January for handover in March. Oh what joy!! At least one shining light it’ll be a 71 plate.

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    I’m in exactly the same boat, ordered the 1.5 tsi r line 150bhp on 30/03/21, originally told mid June for collection,    dealer then said mid August, had a call yesterday, now mine is due to be built on week 35, the 30/08/21, first reason was understandably a build up at the docks etc, yesterday it is now due to the fire in Tennessee, he then advised that it’s only a MAYBE that it comes in September. Here’s hoping🙏🏻🙏🏻

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