VW Golf 8 R-Line Delay?

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    Hi guys,

    First time poster, long term Motability customer.

    Ordered my shiny new Golf 8 1.5 eTSI R-Line back in December ’20 and I got a call today from my dealer to say there’s now a delay in production of car meaning I’ve got an unconfirmed build date sometime in April.

    I was originally due to change-over on 1st March so rather frustrated I now potentially have to wait until May to get the car. What’s more frustrating is that, nothing is confirmed so this may be later, earlier or as expected – the clarity here is dysfunctional.

    I never had this issue with my last three Ford vehicles or my latest Kia. I contacted VW customer service who advised that the dealer should have quoted a 19-week timeframe as opposed to ensuring me the car would be ready for my usual hand-over date.

    I just wanted to know if anyone has had a similar experience? Could this be an overestimation? I read a post back in 2019 with a similar position to me but nothing as of recent.


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    Hi Zak,

    we are definitely in the same boat. My current Ford has been extended so happy to wait it out for the golf and see what comes up next.

    will let you know how I get on.

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    Seat still the same as you guys… Still no build date for my Leon FR Sport ordered back at the start of Dec.

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    Hello everyone


    haven’t posted in a while just been reading through the new comments. I was told could expect the car by middle of may which knew was a bit quick but now have been by dealer that have unconfirmed build date of week 26 so middle of June so unlikely to get it until at least middle of July but expected that date to be pushed back too.


    i am on a Facebook group for new golf 8 owners and the amount of issues the new model is having is crazy, most going into dealers for updates multiple times and not sorting issues with lane assist/ dcc and a lot of other things including wipers randomly stopping so tempted to cancel order. Going to wait till next week to see what comes on and price changes if any!

    rang loads of dealers and they just don’t have anything in stock tried the Leon fr, Audi A3 even the Mercedes a class which Mercedes telling me only stock is the one that’s like £3500 ap so really gutted as can’t afford that

    good luck!

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    Im having the same issue with our Touran. ordered Nov 4th, not expecting to be ready in time for Jan 3rd swap, but its now at least the end of June apparently, which is annoying as we paid £500 deposit due to the amount of extras we needed/wanted.

    I am going to check out the Peugeot build times next month and see about potentially swapping to the 5008 (we need to be able to fit our pride fusion power chair in it so have limited options)

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    Spent time last week discussing the Golf range for my brother, who’s due for a new Lease but doesn’t have access to the internet.  (Motability being all on-line now and not doing the Price List magazines any more.)  At the moment the R-line is clearly the Best Buy – now he’s just waiting to see the VW ‘Motability Specialist’ and arrange a test drive.  This will be his 5th Golf.

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    Also waiting for confirmed build date. Ordered end Jan 2021 told 13 week lead time.  Still no confirmed build date two months later …..

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    Hi All. I ordered my R-line beginning of Feb. My dealership did not mention any delays when I was ordering however after reading all these forums mentioning delays I asked what the lead time is and whether it’s around 12 weeks. His response basically was “around 12 weeks sounds right” but he can’t be sure since Germany factory not working at full capacity. My question is.. is this delay with all r lines or just the eTSI and DSG option?

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    Hi, in 2018 I ordered my Tiguan from vw but there was a delay which meant I had to wait an extra 6 weeks or so, that I didn’t mind, the problem is now that I am due to change I’m not allowed to order til april 18th which means if the prices go up it’s going to be costly to me, I wanted to order the golf R line dag, shall I try a different garage and hope they will order early for me,?

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    I ordered the rline on the 17th dec and was told 10 weeks after speaking to the dealer last month he said summer time now 😡 that’s a 7 month wait time I’m thinking of looking for another model instead

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    If you can’t order until April 18th,then the AP will be that date, the Dealer will not be able to gain access to your account until the Date allowed by Motability,the car they may order right away with VW if they wished, but no guarantee until April 18th figures. Vw good at not altering the AP during the 3 month period so you should know in a couple of days what the AP for your order date will be.

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    Hi All, now that the VW prices have been updated for Q2 has anyone decided of any changes? I’m in two minds about cancelling the R-Line I have ordered and instead placing an order for the GTD model that is available. After I added the extra’s to the R-Line the AP is £920. The GTD which comes with a lot of spec standard e.g the IQ headlights is valued at £1799…. anyone else in the same boat? Also does anyone have any experience cancelling an existing order to place a new one with the same dealer? Zak

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    That’s exactly what I’d be doing in your situation.

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    Just checked prices and the Audi I was looking at that was 1399 ap is now gone up by another 1k! 😂 typical

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    I now have to call my brother to tell him the R-line he wants has just gone up by £200.

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    180 bhp Honda Civic turbo sport has also jumped by a grand.

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    Yeah I was looking at that civic was shocked when I see the price today! On a better note I cancelled my golf today and will be ordering a Mercedes aclass a200 amg line executive as that’s gone down by £400 so is only £1949 now abit more than I want to spend but will be worth it and they saying will only take 2 weeks to get it! Good luck all

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    Michael laing

    My dealership salesman told me it’s because Volkswagen and motability combined has caused the backlog of the golf r line because of the very very low deposit of £100 which in turn has made people jump at the offer & bear in mind that covid is worldwide not just the UK.

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    Hi All,

    I placed an order for my Golf R line 1.5 eTSI DSG in moonstone grey with a few extras (18inch, rear view camera). Order placed on 13/04 and I was told June delivery date! Got an email today saying unconfirmed build week is 27! (Beginning of July) and then estimate another 4-6 weeks to get the vehicle which is august sometime.

    why would they tell me June ffs 🤦🏽‍♂️. Seems like everyone’s having issues on the waiting times for this.

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    VW delivery times are generally 4-6 months, you can totally ignore any dealer claptrap that states otherwise.

    Currently driving Seat Ateca 2.0 FR Sport TDI 190 DSG 4drive

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    semiconductors shortage vw closed factories due to no computer chips Jaguar Land Rover closed from Monday next week, will go on until 2022 it would seem all auto companies hit due to buying just in time

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    Well trouble us the have standing contracts with the fabs for a minimal amount & ordinarily they the put in extra orders as needed, unfortunately at the moment we’ve had covid, shortage of silica, next gen consoles, next gen video cards, next gen cpu’s & increased use of chips in modern vehicles.

    The way car makers have worked up to now has been fine but with all the above there’s no spare capacity to make their extra orders because fabs are busy churning out contracts for and, Nvidia, Sony, Microsoft etc in record volume.

    Intel have announced they’re spinning their fans off as a separate business because they’ve been stuck at 14nm for years (tsmc is down to 5nm now) hence why Intel chips are lagging and overall. Anyway because if thus Intel are opening their fabs up to manufacture for 3rd parties to convert existing chips to their processes will take 6-9 months but once done Intel has loads of scope to manufacture chips for others like vehicle makers so hopefully by the end if the year the vehicle shortage will be solved

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