VW Golf 8 R-Line Delay?

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    Hi guys,

    First time poster, long term Motability customer.

    Ordered my shiny new Golf 8 1.5 eTSI R-Line back in December ’20 and I got a call today from my dealer to say there’s now a delay in production of car meaning I’ve got an unconfirmed build date sometime in April.

    I was originally due to change-over on 1st March so rather frustrated I now potentially have to wait until May to get the car. What’s more frustrating is that, nothing is confirmed so this may be later, earlier or as expected – the clarity here is dysfunctional.

    I never had this issue with my last three Ford vehicles or my latest Kia. I contacted VW customer service who advised that the dealer should have quoted a 19-week timeframe as opposed to ensuring me the car would be ready for my usual hand-over date.

    I just wanted to know if anyone has had a similar experience? Could this be an overestimation? I read a post back in 2019 with a similar position to me but nothing as of recent.


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    So I’ve just had the phone call to say my car has arrived in Belfast!! I collect on Tuesday, again like a previous poster my dealership had no notification of the car even leaving the factory sort of just turned up out of the blue! Hoping you all get good news soon!!

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    Andy & Sarah,

    Am pleased as punch for you both, Andy it’s fab you feel like that and even better with a good drop of fuel to keep you going.

    Sarah I hope you find yours as exciting as Andy has, stroll on Tuesday

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    Happy days Sarah, enjoy.

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    John Lawton

    Andy & Sarah

    Who did you have to sleep with to get your cars, you lucky pair!!

    Joking apart, pleased as punch for you both, happy motoring.





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    That’s excellent news Sarah, I’m pleased for u, it does give me a little hope that maybe the systems aren’t accurately being updated and my date of jan 2022 is a load of rubbish and I get it soon (haha I can but dream)


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    Thanks so much all! It was such a shock as last week the lady said she had no updates for any of her cars! And now she’s had some arrive! Just hoping your cars are en route too and the dates of 2022 are rubbished

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    John Lawton


    Here’s hoping!! Fingers crossed 🤞.

    I think I’ve already burned a hole in my phone looking at it. Lol.

    Hopefully, I’ll get mine before Christmas. I did order mine in January 21, so it’s not much to ask.

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    Lucky both of you Sarah and Andy!!

    What model golfs did you both order and when did you place the order?


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    Shelf life? How often have you taken your current car in for replacement chips because they are a few weeks/months/year old and haven’t been kept in control conditions like at the factory?

    Yeah, comparing car manufacturers with essential services really brings your point across.

    In this particular regard, what to say. Shelf life doesn’t refer to the “lifetime” of a chip. It refers to how long you can store it before potential damage occurs at installation. Directly. They btw not only have a shelf life, they have a floor life too. This is usually most important for the plating, pins and boards used. The tiniest amount of oxidation/corrosion can/will lead to an unsuccessful solder. There are other things to consider (the tiniest amount of moisture can lead to delamination/cracking of a PCB when baking), but in this case the important part is solderability.

    Once they’re soldered, they’re fine (they also usually get covered in a protective coating after installation).


    As an example, plenty more to find if you just google. I don’t want to derail further, but if you want we can continue in the offtopic forum.

    On topic:

    That’s excellent news Sarah, I’m pleased for u, it does give me a little hope that maybe the systems aren’t accurately being updated and my date of jan 2022 is a load of rubbish and I get it soon (haha I can but dream)

    They very much aren’t and can be off by months in either direction (especially if you get a slot for a cancelled previous order) – but you shouldn’t count on it. The current consensus seems to be 8-12 months of lead time, according to owners forums.

    Happy to hear that two people finally finished their agonizing wait, enjoy your cars (and post pictures).

    @John, you’re at the, well.. arse end of the waiting time, so you certainly should get it soon. I forgot if you mentioned (sorry), did you have a status of the car?

    We got updated yesterday by our sales lady (without asking, happy about that), but as (iirc) Glos Guy said, no build slot yet. Which of course isn’t surprising, we only ordered two weeks ago (sigh).

    Current: SEAT Ateca Xcellence Lux 1.5 TSI DSG MY19
    On Order: VW Golf GTE PHEV DSG MY22

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    Ive ordered the Golf 8 R-line 1.5 tsi and I ordered on 2/3/21

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    March 2012 your link on storage reules date from. Now I’m just quessing, you will no doubt be more informed about it than me but I reackon that VW have been told about this and have an area of their factories where they are stored in proper condidtions recommended by the manufactuerer, or perhaps they just get left on any old shelf.

    Why you upset about essential workers as an example? Is it because heavens above management actually had or put in place a constigency plan.  No more silly than John having build slots for a mop. Perhaps you have additional cars bought for when one breaks down where as myself and perhaps John also are waiting to have one car. And I mean waiting.

    Have you got the economics yet of having additional essential parts sored against closing down whole factories yet?


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    Hang in there fella, If the last few days have taught us anything it may only be a surprise phone call away.

    If your anything like me I’ve been postive about delivery and then hitting a huge downer when its not happening.  I’ve quersstioned myself if and when it does arrive will I feel a grudge against it.

    Sarah and Andy’s excitement for their cars has enthused me again

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    Mine is a 1.5 tsi r line 150.
    ordered 29/01/21.

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    John Lawton


    At ordering (Jan ’21) my build was either week 12 to 15, which seems like a age ago! Future updates have been build week 22,28,32 and then 40…. After that my VW rep hasn’t heard a dickie bird from the factory. Last time I spoke to him he had 70 R-Lines for the Motability Scheme alone!

    Also, just asking do you have a stock pile of AA batteries just incase your remote dies?!

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>The ‘poor’ person I am I do just have the 1 car. Lol. My birthday is 2 weeks away so hopefully a surprise phone call is just around the corner, thanks for the support!!</p>

    Mine is a Moonstone Grey R-Line ETSI 150 too. I can’t wait for THAT phone call…..

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    I’ve went for the moonstone grey too best colour in my opinion. Let’s hope that surprise call is not too far away for all us still waiting 🤞

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    Also, just asking do you have a stock pile of AA batteries just incase your remote dies?!

    I watch, at most, maybe 10 hours a year worth of TV. And no, i don’t have spare batteries in the house. Mainly because i usually forget or don’t see the point, as all my commonly used appliances are rechargeable.

    Here we are, thinking that taking moonstone grey would set us apart from the other Golf owners (which i usually see in black or white, sometimes dolphin grey). In fact, for some reason we thought it was a GTE/GTI exclusive colour.

    Alas, still best looking colour so it is what it is.

    Current: SEAT Ateca Xcellence Lux 1.5 TSI DSG MY19
    On Order: VW Golf GTE PHEV DSG MY22

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    John Lawton

    I have news everyone!!

    I received a e-mail from my guy at VW. My car is awaiting ship from Germany, it’s finally on it’s way to ‘blighty’……!

    Will it be here before Christmas?! Here’s hoping… 🤞

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    Excellent news John, I’m not jealous at all lol, hope mines next 🤞

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    Top news for a top bloke. So so happy to hear your car is a coming. Would be fab for you to have it outside by Christmas. Hope you enjoy every minute of it especially with the amount of hassle you’ve had for nigh on a year.

    Gemma, its great to see that some cars are eventually begining to come through, hopefully your time is soon, hang on in there.

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    John Lawton

    Hang in there girl.
    Yours will hopefully be next off the ‘conveyor belt’.
    Fingers crossed for you.

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    John Lawton


    Thanks very much!!

    I nearly wet myself with excitement yesterday!! Lol.

    Saying I ‘can’t’ wait is a understatement 🤣🤣.

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    @ John Lawton

    Congrats!!! I am buzzing for you.

    When did you place the order and what spec?



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    John Lawton


    I placed my order early January this year.

    It’s a VW Golf 8 R-Line ETSI 1.5, Moonstone Grey.

    Hopefully, it’ll be a early Christmas present.

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    Sounds wonderful! I really like the moonstone grey colour and ordered it for myself too.

    Going to go back to constantly refreshing my emails in the hope of seeing the magic email lol

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    @John Lawton

    so pleased you have your car John😁 Happy motoring!

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