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    Hi just wondering in case anyone might have an answer, if as a Motability customer you choose a Volkswagen car because it had such great emissions, if there is compensation paid out, would it be paid to Motability as the purchaser or to the customer because they chose the brand.

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    Now that is a good question Belfast4.

    In the Guardian today VW installed ‘defeat devices’ to subvert emissions tests, high court finds

    A spokesperson for Volkswagen Group told the Guardian: “The judgment relates only to preliminary issues [and] does not determine liability or any issues of causation or loss for any of the causes of action claimed. These remain to be determined by the court as the case continues.

    “Volkswagen remains confident in our case that we are not liable to the claimants as alleged and the claimants did not suffer any loss. We will continue to defend our position robustly. Nothing in this decision today changes this.”

    As motability own the vehicle, I would suggest any compensation would go to them.

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    no doubt that will also end up in courts to determine who actually will get any compensation.

    UK drivers win first round in VW ‘dieselgate’ case https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-52184229

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    brian hindmarch

    As it is you who is the registered keeper and the one that was deceived By the VW cheat then it will be you that is the injured party so any compensation would go to you. I have been part of the group action for the past 4 years as it was me that was deceived into believing that the car was less harmful to the envioroment than it was. It is not a motability matter as it is a civil action about being lied to

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    I’m no expert on these matter but while we are the register keeper of the cars we are not the owners and I think Motability are the ones who lost out by the diesel cars having larger depreciation that was allowed for in there calculation for selling the car on.

    Of course we the customer are the ones that really lose because if Mota don’t get the money they think there going to get at the end of lease then its me and you who pay higher AP’s.

    I had a 1.6 TDi Seat Leon that was on the hit list so a few hundred in my bank and I won’t complain. 😁

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    Who know’s under common law, which is what any civil claim is brought under, by the parties making the claim, unless you one of them you not part of the claim. IF they win the claim a president is set, which opens the doors for more claims… like mis selling insurance, loans etc… I’m sure if they win the ads will start right away on telly, own a vw maybe you can claim.. call us on 0800 no win no fee, Thing is all this ends up costing us the consumer more.. in the long run and lines the pockets of the law firms making claims for losses. Vw ain’t helping themselves though. would i get another now…. Umm yeah i would.. I did

    I not saying it’s right or wrong just that the world we live in where there’s blame theirs’s a claim culture, that imo morally as bad as vw cheating emmisions. if you driving you causing harm to others from particles from tyres even in a electric car.. that worse than co2 or no2. The tyre companies don’t tell you but your tyres wear and that goes somewhere..


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    You’d have to show Vw had left you financially worse off and of course it hasn’t as you hand the car back after the lease so you take no loss come sale time, motability would.
    Again though they get them at such big discounts they don’t make a loss.

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