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    does anyone know of any vw dealers offering discounts on motabilty at the moment?


    many thanks

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    Had the pleasure of dealing with Roger at JCT600 Volkswagen Hull – absolutely top class guy! Glad I ordered our Tiguan from them! Look forward to receiving delivery in June!

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    Great news Zaheer!

    I was supposed to travel down today to do the same  but had to postpone it for a week

    So tell us what Tiguan did you get? Colour. Any options etc?

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    What about the Rav4 Zaheer? You were so keen!

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    Menorca Mike

    Yes he was said he was having test drive ?

    BBC Breakfast expert, VW Golf driver.

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    After looking hard and long at the RAV4 and a lengthy test drive – we settled for the Tiguan.

    The overall looks and styling of the R-Line Tech and AID finally won me over.

    The car is for my daughter who has a mitochondrial condition so she ultimately had the last say. There was no way she was going to let daddy get a Toyota!

    Met with Roger today at VW Hull . What a lovely and pleasant guy! Very honest and transparent. Took me out for a test drive in an SEL 2wd 150bhp version as their R Line demonstrator has just been sold. Fair to say the comfort and ergonomics of the Tiguan won me over (Having driven 70 miles in X1).

    We ordered the R Line Tech 2wd 150 DSG in white ( couldn’t decide between white or Indium grey). The only options I added were Side Scan £395 (for the blind spot detection – surprised its not standard) and Winter Pack £215(Rear heated seats etc). Roger also knocked off £600 off the AP so  great deal in my eyes.

    Dissapointed that I couldn’t spec a heated steering wheel but the car has so much more tech and is so much more cosy than my current BMW xLine 25d.

    Expecting delivery Week 24 – Really assured me that delays were a thing in the past with Tiguan.

    Can’t  wait to take delivery. If your interested in getting a Tiguan I would highly recommend contacting Roger at JCT600 Hull. Worth the distance! Left with a nice cup of tea and a lovely Teddy for my daughter!


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    I would say Roger is probably the best in this business.

    No, he is the best.

    As for the Teddy Bear, well that’s a deal clincher.

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    VW Tiguan SEL 2.0TDi 150 DSG 4Motion
    in White Silver, '68plate

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    I would agree 100%

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    it is a shame that such a car as not got side scan for the motorway in the R line tech model. but hey Ho this is the model we are going to get with a bit of luck but I got told 14 weeks not 24. if that’s the case I will be looking at seat ateca.

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    I think you picked that last post up wrong Russell, it’s not going to take 24 weeks for the car to be built  it means the car is scheduled to built in the 24th week of the year

    Just letting you know incase you got mixed up and were put off ??

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    Oh heck cheers for that Winston, yes must of read it wrong totally so sorry for that one. many thanks for this information. as I do have my heart set on this model now.

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    No problemo Russell, was incase you were put off ??

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    Russell – I was told it would be ready Week 24 which is approximately 14 weeks from now

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    Week 24 starts 10th June unfortunately because of the dates Russell earliest hand over is latter part week 25 if that dealer does weekend handovers if not then it would be week 26 starting 24th June.

    glad to see VW starting to get it together

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    Here’s a link to a table of week numbers, and which dates they represent, if anyone finds it helpful –


    Mota History - Nissan Qashqai Ford Focus Seat Leon ST Mazda CX-5

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    Do you have contact details for Roger

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    His email address is roger.brocklesby@jct600.co.uk and phone 01482642020

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    Hi mate,


    if if you don’t mind me asking how did you get £500 AP discount and what is the goodwill bonus of £500?


    also maybe which dealer could do this lol



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    We all just asked, there is no cloak and dagger tactics afoot ?

    I think the discount is 600 beans if you order before the end of the month

    Just contact him and ask ?

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    FYI been speaking to Roger from Hull recently and can 100% confirm as everyone on the forum has stated. He is amazing.

    Just trying to sort the logistics of driving down to Hull.


    am after Tiguan Sel 2wd 150 dsg or of I could get a better deal a r line.


    Roger has knocked off £600 off the AP I am just wondering what a goodwill condition bonus is ?

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    Goodwill payment is £500 which Motability will send by cheque usually with 10 days of your current car going back

    Where are you travelling from?

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    The good will bonus is the Good Condition Bonus which you get £500 back from Motability if you hand your current vehicle in good condition.

    VW Tiguan SEL 2.0TDi 150 DSG 4Motion
    in White Silver, '68plate

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    Ahh, well I won’t get that as this my first car on motability.


    traveling from stoke on Trent. Shame I don’t live closer… Roger honestly puts to shame a lot of sales person not just in the car trade.


    Guess i I will be traveling to Hull next week as all local dealers won’t even budge £100!


    And thank you all for your replies!

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    You are welcome Zaf.

    Roger is a grea t guy. I was in speaking to him yesterday.

    VW Tiguan SEL 2.0TDi 150 DSG 4Motion
    in White Silver, '68plate

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    I too am from Stoke.  Stoke VW would offer nothing on my enquiry on a Tiguan SEL 190 4MOTION.  So i went to VW Crewe.  Spoke to Mike and he immediately offered me a £400.00 discount.  Obviously he got my order.  So total AP of £2599 down from £2999.  Factory ordered and due to change on 02.04.19.  Currently built but not shipped so hopefully only looking at a couple of weeks delay.  This may be due to financial year end fast approaching but i’d strongly suggest you give him a call!!

    Hope this helps


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    Just to let people know that the VW Tiguan web page as now updated their new version AID (Advance information display) as this as now been re vamped  SEL models and the R Line tech  https://www.volkswagen.co.uk/assets/com … ochure.pdf

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