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    does anyone know of any vw dealers offering discounts on motabilty at the moment?


    many thanks

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    Although many VW’s, Audi’s, Skoda’s and SEAT’s do share the same chassis, engines, gearboxes and many other parts there are still some major differences to take into account.

    The way the cars are built varies from brand to brand and even from factory to factory. Having test driven both VW and SEAT in recent weeks I can say there is a big difference in quality and finish, Audi and VW are more expensive for good reason.

    I’m not dissing SEAT and Skoda at all, in fact a SEAT is currently my most likely next car due to the value they offer and the fact that my local VW dealer won’t match the JCT600 offer and The Boss doesn’t fancy two trips to Hull.

    If I seem a little strange, that's because I am.

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    The VW Sharan and Seat Alhambra are built side by side on the same production line in Portugal using the same parts/people/robots, can’t see where this quality difference is at all?

    I had a 24 hour test drive in both and went for the Seat as it had loads more kit as standard and had a way lower AP than the VW.

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    Hi everyone new to Motability we have just ordered a Sharan after about 2 month’s of very intense research on my part, My wife has very specific needs as the scheme owner but not a driver so when looking a cars that offer comfort seat’s we very quickly discovered that it’s only the driver that get’s the perks. I also discovered that out of Seat Skoda and VW your differences relate more to non motability customers, a point i discovered in 2008 when i bought my current day driver a Polo bluemotion 2 which was also available as a seat ibiza and skoda Fabia but when the polo was exempt from road tax the other two were deliberately made to not come under the weight limit by adding a spare wheel so the polo was on it’s own as exempt from road tax and congestion charge because it is missing a spare wheel.

    this becomes irrelevant if you don’t pay road tax or congestion charge there being my point.

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    Hey Winston, I’ve heared the JCT600 branch in York will do £600 off – think that’s a bit closer – contact there is Josh – Main Tel – 01904 376749 Good luck buddy.

    I’d drive to Hull for a £500 discount, that’s a no brainer ?

    are the above offers still available, is it any spec Tiguan on the scheme ? , many thanks

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    Yes, myself33 both Hull & York JCT600 branches are offering £600 off the Tiguan AP.

    If they’re not local it might be worth asking your local dealer if they can match it, I did and they said no lol.

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    If I seem a little strange, that's because I am.

    Mercedes Benz B180 Premium Plus.

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    Many thanks for your help , i will give them a call next week 🙂

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