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    does anyone know of any vw dealers offering discounts on motabilty at the moment?


    many thanks

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    Philjb, no it won’t cost me 250 in fuel, lol. But the current offer is 190 miles from me, so nudging £50 for a return journey to order. So what I’m saying is if I can get within 50 of that order from my local dealer then I’d probably be ok with that. Firstly though I’ve got to email all the dealers I can find closer than 190miles and see what they can come up with.

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    Don’t forget you will have 2 journeys, 1 to order and 1 to collect new car.

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    This is true vinalspin, but I’m not pointing that out to them, that’s for them to work out and calculate!

    Amazing the different responses you get though, ranging from “I’ve never given a discount on AP, I’m not even sure it’s allowed” to “Oh Motability fix those prices, not us” and one chap came back, presumably thinking he was my local dealer, with “oh you should never buy up country, if there’s a fault that can’t be rectified you’ll have to take it all the way back”

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    Well, my local Sinclair wouldn’t match. However, of the four other Sinclair outfits heading up the M4 one of them (70 odd Google miles away) offered 250. Upon hearing another Sinclair was doing it Neyland Sinclair (in Pembs) immediately decided to match that at least. So 250 discount locally instead of 300 but 190 miles away.

    Consequently ordered Sharan SE 2.0Tdi DSG today. Indium Grey but happy to have any colour if it means grabbing one already in the system.

    Tbh, this one’s purely for the functionality it offers none of the colours float my boat anyway.

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    Bandit great choice of car and colour.

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    Hi Bandit,  I’m interested in same car as you , Sharan se auto.

    Being told none available only factory order, which I don’t want to do.

    If any of your dealers find any available, will you post on here?  I’ll do same if I hear of any, (obviously grab your order first) ha ha !

    Regards, wonky

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    Hi wonky,

    From memory, Heritage of Bristol said they had one in the system due to land in about 8 weeks. But they wouldn’t discount.

    I’ve just heard from Sinclair that going to be a build order (26 weeks?) but tbh I can live with the Kuga until it’s ready.

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    Cheers Bandit,  do you know if all dealers can access all cars in system?

    If it’s any use to you, I’ve just been offered choice of 2 Tiguan auto 2 wheel drive , both built and landed in this country.

    Regards, wonky

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