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    does anyone know of any vw dealers offering discounts on motabilty at the moment?


    many thanks

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    Tbh I’m still happy – but I’d be happy to lose £100 knowing I’m getting car much earlier

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    Zaheer, that is rough in that case. Sorry I misunderstood. But £700 off should ease the pain my friend.

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    Thanks Psuader. Atleast the Side scan and Rear heated seats options have been + all weather mats will be covered within the discount I suppose. Not forgetting the £500 good condition bonus I also expect since our X1 is still in excellent nick!

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    What colour did u go for again Zaheer?

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    That is a bummer the extra wait.

    but it will be worth it.


    Wait till you try the auto main beam it’s amazing the way the led lights know how to manoeuvre so nobody gets dazzled. That with the auto cornering lights and wipers.

    we got the self park which I’d never thought I’d use but it’s so clever and you can adjust how close it parks?

    Then the free three year car net ap with 6 months free Apple Music to download. (I store mine on an SD card, it sounds better then through your phone). That is another handy bit of tech it lets you know lots of info, you can load destinations from your phone and store them. Plus loads more.

    The digital dash with maps etc is great too, plus you can customise it how ever you like.

    Today was freezing but sunny so the roof was open, the heated seats on and a nice massage on the M25. While the intelligent cruise and lane assist did the driving.   ? ??

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    I couldn’t decide between Indium Grey and White. Went for the White in the end. The contrast between the black panels and wheels with White paint made it stand  for me out more and gave it the Wow factor. Seen a few on the road and glad I might the right choice. Besides, the kids wanted the car “from the advert”.What did you go for?

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    @Philjb Can’t wait to try out all the new tech particularly Apple Car Play – hate trying to change tracks on Apple Music on the the phone (besides being dangerous too!). Looking forward to intelligent beam – saves me from switching to full beam and dazzling on the dark stretches of the M42 and A38 on our journeys to Birmingham and back! Shame our X1 never had it (I assumed it did)

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    Nice choice! It’s good that there’s a few of us all waiting on our cars coming roughly at the same time ?

    I went for the Oryx White, so it’s a pearl finish

    I plan on getting the chrome blacked out, as it’s a bit too chromey for me and the calipers painted red

    Other options I took were the Dynaudio Stereo upgrade , Side Steps and something else that I can’t quite remember just now lol

    I have park assist on my current car and use it quite a bit, it’s very handy, and I’m sure it will be more advanced on the new car if you can set distances etc

    The reverse camera on my current car is absolutely garbage ? it got the resolution of the first ever Nokia camera phone, so I’m looking forward to seeing the area view cameras in operation on the new one

    The headlights on my current car are amazing, and I have the rear dynamic sweeping indicators which I will miss

    If you remember the original advert for the Tiguan,, the car actually had those indicators! But now when u watch the advert that part has been cut out as they aren’t available currently

    I’m sure they will be added down the line on some facelift model, but it’s not the end of the world ??

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    With the tig ap, Apple Music streams straight to the car via Bluetooth so you don’t touch your phone.

    You can change and select via the steering wheel controls or the pro info system gesture control.

    Lots of other things I can’t remember but it also has two SD cars slots.

    3 usb slots


    3 12v slots ??


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    the only thing that is a bit of a bummer with the New Tiguan is you have to pay extra for the voice activation function, Christ I had that as standard on a 10yr old Smax zetec  Im not really into mobile phones but it was very handy, I’m not in this in car apple/android play or this car net so it will not get used at all. but I am looking at getting one of them OBD eleven to do some tweaking as you can get more colours ect for the dash, and get a few more extras added on around the car.

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    It was just active on our? but we bought it last quarter and it was a cancelled order with a load of extras, also before they changed the spec / names.

    How much did they say it was to activate it? That sounds tight the buttons there and they want extra to make it work.

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    whats an obd 11, is it like vag com to look for faults and change settings?


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    To be honest i wasn’t aware the voice control was extra, and am really shocked it is.

    Further more i’ve looked to see if this feature can be unlocked with an OBD2 device, and it appears not.

    As been said, voice control i would consider standard on any car that comes with bluetooth.

    I may seem shallow, but i use voice control probably on every journey when on my own, and use it for sat nav too – i simply wouldn’t have a car without it now, not at least a new car.

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    Sorry Philjb,

    Yeah, exactly that – though it can’t unlock every feature.

    I had one for my previous Seat Leon, unlocked needle sweep, cornering lights, fibrecarbon background, single press on remote to lock, beep on lock… and others i’ve probably forgot about.

    What you can do with them varies with each make and model.

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    I’ve also got one, cost around 50 bucks for the premium one

    As cars become more computerised the more these things will be able to unlock cool or expensive features

    On my current car I’ve unlocked closing the the tailgate via my remote , folding my mirrors with my remote

    Audi would charge nearly a grand for that privilege!

    I’ve unlocked a couple of other cool things like the needle sweep on start up etc

    You can also use for fault finding or fault resetting,, you can even use it for long coding but attempt that at your own peril lol

    But def worth while having with a VAG car

    They are about to launch a brand new device, so I’m sure there is info about that online

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    look here for the OBD eleven https://obdeleven.com/en/ and little video of some of the dash changes you can have. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVMFtLQ2Wx0

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>If you download the app to your phone you can see exactly what it can and can’t do for your model</p>
    Obviously it’s not a magic wand, so you need to have the actual components already installed

    For example I unlocked being able to close my tailgate via my remote

    The electrics/mechanics were already there as I could already open the tailgate via my remote, but this device allowed me to close it aswell ??

    Back to the app, if u open it once a day you get a free bonus credit, so over time they build up allowing you to change things for free ?

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    I used Carista device with my Leon


    £15.99 for the adaptor – 30 day free trial gives enough time to make and trial all the changes you want, then just cancel the subscription.



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    I can’t really see anything I’d want to change with that tbh, and I can do lots of that with the free car net ap, getting back to the voice control I’d get onto the dealer as mine was demonstrated and not mentioned as an extra on the car?

    and getting back also to the original question about vw dealers doing discounts, I think all of them will.


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    Not up in Scotland they won’t ?

    I spoke with about 8 different VW dealers up here before I spoke with JCT600

    Youd think I’d ask for a night with their wife judging by their reactions ?


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    Ha ha maybe you should have?

    All I did was mention reading vw doing the same deal and they said they would match it, down south.

    Providing you could prove the discount.


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    Menorca Mike

    Phil my local VW dealer wouldn’t but one 10 miles away saidwould take off £200 but rang one 40 miles away and got £500 off my Golf and free iPhone set up

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    I told Sinclair VW in Pembs what I could get off at Marshalls and said if they wanted the custom they’d need to match it. He went off “to speak with his mgr” and came back to say they could help, but not that much, maybe meet me halfway? I said why would I do that when I can already get and said don’t worry, you’ll still get the servicing work! He asked me to contact him again once my actual order from date kicks in and he’d see if he could improve. I will do because, tbh, if he even only matched what I can get off minus the fuel money it’ll cost me to get it, then I’d probably be ok with that.

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    Bandit – you did the right thing. They should at last meet the offer before even trying to beat it! I don’t get why they’d want you to contact them nice you’ve already placed your order?!

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    Bandit any dealer can service your car, so you go order and collect it, then get it serviced near home.

    Surely it can’t cost you £250 in fuel to order then collect?

    unless your driving a v8 mustang.

    I drove £70 miles each way to get £600 extra off plus our great PX price we came away with a free car and £250 balance   from the supplying dealer.

    Then I’ll get it serviced at the main dealers that suits me,

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