XC40 ordered. Inscription Pro B4P

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    BionicRusty (Wayne)

    Well I’ve gone and done it!

    Spent some time at the dealers yesterday and after some thought and discussion with Mrs Bionic, we’ve only gone and done it.

    Dealership – Chester Rybrook.
    One way system for Covid19 and it worked fine. One foot in, one door out.
    We weren’t offered a drink of any kind which I thought was a bit poor but we put it down to the virus. On previous visits to other dealers, the Dealer Principal made a point of speaking to us and showed an interest. Here he or she was not visible. Not overly important,  it was just something I noticed.
    The sales guy was really pleasant and sorted out a viewing of an R Design and an Inscription Pro and sorting insurance to test drive was fast.

    Test Drive. Inscription Pro. D4 AWD.
    First port of call for me was how easy it was for me to get in the seat. I noticed that the door covers much of the sill and this will help with reducing having dirty clothes. The distance from the sill to the seat pad is slight larger than the BMW X1 I have now but not ridiculously so. So it got a ✅

    In pictures, the seat pad looks quite long and I had a fear that it would not be suitable. However, I was very pleasantly surprised and the pad is under the limit for me. The seat itself is supportive, fairly easy for me to get in on the leather, very comfortable and after 20 minutes, I felt like I could drive further. In any car, about 30 mins is as much as I can take before a break is needed. This awarded it a ✅
    Another fear I had was that the infotainment screen would be too far away for me but again I was pleasantly surprised. So another ✅
    The cabin feels really airy and I was very impressed with the tech.

    It wouldn’t be fair to comment on the D4 engine in AWD really as it’s not available to us but I have to say it was amazing and traction was awesome in the pouring rain. The car just hunkers down and goes. I know the FWD will be different but I no boy racer.  The ride was a real step up in comfort from my X1 and soaked up the bumps and pot holes. Compared to the Beemer, it was like being on air suspension. And the turning circle was amazing as well. A definite ✅ for the test drive.

    Briefly, negatives for me, and these are purely personal:

    – No paddle shifters in the Inscription Pro.
    – I’m disappointed the car isn’t full LED. The rear indicators brake lights and rear fogs are 1800’s bulbs. It spoils the look imo and aren’t as bright as LED. Given Volvo’s reputation for safety………..?!
    – I’d like to be able to use the central screen with a control knob. I have a real dislike of fingerprinted screens.
    – I truly wanted the AWD but the AP is just too much and even without the Pro pack.

    The negatives are few though and I’m not going to end on one. I could go on and on about what I love about it but I’ll summarise by saying we liked it enough to place an order for a Glacier Silver with red oxide leather. The Glacier is amazing. In pics, sometimes it looks white, sometimes grey, sometimes blue. In the metal, it’s exactly the same. It just pops in different light and distance to the car, even in the rain! Another ✅

    No discount offered so, at first, we thanked the sales guy and went to leave. He asked us to wait and went off ‘to talk to da management’ and came back and said he’d split the cost of the rear tints. You get a feel if that’s it and it felt like it was so we accepted. He did say a deposit was needed and when he said £1,000, I nearly laughed at him. BMW didn’t ask for anything on my X1, even with £2,500 of options. The XC40 has no options other than the tints! That said, I wasn’t bothered either way so paid up.
    – Delivery said to be late Sept.
    – Volvo do not have an order tracker.

    I was absolutely shattered by the time we got home. Had a little snack and was tucked into bed with a banging head and incredibly sore. But happy.

    I am now in the initiation steps of joining the ‘Naughty 40’s’.
    XC40’s that is. 😁

    Job done. Last tick ✅


    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    I phoned the Volvo dealer and asked about fuel economy for the XC40 and he didnt bullshit with manufacturers figures, he said realistically its low 30’s about 32 MPG..that is about correct – John Haslam-, looking at the Honest John MPG figures.

    Yup Wayne dont sweat the small details, by far it will be a brilliant car.   Its quite funny talking about fake exhausts, by far the biggest offenders Audi, and Mercedes, – have a look at ‘youtube Carwow Mat Watson’ reviews – he pokes the fake exhausts and vents with the stick of shame….

    Bu the time you have had your fun in the Volvo for 3 years, BMW will have updated the BMW X1 properly, and you can try that again. That is what put me off the X1 – it is horribly dated and at its end of design life.


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    What a bummer and unlike Volvo tbh as they were gradually becoming a more premium brand.

    The main reason I went for another Vw over anything else was the great spec it came with and the larger interior space.

    I agree though the XC40 is a great price this quarter even with the changes to spec. I just wish they made it with a big enough boot for Mrs b and my mobility stuff.


    I wonder if they could do a cut spec xc90 for the scheme.

    Tiguan fan boy

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    @philjb don’t you just wish! Had an XC90 on loan whilst my XC60 was in the workshop. Loved it. Now where did I put that lottery ticket.

    Impatiently waiting for SEAT Tarraco 2.0TSi 190 4Drive Excellence with Pano Roof and leather seats!

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    I don’t mind either way and probably would of never noticed them missing if not pointed out. Think it looks great either way. Fake exhaust tips seem to anger and offend a lot of people though so it’s probably a good move by Volvo .

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    Fake exhaust pipes!  No such thing on my BMW x2. It’s the real deal full 3inch diameter  which I like a lot.

    Current car BMW X2 2.0 Sport sDrive Auto 2019
    Last car Ford Focus Titanium 1.5 TDCI
    Builder of Gaming PC's
    "It is a great ability to be able to conceal one's ability."

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    BionicRusty (Wayne)

    <p style=”text-align: right;”>

    The key thing you’ve said along the way that jumps out at me Wayne is …. “the ride was amazing. My pelvis and joints have already thanked me” I would think that for a car that you’ll have for anything from 3 to 5 years, that’s a key factor in the mix. Just don’t lose sight of that fella 👍

    @macca, you’re spot on. You all are. 👍👍 And it does look nice and clean.

    We will go ahead, almost certainly. The ride was just too good. Compared to my X1, it was like riding on air.
    Having a few days mulling it over, what’s miffed me most is the dealer. I shouldn’t get annoyed because I know exactly how they operate but every time I get duped or misled, it makes me 😡
    @vinalspin, you’re right, of course the dealers know. They have MY Update training and so choose to mislead.

    One of the reasons I nearly went for the R Design was the paddle shifters. I’ve had these for years and use them quite a lot. But I have thought that a change may not be too bad.

    @joss, yeah, the exhaust tips do look good on the X2. The X1 and 3 Series have the same now and look really good. 👍👍

    To be fair on the point of ‘fake tips’, the ones on the Volvo did have the exhausts in them. They weren’t full on blocked off styling like Audi now do. Even on their sport models.

    But hay ho. Again to end on a high, back to being excited about a new car AND another cracking day outside. I hope it is as well wherever you are.

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    Good decision I reckon Wayne, you’ll still enjoy the motor. Once you’ve collected it you probably won’t give the salesman another thought.

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    72 dudes

    How very dare you! Fake exhausts indeed! 😁No they’re actually there on the MY20 but we’ll recessed and surrounded by the chrome bits.

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    BionicRusty (Wayne)

    @macca. Absolutely. And I can’t wait. 👍👍


    @72dudes. That was exactly my point. 😁 They’re surrounds for the exhausts and I really like the look of them and they’re not fake. Ah well, I’ll just have to cancel my order for more Autosol. 😂 Nothing better than shiny tips. 😂

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    No offence intended 😂 72 dudes, I do like the look both ways. I am impressed they’re the real deal. Loving the look of the x2 aswell joss very good looking motor . Do think that salesman don’t like to point out anything that might put you off the sale which is a shame.

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    I think I’ve only ever used my flappy paddles once just to try it.
    Absolutely pointless on an SUV and just a gimmick in my opinion.

    With salesmen like that we are fortunate that the scheme allows us the ability to change our minds if needed, I would also stick with the order unless you had a definite alternative lined up.

    plus you can still change your mind if something better magically appeared on the scheme.

    Tiguan fan boy

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    Yes you can change your mind, but if Motability customers increasingly become “known” for changing their minds for reasons other than those necessary for disability then I dread to think what service we will get in the future. Purchasing customers don’t get the same advantage.


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    Does the xc40 have the adaptive cruise control?

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    I was following an XC40 on the ring road today, and they do look stunning. Not seen many on the road, but they do look nice.  This one was white with black roof…mmm tasty..

    Common sense says get the 47mpg car rather than the 32mpg XC40….until you see one on the road and common sense takes a back seat.

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    Qwe2 I think it only comes with the driver assist pack at £1550.

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    Just as an update to ,potentially, tracking your order via Volvo’s website. I tried and unfortunately it seems there isn’t an option to do so.  At least none that I found.

    Wayne, I’ve felt exactly the same as you with regard to my order( strangely, from the very same dealership too) its been so long since I placed it, I kept getting niggles like  “is this the right decision?”( I didn’t want to end up with buyers remorse, which thinking about it now, is far too easy to talk yourself into).  Ultimately though I decided to give myself a break and carry on. I’ve always been curious about having a Volvo( like you, this is my first), it fits my needs and like others have said its a nice all round car to drive.

    @Qwe2 Yes it does, although like Brydo has mentioned it comes as part of a hefty package.

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    BionicRusty (Wayne)

    You’re absolutely spot on @RaceCat, buyers remorse is a terrible thing and something I’ve always experienced. 😂  However, this time, like you, I’m trying to give myself a break. After all, it’s a stunning car and for comfort, it’s amazing. The boot space is a little smaller than my X1 but I’m none governed, yet, by a larger boot so is definitely the right choice.
    When I was finalising my choice the alternatives were quite a lot more for AP. I really liked the Tiguan but the price increase crossed it off for me.

    Do you have yours yet?

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    I’m patiently waiting for the dealer to restart their extended test drive facility.

    Strictly speaking I could take a chance and place an order as we had a short test drive at the beginning of the year. The car seemed very suitable but it was a diesel

    The reason for a day long test drive was to see how the 2 litre petrol drives, and to see how the seats are over a few hours.

    So just gonna have to sit tight for the minute.

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    BionicRusty (Wayne)

    That’s a great idea @macca. I wasn’t overly worried about a full day test as I tend to only make 20 mins or so until I need a stop. I drove the test car for just under that and I felt more comfortable than in my X1. I’m more than happy with that.
    Of the power, as you know, it’ll be a completely different feel to the diesel. Mine’s the BMW 18d, so the most economical tune of the 2.0L engine but it gives a lot of power low down. The Volvo is actually quicker but it doesn’t feel it. You just need to mash your right foot a bit more. It’ll be the first petrol I’ve had for a long time now and the last was a V6 so I’m expecting around the same mpg. I am a little nervous about that and expecting to pay an extra £15-20 a month.

    I’ll be interested to hear how you get on. 👍

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    I just went from diesel to petrol albeit it’s not a volvo.

    I went from a golf 1.6 tdi 110 bhp to a honda civic 1.5 vtec dohc turbo 182 bhp and I was considering cancelling for various reasons, but so glad i didn’t. My original decsion on the car was spot on for all the reason that meant alot to me this time around and it is exactly what i wanted and thought it would be from test drive and specs etc. I have been driving diesels for over 9 years as well. They deffo different to a petrol engine. Plus unleaded is 6p a litre cheaper than diesel near me.. I wanted something sporty and still practical.

    Yep I won’t get as many MPG as the diesel but overall i’ll get more thrills. Yesterday i went to the seaside a trip we made many a time and it was the most enjoyable trip their ever.. Somehow i also got just over 40 mpg over the 180 mile trip there and back. which I very happy about, was expecting less..

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    BionicRusty (Wayne)

    Nice one @rox. That’s good to hear. 👍

    ”I wanted something sporty and still practical” …….The Civic is definitely that. I love the looks.
    And over 40MPG!! That’s amazing 👏👏

    My 18d X1 is amazing on a run. I have appointments at a hospital which is a 120 mile round-trip. I can see 65+ on a good run and that’s with a few quick stops! Try as I may and I’ve tried and tried on the same run to hit the magic 70 but that’s as good as it’ll do. Still by far the best car I’ve ever had for many things, mpg included.

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    Just to add some realism on mpg, I did a 300 mile round trip last week with 2 large adults and achieved 43mpg driving a T3 auto at motorway speeds and with some town driving thrown in. My passenger owns an XC60 diesel and reckons the XC40 is quieter and more comfortable than his!

    I’m sure it’s down to how Volvo’s are driven.

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    BionicRusty (Wayne)

    @simono, I have to be honest, that’s a big relief to read your post.
    I agree that it’s down to how it’s driven and I do tend to get around, or better, than manufacturers quoted stats. I’m no boy racer (any more 😂) but the odd spurt of acceleration is always a possibility!
    43mpg is an amazing figure compared to what I’ve heard reviewers achieve but I know they drive cars pretty hard so do take their mpg figures with a pinch of salt.

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    mpg doesnt have to be the be all and end all, i suppose its a shock if youve been driving a diesel and getting 50ish and then getting 30ish or worse in a petrol. if your happy with whatever car you drive and can afford its thirst then whats the problem.

    i appreciate that for some times are hard and fuel economy is a higher priority and it has to be horses for courses. its like choosing any car you need to prioritise the different capabilities of the car to your needs.

    if your a high miler and fuel cost is an issue something that does 30 mpg or less isnt  going to be high on your list.

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    @mitch Totally agree mpg is not the be all and end all, but it certainly helps! My XC60 190 TDI has returned 43.8mpg over 73k miles and 5 years on a mixture of 70% short runs and 30% motorways . On motorways I can get up to 45mpg if I keep my right foot light. Admittedly it is so much fun to use sport mode and kick down which definitely doesn’t help and I don’t use it a lot due to my other half’s medical issues. I am about to move to 190bhp TSi AWD and am not looking forward to the increased running costs.

    The problem for me is finding a car that works, there are so few of them. I need to carry a 95kg power chair and there are precious few cars/SUV’s that have that capability. The XC40 is too small and incapable  of anchoring the hoist. The XC60 on the other hand takes the power chair with exactly 4mm to spare. As a car I love it, comfortable, lovely driving position, excellent all round visibility, I only wish it was still on the list as I would be having another. A WAV is the only other possibility but neither of us want to go there just yet.

    Impatiently waiting for SEAT Tarraco 2.0TSi 190 4Drive Excellence with Pano Roof and leather seats!

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