XC40 ordered. Inscription Pro B4P

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    Well I’ve gone and done it!

    Spent some time at the dealers yesterday and after some thought and discussion with Mrs Bionic, we’ve only gone and done it.

    Dealership – Chester Rybrook.
    One way system for Covid19 and it worked fine. One foot in, one door out.
    We weren’t offered a drink of any kind which I thought was a bit poor but we put it down to the virus. On previous visits to other dealers, the Dealer Principal made a point of speaking to us and showed an interest. Here he or she was not visible. Not overly important,  it was just something I noticed.
    The sales guy was really pleasant and sorted out a viewing of an R Design and an Inscription Pro and sorting insurance to test drive was fast.

    Test Drive. Inscription Pro. D4 AWD.
    First port of call for me was how easy it was for me to get in the seat. I noticed that the door covers much of the sill and this will help with reducing having dirty clothes. The distance from the sill to the seat pad is slight larger than the BMW X1 I have now but not ridiculously so. So it got a ✅

    In pictures, the seat pad looks quite long and I had a fear that it would not be suitable. However, I was very pleasantly surprised and the pad is under the limit for me. The seat itself is supportive, fairly easy for me to get in on the leather, very comfortable and after 20 minutes, I felt like I could drive further. In any car, about 30 mins is as much as I can take before a break is needed. This awarded it a ✅
    Another fear I had was that the infotainment screen would be too far away for me but again I was pleasantly surprised. So another ✅
    The cabin feels really airy and I was very impressed with the tech.

    It wouldn’t be fair to comment on the D4 engine in AWD really as it’s not available to us but I have to say it was amazing and traction was awesome in the pouring rain. The car just hunkers down and goes. I know the FWD will be different but I no boy racer.  The ride was a real step up in comfort from my X1 and soaked up the bumps and pot holes. Compared to the Beemer, it was like being on air suspension. And the turning circle was amazing as well. A definite ✅ for the test drive.

    Briefly, negatives for me, and these are purely personal:

    – No paddle shifters in the Inscription Pro.
    – I’m disappointed the car isn’t full LED. The rear indicators brake lights and rear fogs are 1800’s bulbs. It spoils the look imo and aren’t as bright as LED. Given Volvo’s reputation for safety………..?!
    – I’d like to be able to use the central screen with a control knob. I have a real dislike of fingerprinted screens.
    – I truly wanted the AWD but the AP is just too much and even without the Pro pack.

    The negatives are few though and I’m not going to end on one. I could go on and on about what I love about it but I’ll summarise by saying we liked it enough to place an order for a Glacier Silver with red oxide leather. The Glacier is amazing. In pics, sometimes it looks white, sometimes grey, sometimes blue. In the metal, it’s exactly the same. It just pops in different light and distance to the car, even in the rain! Another ✅

    No discount offered so, at first, we thanked the sales guy and went to leave. He asked us to wait and went off ‘to talk to da management’ and came back and said he’d split the cost of the rear tints. You get a feel if that’s it and it felt like it was so we accepted. He did say a deposit was needed and when he said £1,000, I nearly laughed at him. BMW didn’t ask for anything on my X1, even with £2,500 of options. The XC40 has no options other than the tints! That said, I wasn’t bothered either way so paid up.
    – Delivery said to be late Sept.
    – Volvo do not have an order tracker.

    I was absolutely shattered by the time we got home. Had a little snack and was tucked into bed with a banging head and incredibly sore. But happy.

    I am now in the initiation steps of joining the ‘Naughty 40’s’.
    XC40’s that is. 😁

    Job done. Last tick ✅


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    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    I’ll try macca, doesn’t hurt to ask.

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    That’s it I’ve joined the naughty 40 gang 😂 I got 10% discount on the extras so happy with that and didn’t have to pay a deposit. They’re expecting delivery around end of September.

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    Well done Haley, which dealer did you use?

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>It was TMS Volvo in Leicester. Very helpful and friendly branch.</p>

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    Well done Haley, as the xc40 is the new Tiguan ie very popular at reduced prices, I don’t expect there to much discount being offered.

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    Thank you for all of the kind words and advice. I feel an absolute plank but the past couple of days, I’ve been in agony and absolutely exhausted. Getting a bit of oompf back now.

    , fingers crossed for you. You never know, it may be even cheaper in December. 🤞 Thanks for the info on the tracker. I’ll certainly do that. My dealer said there wasn’t!

    , you’re absolutely correct. And tick all the main boxes my choice does for me. That’s exactly how I think so am very happy.


    @72dudes, Denim blue was almost my choice and a different day, it would have been that choice I’m sure. Thank you for the info on the screen protector and the sim set-up. And that’s news to me about the exhaust tips. Do you know how they’ll look? I’m gonna have to research this. It’s one of the points I really liked ☹️. And thanks for the forum link. I’ve already had a bit of a browse so will almost certainly join. 👍👍


    , you’re spot on. The interior is very roomy. That’s a ✅ 😁😂


    @Ade, the ride was amazing. My pelvis and joints have already thanked me. 😁


    @Haley, awesome choice. It was a difficult choice for me as I love the front of the R-Design. I think we’ll both be very happy. 👍👍 and Macca’s spot on. Don’t be afraid to haggle. The dealers do expect it.👍👍

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    72 dudes


    Great choice of model, engine and colour, you will love it.


    You’re welcome. As far as I know, the rear will be mainly the black plastic with the silver diffuser, but the exhausts will now be hidden with no chrome oblong embellishments.

    The crystal Orrefor gear knob in the Inscription glows violet at night, very classy!



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    Ooh like the idea of the crystal gear knob glowing, I’m sooooooooooooo jealous guys, droooling, wish you all the joys when you get your cars and enjoy them, you all take care x

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    I got a test drive on monday with my local dealer, looking forward to it after seeing  such good reviews

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    @72dudes, well I think I’ve got to the bottom of this and thank you for pointing it out.
    When at the dealer, we had a 10 minute conversation about the exhausts and I said that that’s it’s one of the reasons I went for the car. It looks really purposeful. The sales guy said nothing, just played dumb and agreed.
    Anyhoo, from what I can gather, as a cost cutting exercise on the ICE cars, the following have been axed from the spec:

    – No rear exit twin exhausts (as you said).

    – Close button and lock button removed from tailgate.

    – Button to lower rear seats removed from boot  (happened late MY20)

    – No trim emboss on C Pillar, headrests or kick plates

    – Gearshift paddles removed from R Design

    – possible removal of Orrefors crystal gear shifter from Inscription model. The configurator states leather but brochure still says crystal!

    – 112mph limiter for all models

    So basically every car has been dressed down.

    I rang the salesman who was ‘shocked’ to hear of this and thinks the change may be later this year. However, I now believe that the factory tooled up for MY21 around February so no MY20 cars built after this time.

    Anyway, this is such a level of spec deletion   that I’m just not sure I want it now. Aside from aesthetics, which are very important to me, this level of cost reduction has to make me wonder if reliability will be affected.
    I’m going to think over the weekend and wait for the schpeel from the salesman but the sad fact of the matter is I’m probably going to cancel because the car that will be delivered will not be the car I ordered.

    Now the AP reduction makes sense. 🤨

    So as of today, I’m probably back to wanting to try the 3 Series for size and/or rethinking the whole thing. Oh and majorly pee’d off at the salesman for feeding me a line. If he didn’t know of the changes then he needs sacking.
    It had to happen. On the way home, I did say to Mrs Bionic “What do you think will go wrong?” Never in a million years did we think that the car would be de-specced. Never heard a spec getting worse before!
    Surely that’s a new one! 😞

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    72 dudes


    Yes, I guess you may have got this from the XC40 forum as there’s been quite a lot of discussion about it.

    So sorry that the experience has been spoilt for you. The salesman is clearly being economical with the truth, as discussion on MY21 has been going on for months.

    What I would say to you is that despite these apparent downgrades, the car will still drive the same as the one you enjoyed so much on the test drive.

    I would say it’s the best car we’ve owned and every journey, even if it’s just 2 miles to the shops, is a joy.

    Sleep on it for a couple more nights and then decide what to do.

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    @Wayne. Previous to the X1 I have now I had a volvo V40 R design lux and when it arrived I think their was five things that had been changed or deleted, the main one was the leather seats design had been changed.

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    Wayne, your call all the way bud, but don’t cut your nose off to spite your face.

    Personally none of those changes would bother me at all. Sometimes when you’ve built yourself up to something it’s easy to get caught up in the micro detail and lose sight of the big picture.

    As 72dudes says, chill for a bit and sleep on it, then see how you feel. In the cold light of day you may decide that the thing that bugs you most is the salesman keeping tight lipped, rather than the inevitable changes that all manufacturers make over time.

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    Wayne it is very disappointing when this happens but at least you know what you are getting before you put your pin in.

    We are all different and I must admit none of these changes will make any difference to me I still see it as the bargain of the quarter and will be ordering this month.


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    Thanks boys. And you’re absolutely right. I need to take a bit of time and think about it. Definitely what I won’t do is chop my hooter off. All told, it’s still the best option available for me, especially considering the electric seats. And it was so comfortable and the ride was amazing.

    It is bizarre though and typical of my luck that BMW have changed the lights for the better compared to the MY17 spec I have (now all led) and Volvo have changed elements of the XC40 design I love for the worse as I’m ordering. An automotive Grinch really does follow me around. 😁

    @72dudes. I must say a BIG thank you to you for pointing all this out. If the car had been delivered and I didn’t know until I clapped eyes on it, I’d have been gutted. At least, as you and @Brydo have said, now I know and have time to think on it. 😁

    @Landyman, I hope the changes didn’t spoil your enjoyment of the V40. And I hope you’re enjoying the X1 as much as I have. If the electric seats were standard, it’d have been a no brainier for me this time and would have been the first time I’d ever have had the same car, one after the other. It’s been that good a car for me.

    End on a high. It sunny here so some garden time today to cheer the soul.
    Cheers all.

    Oh no. Just hearing that Jack Charlton has passed away. Farewell to a footballing icon. 💔 😔


    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    The key thing you’ve said along the way that jumps out at me Wayne is ….

    “the ride was amazing. My pelvis and joints have already thanked me”

    I would think that for a car that you’ll have for anything from 3 to 5 years, that’s a key factor in the mix. Just don’t lose sight of that fella 👍

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    You would think picking a new car would be easy or at least enjoyable but it must be up there with divorce and moving house lol.

    I am swaying between the  INSCRIPTION PRO B4P and the diesel, I travel over 8000 miles a year and this, they say, is the figure where diesel is the best choice financially but I can’t help thinking if anything happened to me the auto would be the only option for the wife.

    Strange the things we need to consider.

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    It’s just the reality of life Brydo. None of us know what’s round the corner, but theres a lot to be said for living in the moment

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    Ordered mine at beginning of Nov 19 and collected 31 Jan, I only found out on the morning of collection that the manufacturer had removed 14 different things from the top spec model I had ordered and it would have cost nearly 2 grand more to have those items back and would have had to cancel and place another order, I know that the dealer would have been made aware of the changes beforehand as they did this early December it transpires but they never once contacted me to let me know.

    It does spoil it somewhat when I’m using the car and think “I wish it had this or that” then realise it should have had it all along.

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    john haslam

    anyone know what is actual mpg for t3 r design auto

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    So Wayne, even though this photo is of an R Design Pro, it shows how the rear end looks without the visible exhausts.

    I actually think it looks very neat myself.

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    @Wayne, it really didn’t make that much difference to me, I still enjoyed the car.

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    @ Macca It’s better than having false tail pipes.

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    I think it makes the back end look a little slicker

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    Agreed with Macca having no fake rear exhausts looks clean. Prefer without tbh

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