XC40 ordered. Inscription Pro B4P

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    Well I’ve gone and done it!

    Spent some time at the dealers yesterday and after some thought and discussion with Mrs Bionic, we’ve only gone and done it.

    Dealership – Chester Rybrook.
    One way system for Covid19 and it worked fine. One foot in, one door out.
    We weren’t offered a drink of any kind which I thought was a bit poor but we put it down to the virus. On previous visits to other dealers, the Dealer Principal made a point of speaking to us and showed an interest. Here he or she was not visible. Not overly important,  it was just something I noticed.
    The sales guy was really pleasant and sorted out a viewing of an R Design and an Inscription Pro and sorting insurance to test drive was fast.

    Test Drive. Inscription Pro. D4 AWD.
    First port of call for me was how easy it was for me to get in the seat. I noticed that the door covers much of the sill and this will help with reducing having dirty clothes. The distance from the sill to the seat pad is slight larger than the BMW X1 I have now but not ridiculously so. So it got a ✅

    In pictures, the seat pad looks quite long and I had a fear that it would not be suitable. However, I was very pleasantly surprised and the pad is under the limit for me. The seat itself is supportive, fairly easy for me to get in on the leather, very comfortable and after 20 minutes, I felt like I could drive further. In any car, about 30 mins is as much as I can take before a break is needed. This awarded it a ✅
    Another fear I had was that the infotainment screen would be too far away for me but again I was pleasantly surprised. So another ✅
    The cabin feels really airy and I was very impressed with the tech.

    It wouldn’t be fair to comment on the D4 engine in AWD really as it’s not available to us but I have to say it was amazing and traction was awesome in the pouring rain. The car just hunkers down and goes. I know the FWD will be different but I no boy racer.  The ride was a real step up in comfort from my X1 and soaked up the bumps and pot holes. Compared to the Beemer, it was like being on air suspension. And the turning circle was amazing as well. A definite ✅ for the test drive.

    Briefly, negatives for me, and these are purely personal:

    – No paddle shifters in the Inscription Pro.
    – I’m disappointed the car isn’t full LED. The rear indicators brake lights and rear fogs are 1800’s bulbs. It spoils the look imo and aren’t as bright as LED. Given Volvo’s reputation for safety………..?!
    – I’d like to be able to use the central screen with a control knob. I have a real dislike of fingerprinted screens.
    – I truly wanted the AWD but the AP is just too much and even without the Pro pack.

    The negatives are few though and I’m not going to end on one. I could go on and on about what I love about it but I’ll summarise by saying we liked it enough to place an order for a Glacier Silver with red oxide leather. The Glacier is amazing. In pics, sometimes it looks white, sometimes grey, sometimes blue. In the metal, it’s exactly the same. It just pops in different light and distance to the car, even in the rain! Another ✅

    No discount offered so, at first, we thanked the sales guy and went to leave. He asked us to wait and went off ‘to talk to da management’ and came back and said he’d split the cost of the rear tints. You get a feel if that’s it and it felt like it was so we accepted. He did say a deposit was needed and when he said £1,000, I nearly laughed at him. BMW didn’t ask for anything on my X1, even with £2,500 of options. The XC40 has no options other than the tints! That said, I wasn’t bothered either way so paid up.
    – Delivery said to be late Sept.
    – Volvo do not have an order tracker.

    I was absolutely shattered by the time we got home. Had a little snack and was tucked into bed with a banging head and incredibly sore. But happy.

    I am now in the initiation steps of joining the ‘Naughty 40’s’.
    XC40’s that is. 😁

    Job done. Last tick ✅


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    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    Latest update for me is expected delivery at the dealers circa 12th November, with handover four days later.


    I ordered in August, Inscription Pro B4.

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    I ordered mine end of Sept & advised to expect delivery mid-late Jan. Email from dealership yesterday advises delivery now end Nov-beginning Dec.Here’s hoping!

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    Sorry all for the late replies.
    ajn, Yeah, I have one on order. It’s this thread. I ordered 7th July. And you’re right, it’s a helluva lot of money for no service.

    @DaveG, it is a shocking trend. I’ve heard some theories as to why Volvo are delivering some & not others, but they don’t stack up. It appears random to me.
    I’m glad Motability got you away from the wait for your MOT  👍

    , Great news for you mate. Getting excited now? 😂 I hope all goes well tomorrow and don’t forget to show me some pictures because I’m forgetting what they look like now. 😐

    & Karen, I’m sure you’ll be fine and I’ll be asking to see pics of your too………….cars that is  😂🤣


    Still no update.

    So since 7th July, my (not very good) sales assistant has not offered up a single update. I’ve spent a week back and forth to VolvoUK and Volvo about my order but apparently, Volvo can’t check their own MRP system. The best I can still get is that it ‘may be November, December or sometime in 2021’

    One thing that is for certain is that Rybrook won’t see a penny in serving costs.
    Apart from cancelling, which I really don’t want to do, there’s nothing else to do. The only silver lining is that I’ll probably get to see the 2021 Q1 prices so can change if the X1 or Tiggy reduce.

    Oh but just wait for their Google review. That’ll be truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. ☹️😐😂


    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    Can’t believe you’re still waiting!

    I look forward to reading your Google review. I’m sure you’ll give them both barrels!

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    Yup. Just about to head in to month 5.
    And, oh, it’ll be a doozy alright. 😉

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    Wayne we ordered ours at the end of Q3 and received a text yesterday saying delivery due end of November early December.

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    I read on a differing car forum that they were told that Volvo were building in tranches of certain grades/engine combos at a time before then swapping to a different one.

    BionicRusty, I don’t know why you are having such a problem.  Did you order the Diesel?  As if you did, it’s the only difference from mine.

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    Of course, it’s frustrating when you’re waiting for something and it’s delayed. It’s like Santa not coming til January, but, for me at least, it’s not the delay itself that causes the most frustration. That could be down to many unforeseen circumstances, especially during a pandemic. It’s the lack of communication, the overpromising and underdelivering, that causes the proper annoyance. If they have a situation that’s going to delay a significant purchase then phone and say. Explain the problem, promise to keep on it, and most people will be disappointed but understanding. Don’t explain and get anger, confusion, poor feedback, and possible cancellation. I don’t understand why it isn’t a culture in a high cost retail environment to keep your customer happy. Ah well, maybe I’m just too old school now?

    I will enjoy the new car feeling tomorrow, although it comes with the slightly sad thought of having to trade in my boy racer. I’ve had Freddy Focus for 4 1/2 yrs and it’s been a really decent car. Despite not being able to get in or out without lots of pain and swearing, I’ll miss seeing it sitting outside. Mrs B has been running round in it on occasion and even she’s going to miss the nippy little bugger, and she hated it at first. At least she can have her own car back now, and learn to be a sensible grown up again! 😀

    I’ll certainly pop some pictures on in the near future, just to whet the appetite of those of you patiently waiting. You never know, maybe Santa will be early this year!

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    Yes Bowly101 enjoy tomorrow must be a great feeling…

    you’re lucky to have transport whilst waiting can’t fault the trusty old car.

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    BionicRusty, there’s a Tiguan deal in the offers section on here if you wanted to change from the Volvo, I must admit it is tempting as it seems better specced from standard plus it’s cheaper £1500 with their discount.

    only down side it’s 150bh

    hopefully your Volvo is on the same boat as mine for beginning of December

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    @Brydo, so not impossible you’ll be in yours before me 😐

    , yeah, I’ve read that but it doesn’t ring true. Others who ordered the identical car to me in August are in theirs.
    I’ve ordered the B4.
    I managed to get hold of someone at Volvo who said they’d track my order for me but as soon as I gave them the details they needed, they responded that they couldn’t track it.
    Now if I know about anything, it’s MRP systems and it takes about 30 seconds to find an order. Something’s not right with all this.

    , exactly. If all this had been down to the virus, I’d be fine with that but it’s not just that my identical cars are being delivered as factory orders (some in 2.5 months), but it’s also the fact that during all this, Rybrook have not contacted me once. They have responded when I’ve got in touch to arrange pick up based on the due date only to be told it’s different but not once have they updated me.
    He actually said “this is why I don’t like to give due dates. Because we do t know when cars are arriving. They just turn up.”
    What a d1ck.
    Enjoy tomorrow and enjoy your last drive of Freddy! 🤣😂

    Azzy, thanks for that. I’m going to check it out. I’m in Wales so as soon as our lockdown is done, I’m going to check a 2 or 3 more cars. The Tiguan and X1 are favourites if I can get a deal so your point is really interesting. I’m not going to cancel yet but if I find something else in the meantime, I’m off.
    I’ve dealt with Rybrook before in Chester with Jaguars and they were shocking then. Still are.
    I’d happily advise anyone considering a Volvo, avoid them like the plague. How they’re still in business is beyond me.
    The word useless doesn’t begin to describe them. They must be pretty stupid if they can’t access tracking.

    Of course, they may have just sold my car.
    Most likely.

    Thank you All. I really appreciate the support 👍

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    How’s your Volvo day been Bowly?

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    @Macca might still be out driving it macca lol..

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    Yep, I was 😆. It’s been a good day, car 🚗 is awesome! Love it.

    Managed to get it dirty already 😕. For those of you who’ve not driven the ‘B’ series engines yet, don’t worry. They’re really powerful and smooth. The stop/start system is so much better than the ‘T’ series. I’ll do a proper review once I’ve had a chance to catch my breath with it. Again, my fingers are crossed for all of you still waiting.

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    Great stuff Bowly101, car looks great even love the muddy splash 👍

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    We’d definitely have the red, …. oh yeah, we have 😂

    Great choice Bowly, have you dropped it into Dynamic and planted your hoof yet?

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    Oh very nice @Bowly101.
    Congratulations 🥳🏎💨

    Good to bear that about the B4.
    Drive safe and for Gods Sake clean it 🤣😂

    Got fed up today and got back in touch with Volvo UK. It’s been over a week now since they said they’d look into it.
    They emailed back saying “Hasn’t your dealer been in touch?” I took that to mean Volvo asked them to get in touch with me and give me a reason why it’s 5 months now. ((CoUgH – Sold my car – CoUgH))

    I replied “🤣😂 Nice one Volvo UK. I don’t think Rybrook are allowed to phone/email out. I’ve not had a single call in 5 months.”

    That was early this morning. Not heard anything since.

    Queue Cilla

    🎶Surprise, Surprise 🎶


    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    Thing is Wayne, an operator that wants a grand deposit off you from the off, ropey mate, well ropey

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    Thanks guys, I don’t think the R Design looks bad in any colour, but the red is really nice.

    After a small amount of bother around communication whilst waiting for the car to be built, I have to say the handover went smoothly. Over the last week there’s been a lot of info back and forth to ensure the time spent at the dealership was minimal. They sent me a 30 min video on the controls the day before, done in my actual car, which I thought was a really nice touch. The On Call and modem set up was all done prior to collection (apart from the last step which you have to do with the car). I was away from the dealer in 45mins, drove around the corner, and spent a good 30mins setting things up as I wanted. I’m already familiar with Volvo systems and it still took a short while to get everything straight. I then had a very good 40 mile drive home with a bit of every type of road going. I have to say the car is really good! Smooth away, lovely progressive power delivery, great gearbox (8 speed auto) so hardly notice the changes, dynamic mode makes a proper difference to how the car feels (yes, I did test it, although being brand new I didn’t rag it 😆), and the chassis through the twisty bits is properly sorted. You feel planted on the road and there’s no hint of that wallowing feeling that SUV’s often have. My advice is to turn the lane assist off on anything other than a straight road though. Every bend it thought I was going to crash and changed my line! It felt like being 17 again and learning to drive with my Dad 😆. The only thing that I wasn’t instantly happy about was the brakes which seemed very grabby initially. Obviously they’re brand new and need bedded in so I’m sure this won’t last long (it also maybe is something to do with the regenerative energy system, I do like to see that little battery graphic filling up when you brake 🔋). Overall, we are all delighted with Sven The Red, and I look forward to the difference he’ll make to my life.


    Wayne, there’s no danger of my car being clean until Summer! Half a mile of muddy farm track to negotiate every day will see to that 😆. It’s a small price to pay to live in such a wonderful place though 🙂🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿. On the subject of your car, my fingers are crossed for you that a resolution arrives in the near future. I can totally understand the desire to not have to deal with Rybrook any more, but that car, in that spec, at that AP, well it’s a winner. 🤞

    If any of you prospective owners have any questions then fire away.


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    Sven the Red … haha😂, love it.

    Ours is called Wallander 😏

    Totally agree on the lane assist turned it off too, it’s annoying.

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    Love the names boys.

    If I do get an XC40 now, it’ll definitely be called Marilyn, from the 1962 quote of her being presented to President Kennedy. 😳

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    Farid Miah

    Hi Guys,

    I have been following your thoughts on the XC40 very closely, and due to a number of reasons, missed out ordering the B4 when it was a reasonable price. Now they have shot up quite a bit, so annoyed at myself more than anything.

    Anyway, I was wondering if you guys Macca and Bowly101 had any feedback on MPG yet? I am currently deciding between the 1.5 T3 auto and quite like the look of the Tiguan 1.5 DSG that now come on the scheme. Would like to have test driven the Tiguan, but that doesnt like its going to happen anytime soon. I have heard the MPG on the 1.5 auto XC40 is not great.

    I love the look of the R-design, but the 20 inch wheels made the ride a little harder than we would have liked, so I might see if its possible to get the smaller wheels on it.

    But any thoughts you guys can share on your ownership experience so far would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks

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    Hi Farid,

    So far, with a mix of driving it’s 34.5mpg. I’m not a rapid driver, nor a slow one, so I guess that’s a pretty good average for an almost 200bhp car that isn’t a lightweight. I wouldn’t worry too much about T3 vs B4 as the XC40 isn’t a car you want to rip around in. The character of the car suits a more leisurely approach (at least it does with me behind the wheel), but I reckon 150bhp is probably enough to have a nice drive in almost every circumstance.
    My overall impression so far is very good, it’s a great looking car inside and out, it drives really well, and is very comfortable to be in. I don’t think you’d regret choosing it although I’m sure the VW is every bit as good. I was swayed by being familiar with Volvo already and knowing they make good, safe cars.
    As far as the model specs go I would’ve preferred smaller wheels too, but the loss of spec you get by dropping the ‘pro’ version was too much for me. I don’t think they’ll let you swap wheels out as the resale will expect the standard spec, so the other option is Inscription Pro spec which gives you 19” rather than 20”. I have to say (and this is very personal I know) that the ride is very good even on the 20” wheels, and I’m quite needy when it comes to ride quality 🙂. Try them out when you can, and good luck with your choice. I’m happy to answer any specific queries you have going forward. 👍

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    Totally echo Bowley’s comments, no concerns on mpg, and I’ve no regrets on going for the RD Pro with its 20’s.

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    Just a heads up for those of you who’ve just got, or are getting an XC40. The car comes with a built in modem complete with Vodafone sim good for 100gb or 365 days whichever comes first, but you have to set it up yourselves before you can use it. Even if you aren’t the type who will be streaming music via the built in apps, it’s still worth it because it enables auto updates for any car software and it allows for real time traffic updates to be factored in to your Sat Nav. You need to enter your details to create the account but you don’t need to enter  to any contract or supply bank details. My car came with instructions that had been printed by the dealer, but if yours didn’t here’s the link to get you up and running.


    I had some difficulty because the Vodafone website doesn’t like the Apple Safari browser used as a default by iPhones and iPads. If you have the same issue just download the Microsoft Edge app from the App Store and use that instead. For me this worked a treat!


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