XC40 ordered. Inscription Pro B4P

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    Well I’ve gone and done it!

    Spent some time at the dealers yesterday and after some thought and discussion with Mrs Bionic, we’ve only gone and done it.

    Dealership – Chester Rybrook.
    One way system for Covid19 and it worked fine. One foot in, one door out.
    We weren’t offered a drink of any kind which I thought was a bit poor but we put it down to the virus. On previous visits to other dealers, the Dealer Principal made a point of speaking to us and showed an interest. Here he or she was not visible. Not overly important,  it was just something I noticed.
    The sales guy was really pleasant and sorted out a viewing of an R Design and an Inscription Pro and sorting insurance to test drive was fast.

    Test Drive. Inscription Pro. D4 AWD.
    First port of call for me was how easy it was for me to get in the seat. I noticed that the door covers much of the sill and this will help with reducing having dirty clothes. The distance from the sill to the seat pad is slight larger than the BMW X1 I have now but not ridiculously so. So it got a ✅

    In pictures, the seat pad looks quite long and I had a fear that it would not be suitable. However, I was very pleasantly surprised and the pad is under the limit for me. The seat itself is supportive, fairly easy for me to get in on the leather, very comfortable and after 20 minutes, I felt like I could drive further. In any car, about 30 mins is as much as I can take before a break is needed. This awarded it a ✅
    Another fear I had was that the infotainment screen would be too far away for me but again I was pleasantly surprised. So another ✅
    The cabin feels really airy and I was very impressed with the tech.

    It wouldn’t be fair to comment on the D4 engine in AWD really as it’s not available to us but I have to say it was amazing and traction was awesome in the pouring rain. The car just hunkers down and goes. I know the FWD will be different but I no boy racer.  The ride was a real step up in comfort from my X1 and soaked up the bumps and pot holes. Compared to the Beemer, it was like being on air suspension. And the turning circle was amazing as well. A definite ✅ for the test drive.

    Briefly, negatives for me, and these are purely personal:

    – No paddle shifters in the Inscription Pro.
    – I’m disappointed the car isn’t full LED. The rear indicators brake lights and rear fogs are 1800’s bulbs. It spoils the look imo and aren’t as bright as LED. Given Volvo’s reputation for safety………..?!
    – I’d like to be able to use the central screen with a control knob. I have a real dislike of fingerprinted screens.
    – I truly wanted the AWD but the AP is just too much and even without the Pro pack.

    The negatives are few though and I’m not going to end on one. I could go on and on about what I love about it but I’ll summarise by saying we liked it enough to place an order for a Glacier Silver with red oxide leather. The Glacier is amazing. In pics, sometimes it looks white, sometimes grey, sometimes blue. In the metal, it’s exactly the same. It just pops in different light and distance to the car, even in the rain! Another ✅

    No discount offered so, at first, we thanked the sales guy and went to leave. He asked us to wait and went off ‘to talk to da management’ and came back and said he’d split the cost of the rear tints. You get a feel if that’s it and it felt like it was so we accepted. He did say a deposit was needed and when he said £1,000, I nearly laughed at him. BMW didn’t ask for anything on my X1, even with £2,500 of options. The XC40 has no options other than the tints! That said, I wasn’t bothered either way so paid up.
    – Delivery said to be late Sept.
    – Volvo do not have an order tracker.

    I was absolutely shattered by the time we got home. Had a little snack and was tucked into bed with a banging head and incredibly sore. But happy.

    I am now in the initiation steps of joining the ‘Naughty 40’s’.
    XC40’s that is. 😁

    Job done. Last tick ✅


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    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    Can’t believe I forgot to mention, plus a full tank of petrol. That’s gonna take some getting used to. First petrol car for about 15 years! ✅

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    Well done Wayne, glad to hear it’s a good ‘un for you. Lots of good times to be had I’m sure. 👍

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    Congratulations Wayne!

    Great to hear you took on your very real concerns and I’m sure you are relieved now you’ve done it.

    Sounds like your in love with the volvo! I hope your order proceeds seemlessly and your back on in no time with some pics for us!

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    Great review Wayne. That paint/interior colour combo sounds good. Hopefully its sunny on the day you collect it so you can get some good pics up!

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    All in all not a bad day then Wayne. Glad your sorted out and just chill and wait until pick up day. Enjoy.

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    BionicRusty Good choice with colour. Glacier Silver is lovely. Funny I was offered a full tank of fuel too. Better than nothing. I hope you are able to get your car soon. Did you add any extras?

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    Thanks boys. I really appreciate that.
    Flippin’ ‘eck. How old did I feel last night. Absolutely wasted. And not in a good way.

    It was a great day. For the money, I just couldn’t get more, I don’t think. Another X1 was a real contender but I’ve always changed makes or at least models. And it’s  my first Volvo so I’m really looking forward to getting to know a new brand.
    I hope I can get more time behind the wheel of the X1 before it goes. It’s been an amazing car. I thoroughly recommend it to anyone thinking of one. And still on the original tyres and bang on 18k miles! I’ll have to measure but I reckon there must be about 4mm there. 😁

    Hope everyone’s well 👍👍

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    Congrats, hope it’s still there and affordable in December 1st when I can order! The glacier silver is a fantastic colour but, jus5 a preference, I like the blond interior.

    If you can get the order number and go on Volvo UK, my Volvo I think it is you can follow your car, it starts with a sheet over it! We did that with our xc60 we bought in 2014. Think you have to register if I remember rightly, but had a lot of sleeps since then!

    Pics please when you get it, you lucky peeps.

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    Very nice Wayne, love the colour you’ve picked.

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    Congrats. Pick-up day will be a very happy one. I’m jealous!

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    Congratulations on your new car

    Sounds like a good choice

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    No cars perfect imo and it’s gotta have the things we want and some have stuff we don’t really want on them, that at the end of the day is the question, does it tick all your major boxes and can you forgive the bad points.

    I need adaptive cruise and volvo don’t do it as standard so for me it’s a no, but if i didn’t then it would be an option as volvo is my closet dealers only 1 min away from the house. it will soon be sept and you’ll be in it.. look forward to seeing the pics.

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    Well done 🙂

    My Volvo dealer was useless, actually laughed when I asked for delivery times and said October/November!.

    It’s a bit of a relief when you finally place the order and then you start counting down the days until it arrives!  Sounds like you’ll both be very happy with it 🙂

    There's room for all God's creatures, right next to the mash and gravy 🙂

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    72 dudes

    Excellent choice @BionicRusty, welcome to the naughty forties club!

    That red oxide leather will contrast beautifully with the Glacier Silver (almost as nice as Denim Blue with Blonde leather 😁)

    Don’t worry about the screen, I bought some screen protectors from Amazon and they fit the XC40’s screen perfectly and are invisible, no fingerprints.

    Do get the dealer to set up the free SIM card and the Volvo OnCall app on delivery day as it’s not straightforward!

    Yours will be a MY 21, so it won’t have the silver exhaust trims on the rear diffuser, or the Inscription err inscriptions on the headrests or rear 3/4 panel.

    However, it will have the mild hybrid and 10 extra horses compared to ours!

    Finally come and have a look at http://www.xc40forums.co.uk and join in when you get near to delivery date.

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    So Wayne given that you run an X1 now, did you think the XC40 felt roomier than the X1 inside ?

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    Excellent Wayne, good choice. When I test drove the XC40 – it was very refined and had that feeling of quality. It was a very very good drive from the moment I pulled away. I took it on a particularly bad stretch of bumpy, potholed road and over a ton of speedbumps that cripples me in the Fiesta and it was soooo smooth.

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    Sounds lovely Wayne loving the sound of the contrasting silver and red interior. I saw a black with red interior at the dealer and the contrast looked great . Do people feel the All wheeled drive Is worth the extra? Not something I had considered.

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    72 dudes


    I really wouldn’t bother, unless you live two miles up a rutted track in the middle of nowhere.

    Contrary to popular belief, grip on snow, wet surfaces and mud is more down to tyre choice rather than 2WD/4WD.

    For example a 2WD vehicle fitted with good winter tyres will grip better than a 4WD on normal tyres.

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    Thanks for the advice 72 dudes 😀 I’m off to Volvo to order tomorrow morning and the all wheel drive option is something that had never crossed my mind. Yep no off road tracks for me so will stick stick to the front wheel drive 👍

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    So what spec and colour have you settled on Haley?

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    Macca I’ve finally decided on b4p r design pro thunder grey 😀 After listening to everyone’s advice I agree that the more powerful engine will be the better option so I’m joining the world of automatics.

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    Excellent choice Haley, and for me the extras you get in the Pro for just a few hundred quid more are well worth it.

    I saw a thunder grey R Design Pro in a local dealer at the beginning of the year. It was in the handover bay and the customer was collecting it that day. He was great and actually showed us the car and gave us a run down on everything. He’d just retired and was spoiling himself with his lump sum.

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    Yep the pro is a great deal can’t be without a heated windscreen and all the other tech sounds great, looking forward to those heated seats on a winters morning 😀 id of never had so much tech in a car, never even had a car with DAB radio, ha it reminds me of when I bought a car that finally had a CD player and I could stop using the tape deck attached to my discman. The thunder grey does look great but to be fair I love all the colours on the xc40 and would of been happy with any, my husband picked the colour. I even think the xc40 looks great in black and I’m never a fan of black cars. We’re adding the parking pack, wireless charger and electric child locks to.

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    Don’t be shy of haggling for a discount Haley, that’s a lucrative order you’re looking to place there.

    Good luck

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