Volvo XC40 Colour combination

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    Tony Langford

    Hi guys

    About to order the Volvo XC40. Driving myself crazy on wether to get Inscription Pro or R-Design Pro and if Inscription Pro what colour paintwork with what colour leather interior. Any thoughts on particularly good looking combinations?

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    If they still did Osmium Grey I’d have had that. Unfortunately they changed it to Thunder Grey and I don’t like the blue shade to it. They could do with a Skoda green to liven the palette up a bit 😀.
    I don’t think there are many bad combo’s as the car is such a nice design but my dealer had a pebble grey (brown) inscription with amber leather interior in their showroom, and I thought it looked a bit like the dogs dinner. Each to their own though. We ended up with a fusion red r design and you can only have black interior with that model. It’s a great colour, especially in the sunshine, but it doesn’t hide dirt very well. Still, at least it doesn’t look like a Chelsea tractor then!

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    Tony Langford

    I’m leaning towards:

    Inscription Pro in Denim Blue with Blonde leather Interior


    Inscription Pro in Onyx Black with Tan leather Interior


    R-Design Pro in Onyx Black with no choice Black unbuckle interior

    any comments?

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    Tony we are getting white with blonde interior but I saw a black with blonde and it looked great. Not a fan of dark interior so the tan and the nubuck would be a no no for us.

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    Tony Langford

    Cheers Brydo

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    They all sound good tbh, I would love a black or white car but my environment says otherwise!

    Same goes for the lighter interiors, but they’d end up looking brown! Don’t think me too scruffy, it was cleaned a week ago, but muddy tracks and clean motors don’t mix well 😆. Brydo, yeah the mudflaps are a definite retro fit for me I think!

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    I think so Bowley it must be a nightmare to keep clean lol.

    I think i will have a go at fitting the mudflaps myself, i always liked the look of them on a car don’t know why just gave it a better look IMO.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
    Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.

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    72 dudes

    We went for Denim Blue with blonde, very elegant combination.

    Just as an aside, a female friend of mine whose husband has an R Design in Onyx Black, declared mine “beautiful”!

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    I’ve ordered a glacier silver with blonde inscription pro.

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    Fusion red with black interior and roof. No regrets, although will be fitting mudflaps.

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    Vinnie that was my preferred option but I was out voted lol.

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    To state the obvious nobody should get upset if another poster says “I don’t like your choice” these things are subjective everybody’s tastes are different, thank goodness, so be happy with what you have picked as its right for you.

    PS if anyone says my choice is rubbish I’ll  punch their face in lol.

    Merry Christmas.

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    I like your choice, in fact it doesn’t bother me what people chose as long as they like it the rest can “go away” lol, and would have liked the white myself but at an extra was too much as we’ve already added the intellisurround.

    And a Merry Christmas to all too, enjoy.

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    Tony Langford

    Ok I have ordered…….drum roll please……

    Inscription Pro in Denim Blue with Blonde Interior.

    Thought it looked classy and slightly different from the masses.

    thanks for your help guys

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    Good choice Tony.

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    Tony Langford

    Thanks buddy

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    I will post some pics of the blonde interior on Wednesday when I pick it up.

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Be careful when ordering Onyx Black on the R Design.  The roof is the standard Stone  black, so it does look odd and looks as if it’s been sprayed the wrong colour . In my humble opinion best to opt for the Stone Black on R Design Spec so it matches the roof and door mirror covers.</p>

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