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    So after speaking to a few dealers across the country I’m getting mixed messages about the availability of the xc40 on the scheme and that might explain the nearly £3800 price. Can anyone help with information?

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    I enquired about the XC40 in April with Harrotts Volvo Wakefield when the R Design was on the scheme still.


    sales guy told me at that point there was a 5 month waiting time and they were only allowed to sell 30 for the quarter.  a week later the R Design came off the list and I never went back as I could not place my order till July and who knows what the lead time is now!

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    I looked in April  as well and was told there was going to be a wait of 4-5 months which has is still the case – I think someone on here mentioned delivery early next year.


    It’s and excellent car, certainly if I’d know then about the delays happening I’d probably have ordered one over and next year maybe Skoda.

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    ordered xc40 petrol auto yesterday but factory on holiday until end of August so will have to wait for delivery date. could be any time between November and into early 2019. I  wanted the winter pack with heated screen and it seems its the screen is causing a delay.


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    john mac

    redsten did you manage to have a test drive ?


    what does the car not have that the zooped up display car first edition does have ? i havent managed to see a non first edition one to know what im missing out on , if that makes sense


    im still thinking vw tiguan r line or mazda cx5 but the volvo still appeals

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    John still waiting on the price of the updated cx5 but if you are looking for opinions I would go for the cx5. The spec is great and as an all rounder it’s, IMO, difficult to beat.

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    I am taking view overall cx5 offering better than xc40 but both fine vehicles. I feel cx5 quicker derlevering skedule which could be factor of importance.

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    The std XC40 has

    Satnav and infotainment -large portrait screen

    Digital dials

    Active cornering/bending LED headlights

    Auto headlights and wipers

    Decent choice of seats material and colour as well ‘s dash trim and a good range of colours – may not be a bigger to some but  a no cost option on seat material and colour options as well as interior FOC is nice.

    Excellent supportive and and comfy seats


    If the manual then a good diesel engine, if auto then a very smooth strong petrol coupled to 4wd.


    The standard spec is actually  very good though the AP is pricy and I need heated seats and did power tailgate  which added another £875 on top, which made it too expensive. . (Your milage and needs may vary etc)

    Otherwise the package is very appealing, nicely made, excellent interior and boot space, styling wise it is fabulous -I’ve seen a half dozen in the last 3 months in  black, light blue and a grey, all looked great in the flesh.

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    John I think comparing the cars with your own priorities is the best way to choose, if value for money is your priority make a list of what you get for the money you are prepared to spend. If looks is a priority go and check out each of them in the flesh, delivery time comparison is very difficult as people lie to get a sale. Take your wheelchair with you if you have one to check out the boot size.

    we are all different with different priorities so listen to other peoples views but make sure whatever you decide is right for you.

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    I drove the d4 and t4 auto versions of the insciption and r line which were very  refined and comfortable. I have an xc60 and in my opinion its better than that. the momentum has lots of safety equipment but no power tail gate ,heated seats , front parking sensors, electric drivers seat, leather upholstery and sports suspension all of which can be had on options on the momentum. I agree with Fred view of the car. I know its expensive but so is any vehicle in the same range with similar spec  but costed out over 3 or even 5 years it  is a bit more  acceptable.You may as well have something you are completely happy with and for me its the xc40. The CX5 was  good choice but I found the ride a bit hard and it had a loading lip in the boot whereas the volvo is flat –  helpful when loading a scooter

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    Volvo XC40 line-up boosted by new T3, T4 and D3 engines

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    If it is of interest (and I don’t know if this is bulls**t or not), when I was speaking with the Volvo people on the stand at the Motability ‘One Big Day’ at Harrogate, they said the advance payment on the XC40 is being reduced at the start of the next quarter (Q4 2018).

    However, they couldn’t (or wouldn’t) say by how much it is being reduced.

    As I said, it could be bulls**t, but then why would they say this, as opposed to saying ”it is going up so get your order in quickly!”


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    To go with finsoup and Redsten


    When I sat down last Friday and ordered the CX-5 the XC40 was my immediate backup if it was going to be a long wait (January is acceptable ).  The lack of power tailgate  and heated seats are the only 2 things I need that it didn’t have, vs the mazda has a surfeit of lovely stuff I don’t mind : Electric  seats, heated steering wheel, sunroof, stereo upgrade etc, the pano sunroof on the Skoda was an £1100 option I’d never tick!

    I will,  happily admit I’m going to get a twinge whenever I see an XC 40 for the next 3 years. And I will keep it on my list for next time.



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    stuart olowu

    I ordered my XC40  1st of august , four month wait and a £3000 + advanced payment

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    It’s a lovely car and really comfy to sit in, but the one I hired for 5 days returned 23mpg most of that was done on restricted autobahn so 130kmh on cruise control. My car gets 48mpg  at that speed.

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