Volkswagen Tiguan Match launched along with new 227bhp petrol engine

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    VW’s mid-sized SUV gets a better equipped Match base-model, a new range-topping R-Line Tech variant and a 227bhp turbo petrol engine
    Following its recent run-out edition Golf, Volkswagen has announced a series of tweaks to the line-up of the Tiguan SUV, including a new 227bhp petrol engine and a value-added Match model. This new trim level replaces the Tiguan SE and SE Nav models, offering more standard equipment at a reduced cost, with prices starting at £26,750.

    The new base-model builds on the specification of the Tiguan SE Nav, adding a rear-view camera, parking assist, keyless entry and 19-inch alloy wheels. Other standard features include an eight-inch touchscreen with DAB radio and sat-nav, lane-keeping assist and a collision warning system.

    Volkswagen will also replace the Tiguan’s range-topping R-Line trim level with a new R-Line Tech model. Prices start at £33,150 and, like the Match edition, it offers more standard equipment for less money, adding park assist, keyless entry, a 360-degree camera and a fully-electric tailgate to the outgoing R-Line Tiguan.

    In addition, VW now offers the Tiguan with a 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine with 227bhp and 350Nm of torque, borrowed from the current Golf GTI. It feeds its power to all four wheels through a seven-speed DSG, giving the Tiguan a 0-62mph time of 6.3 seconds and a top speed of 142mph. Available in both Match and R-Line Tech models, prices will start at £38,335.

    The new engine and trim-levels are expected to hit showrooms later this month and will be available for both the standard Tiguan and the Tiguan Allspace 7-seater.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe

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    We’ve also gone for the Tiguan SEL DSG 150, living in London I don’t need the added fuel cost of the 4×4 and found the R suspension unbearably hard on the 20”rims and low profile tyres.

    Nothing else came close for the premium feel.

    Gone are my days of how my cars look as in bling.

    I just want comfort and a car that suits our needs and was available within weeks, love the metalic grey colour and anthrite wheels, love the comfort massage seats, love the self park, love the heated screen, auto led lights and wipers, fuel economy is great for an oil burner around London.

    Its rapid for just 150bhp even loaded unlike the 1.4 petrol we tried


    My my kids find it easy to drive and park.

    loads of rear leg room and the rear seats can recline if you want a napp.


    ours has the upgraded info system and the digital dash, which I  love and is simple to use, so is the adaptive cruise control, and the electric tailgate is a great gadget i never thought I’d use? I now use it all the time.


    The DAB picks up the world service and magic and capital extra it would seem


    Even our our bulldog loves it.


    Getting back on subject i dred to think what that petrol engine returns in mpg.

    Not can’t see many of those being sold, even if the scheme allows the bhp raise.

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    Glos Guy

    Philjb- I think you might be the 2nd person to mention a heated windscreen on the Tiguan. Was this an optional extra as we have a 2018 Tiguan SEL and I don’t believe that it has this feature? The car is garaged overnight and never has a frozen windscreen, so I’ve never had cause to use it even if it is on the car, but I don’t ever recall reading about the car having the feature and have never noticed a control for it. My daughters Ford Focus has one and as that car isn’t garaged it’s a fantastic feature.

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    Glos Guy – thanks.

    Yes I have looked at both, the X1 I liked on the scheme I contacted my dealer over a month ago, he offered me an M Sport drive but I didn’t see the point as the spec and suspension are totally different.

    Haven’t heard from him since.

    The Mazda I did consider, I have sat in one ages ago and liked the interior but just not sure on the petrol only options on the scheme – that said like the BMW I did contact a local dealer about a drive, again I have had nothing.

    My VW contact is back today and said he would give me a call, of all the dealers I have spoken to he has been the most helpful but to date hasn’t been able to get me a 190 SEL to drive. I did drive a 150 R Line but at the time was still very much wanting a 190.

    I think I need to drive the 150 again, but I can’t compare against the SEL or anything simply because the cars have not been made available.

    I also contacted Citroen about the C5 Aircross they were supposed to get one in last week, but again nothing since.

    I did locate a Kuga ST Line X by searching slightly further away from my nearest dealer, they are supposed to contact me again today for a drive.

    Overall the nicest car I have seen is the R Line it’s stunning, I am slightly dubious on the comfort for my wife who does have some back problems now and then, and also it’s a 150, if I can satisfy those 2 issues it’s definitely the favourite – but hard to judge overall as I haven’t driven enough cars.


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    Managed to get a couple of test drives booked for tomorrow, the Tiguan R Line 150ps DSG and the Kuga 180 ST Line X.
    My VW dealer, who has been more helpful than the others, says it’s unlikely I will get a drive of the SEL as there just aren’t any around.
    My VW dealer also clarified the R Line’s do not have run flat tyres on, which were an issue in comfort on our earlier BMW 1 series M sport.
    That there is no real difference in performance between the manual and DSG auto, just personal preference (manual is £700 cheaper for the AP on the scheme).
    Also my query regarding the 150 R line against the 190 SEL performance wise, as others have said doesn’t really feel notably quicker until you get higher up the revs when on the motorway, so I guess overall a 150 is a good option still for me especially as I like the R Line looks (the 190 isn’t on the scheme as it’s over the price cap).
    Will post updates on my test drives tomorrow.  😀  Figure getting them both on same day is a good idea.

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    I placed order for R-Line Tech on Saturday. Probably had the same thoughts on vehicles in terms of styling and required power as Jonny initially. I found the X1 to be too small for our needs so it was between Kuga and Tiguan. I had a test drive in the Kuga ST 120 auto and 150 manual, as they did not have a 180, although the 150 manual listed acceleration times are similar to the auto 180. The 120 was okay 0-40 but after that there was no power, the 150 manual was better but in no way fast. I tested the 150 auto in the SE Nav spec Tiguan, and the Drive was smooth and responsive.  Slightly nervous for the ride on the rline but as neither my wife or I suffer from back problems the slightly stiffer ride over the SEL should be fine.

    The looks of the R-Line Tech won it for me. I’m changing from XC60 so it’s going to be a tough change as I’ve loved this car, however, due to mileage we can’t extend.  I think the problem I have is I’ve always wanted my next car to be better than the previous one, I think I’m as close as I can get with what is currently on the scheme.  For me the scheme is easily the best value I can get given the mileage I do and the type of car I want (assuming I want a new car every 3 years) and so far everything has been hassle free.

    That being said I’ve not experienced the bad dealers some on near have, and all the ones I’ve contacted have been very helpful and returned calls, emails etc, even once motability has been mentioned, in fact the VW dealer called me on Friday to say he had spoken to the main VW motability specialist that day, and the car was coming on on the Saturday.

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    Hi glos guy,

    i think I mentioned ours was a cancelled order, which just happened to be in the colour we wanted and the 150 bhp tdi engine and we do a lot of motorway (m25 mainly) use and this seemed the best compromise for speed and fuel economy.

    It came with over £100o of extras free inc the heated front screen, heated steering wheel, upgraded infotainment pro head unit, self park inc front and rear cameras.

    We may have opted for leather but I actually find the comfort cloth fabric very comfortable and not too warm (on sunny days) with the big sunroof. Plus it looks great and seems easy to Hoover our bulldog short hair from the pile.

    As I aslso said I couldn’t live with thr firm suspension or the R  as my spine is crumbling, just part of my condition.

    plus most of the bling seemed a bit cheap looking.

    The SEL has just enough chrome for me especiallly in the  metalic grey paint and the anthracite wheels

    i really rate it as I was going to buy an x3 outright because they couldn’t demo an X1 in the spec I wanted and I didn’t want or take a chance without trying the seats first.


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    AD1,  Congrats on a great car choice I hope you have many happy hours behind the wheel

    What colour did you got for and did you decide to go for an extra options?

    Did I read it correctly or pick it up wrong that you ordered it a few days ago and get it next Sat?

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    ADI sounds like a goof choice, the problem I have is getting hold of a SEL to drive and compare against the R Line.

    I am driving a 150 auto tech today and then afterwards have tracked down a 180 ST Line X so will be driving that too.

    My VW dealer contact has been extremely helpful, I have to say I haven’t had any feedback at all from any of the others, I had to track down the Kuga I am driving today myself. I just wish I could drive a 190 SEL also.

    As it stands I have ruled out everything else due to lack of cars or dealer feedback.

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    Hi Winston,

    Thank you, I ordered on Saturday- delivery expected late April, so fingers crossed.

    I didn’t add any extras and went for the standard white. The R-Line Tech is pretty loaded, the only thing we considered was leather seats but at £1,500 seemed quite steep.

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    Adi did you go for the 150 manual or the auto DSG? Around £700 difference in price which is a lot.

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    Good stuff, like u say its jam packed full of tech anyways and at 3k AP, that’s plenty lol

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    Test drive the Tiguan R-Line DSG 2.0TDI 4motion 190 today courtesy of VW Huddersfield who were fantastic! Wanted to drive 2wd 150bhp but they had none.

    Currently have BMW X1 25d xDrive xLine which is due to go back at the end of May. It’s been a great car but my biggest bugbear have been the seats – whilst not terrible but the leather seats have proved small and uncomfortable over the past 2.5 years.

    I didn’t order any extras at the time – if i had I probably would hold onto the X1 and extend the lease. But the main draw of the Tiguan in my opinion is a much more ‘cosy’ interior – definitely better seats than the X1.

    I don’t drive long distance very often – mainly pottering around town so was hoping for the 1.5TSI.

    There is also much more technology in the Tiguan than my current X1. Panoramic Sunroof, Active Cruise, Lane Assist, Area view, Apple Car Play, Digital Cockpit, to name but a few!

    One thing i noticed is that on the revised R-Line Tech the digital cockpit has been changed – the screen itself has become a little smaller (like the T-Roc) with fuel and temp gauges now as analogue.

    I drove for 25-30 mins – at general cruise the engine was quite and refined but when joining the motorway (short run on the M62) it sounded as though it was working hard when accelerating – not the case with the X1 . But then again the X1 is 236bhp!

    Also something found annoying – R Line Tech trim does not come with electrically adjustable driver seats – you can’t spec it UNLESS you opt for the £1500 Vienna leather seats – outrageous!

    Also got to see the SEL side by side with R-Line – but the SEL was meh compared to it!

    I probably will be placing an order for it in the next 2/3 weeks – dealer was keen for me to place an order before i receive my papers from Motability . He was quoting waiting times of around 20 weeks.

    Anyway i hope this might give someone on the fence a little insight. Cheerio!

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    Hi Jonny,

    I went for the DSG auto, most of my mileage is on dual carriageway and the sat in traffic for the last few miles in to work so wanted that but to be a bit more relaxing. Saw on another thread you’ve had some test drives. For me the VW Tiguan was so much better than the Kuga.  Hopefully you’ll get the Kuga test drive so you can compare.

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    Hi Winston,

    Yes £3k is plenty.

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    Mike 700

    Had my Tiguan topped up with ad Blue today, cost for doing the job at Marshall VW in Newbury, £14.94 .

    They also checked the sun roof lighting on a recall, checked the tyres ( tread and wear) checked and reported on the brakes ( wear and fluid ) battery, bodywork, air conditioning and gave the car a complimentary wash & vacuum , and there was free tea and coffee available in a comfortable seating area.

    Very satisfied with their service.

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    I thought adblue was part of the mobility package?

    In 2005 I suffered a brain injury which has left me with mental and physical disabilities.
    Unfortunately I do get confused and get things wrong, so I apologise in advance.

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    Yeah Adblue is def charged to Motability

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    Thread is a few months old but See here for adblue as far as I’m aware it is still Included unless they have made a statement since that I’m not aware of, make a note of the code to give to service department. P.s for all manufacturers not just VW

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    I’ve done 28k in mine and on the 4th lot of adblue(refilled) a month ago and every time it has been part of the motability package, if the dealer has charged you for it you need to contact motability and tell them so they can put the dealer straight and you can get a refund, not funny!!!

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    Yes add blue is free on the scheme according to my local dealer, they shouldn’t be charging you.

    Taste is personal and I prefer the under stated Sel which with the right uptions is the same inside, it just drives more comfortably.

    The 20” low profiles don’t help.

    But its horses for courses if your back can take it ifs fine you won’t be disappointed.

    The Tiguan is a fine car.

    I personaly didn’t like the way the allspace seats

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    When folded, didn’t seem to fold completely flat?

    There was a small ridge of material with no backing that could snag heavy items, especially if you have a bad back lift heavy items over the lip.

    But I’m sure it won’t be a problem for most.

    As you can probably guess we went for the SEL after driving both back to back, the sel was much more comfortable over Londons pot holed roads, no comparison, thr R felt like a delivery loaded up van jigging and crashing over even small bumps.

    Mine or my wives back I couldn’t live with it.

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    Glos Guy

    Colour choice on Tiguans is critical. Many of us who got a Tiguan SEL opted for Indium Grey metallic. This makes the horrible grey plastic flanks (that aren’t on the R-Line) ‘disappear’ and gives the car a very upmarket appearance. By contrast, every other colour SEL (including black and particularly white) looks like a budget model due to the contrasting plastic cladding and will look dreadful along side any R-Line. The front of the S / SE / Match is different again to the SEL and, I would agree, these aren’t good looking cars (the non LED headlights ruin the look of the car IMO) The R-Line in white does look stunning and more sporty, but the ride is slightly compromised compared to the SEL, whereas an SEL in grey looks a little more understated (more upmarket than bling) but rides better. You pays your money and takes your choice!

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    I agree on the lack of colour choices on the Tiguan, however the R Line looks fab in white or Indium Grey so for us it’s not a problem.

    The SEL looks nice in the Grey but less so in the white, I can’t comment on the ride comfort as I haven’t been able to drive one, but the R Line was smooth enough for me.

    There are more choices for the Kuga, however for the ST model in my opinion it’s just the white or the Ruby Red, and that I think is £850.


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    Mike 700

    Can’t find anything other than ad Blue will be paid for by Motability as part of a Standard Service, no mention of paying to ‘top up’, just found this in their site-


    AdBlue systems are increasingly fitted to the latest cars or Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAVs) with newer diesel engines. The technology is designed to reduce harmful exhaust emissions through adding AdBlue fluid into the exhaust system, so this fluid may need refilling from time to time.

    How to check if your car has AdBlue
    It’s best to check your manufacturer’s handbook for details, or speak to your dealer who’ll be able to confirm this. If your car was built very recently and uses a diesel engine, it’s likely to use AdBlue. But although the technology is becoming more common place, not every single diesel car uses it. You may have already noticed that your car has an extra, smaller filler cap, marked ‘AdBlue,’ next to the diesel filler where you usually top up the fuel. In some cars the filler may be located elsewhere such as the boot floor.

    What you need to know
    All cars that have an AdBlue system have a mechanism to warn the driver if it’s running low and requires a top up. In most cases, a yellow engine warning symbol will come on, on the dashboard.
    AdBlue will be checked and refilled by the dealer as part of your vehicle’s standard service.
    If you haven’t had the car for very long or covered many miles, chances are you won’t need to take any action in between services.

    If you cover more miles, you may find that you need to refill the AdBlue tank more regularly.

    If the warning light appears, you can top up the tank using AdBlue fluid which is widely available ”to purchase”  at petrol stations and motoring stores.

    Always remember you can contact your dealer for advice on refilling AdBlue if you’re at all unsure.

    So, it looks like we have to purchase ourselves in between services?


    My point however in the original post was that ‘ Marshall’s were excellent “ which has now been lost in the other debates ?

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    I have now used 3 totally different (Newcastle, Preston & Hull) dealerships for top up between servicing and on every occasion it has been charged back to Motability.

    When I collected my current car the Motability specialist stated the AdBlue top up is paid by Motability.

    VW Tiguan SEL 2.0TDi 150 DSG 4Motion
    in White Silver, '68plate

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