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    The electric tailgate on my R-Line Tiguan has packed in.  I can hear it clicking and if I pop the lock from the inside it will power up and down but once it shuts, it won’t open electrically.

    My dealer can’t look at it until 26th July (!) so does anyone have any tips or tweaks to check or sort it myself?

    Current car: VW Tiguan R-Line Tech auto in nice shiny black. 🙂

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    Hi DougieB

    Have you tried asking the question in the  there’s a lot more Tiguan user there than here. 😊

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    Hi Mate,


    I hope you’re well!


    it may sound daft but have you tried both keys? Just incase one if the batteries was running low?


    I take you don’t have OBD11 or Carista just to see if any faults get flagged up?

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    I have tried both, same issue.

    I do actually have a code reader but never thought to try it. I’ll give it a go this weekend.

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    The clicking noise will be the latch trying to unlock. Sounds like you have a sticking or faulty latch mechanism. There are two parts to the electronic tailgate the powered rams that lift the tailgate up and down and the latch which secures the tailgate in place.

    If you can pop it from the inside and the tailgate moves up and down then I suggest the mechanism for raising and lowering the tailgate is working fine and the fault is in the latch mechanism (in the middle of the tailgate and or the lower trim in the middle of the boot itself.

    Once popped open make sure there’s nothing stuck in the latch itself and possibly try something to free it off if its stuck.

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    Thanks for all the info. It works fine when popped from the inside so I suspect that it’s the soft close latch not releasing properly. Not sure why, but since there’s no to access it, it’s off to VW in 4 weeks time.

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