Volkswagen T-ROC Cabriolet anyone?

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    Coming early Spring next year and VW say it will cost “well under £30K”. There’s a 1.5 dual clutch, 7-speed auto available.  I still can’t decide whether I like it or not! I mean… an SUV with a soft top??? Hmmm…

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    I hope it does better than the Nissan Murano suv whatever it was called that was sold. I don’t know if it was offered in UK.

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    i would consider that at the right price.

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    Which Mobility Car

    Ive watched the video and cant work out if I think it is amazing or hilarious. It does look like a bathtub with a windscreen.

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    Well I was in the minority that liked the Evoque convertible, so yes, I like the idea of this. Basically it’s a convertible that I can probably get in AND out of! Hope it’s on in three years time plus similar alternatives.

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    I guess it would be of use to some on the scheme that may have lost lower limbs as they could at least use the back seats.

    Such a large car with such little space inside, all because they need somewhere to put the ragtop, ideal for singles/couples that don’t need any kind of mobility equipment.

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    not everyone needs a huge space for scooters/whelchairs vinalspin.

    car makers make cars for the non disabled too.

    or do we ban all cars from the scheme that cant fit a scooter etc.

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    Is it just me or does he look like his eyeline blocked by the top off the screen.

    I think I’d be the same being 6’3”

    im not a fan myself I can also see getting out if there are no disabled bays would be a problem with those extra long doors wacking into the car next to you.

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    Nope but most of us have legs, although they don’t work great we still would need somewhere to put them if we sat in the back.

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    Would love one if on list

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    Mike Cooper

    Base model under £28k so pricing shouldn’t be a problem.

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    Be great for me, I’d be able to get in and out with the roof opened 🙂

    No chance of doing it otherwise!

    There's room for all God's creatures, right next to the mash and gravy 🙂

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    people people, all disabilities are different, personally it will be a refreshing change to have this option as opposed to having to chose from manufacturers low end cars, all of which are ok but as I said a different choice.

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    Greg Richards

    I hoped VW might have put this car on Motability but unfortunately they haven’t. It is a shame Motability customers only have the Mini as an option now if they want a cabriolet. The BMW 2 Series convertible used to be on and the Mazda MX5. I would love this as a second car for the summer. I don’t think VW will continue to make it much longer though because the sales figures can’t be great. I have only seen two T Roc Cabriolets since the car came out and the UK is supposed to be be a big market for convertibles or at least it was.

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    Test drove one of these (to see if the suspension is comfy, no hardtop available). Very comfy, easy to enter/exit and just so enjoyable with hood down. Only drawback is that it is more than a bit underpowered with the 1.5L engine, what with all the extra weight of the retractable hood and stuff. Sadly, I agree it won’t make it on to scheme so any droptop enthusiasts will have to go for the Mini and hope their backbones will survive the suspension!

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