Volkswagen South Oxford £500 cash back

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    Chris allsopp

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    Evening everyone.

    It’s with great pleasure that I can announce that me and my team at South Oxford Volkswagen are able to offer £500 cash back on EVERY model in our range.

    We also have some other amazing news. Kit Man has been promoted to manager so we had room for another Motability specialist. Grace is now taking over Kit’s MASSIVE shoes as our specialists so please let anyone of us know if we can help.

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    Lucky whoever lives close!

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    Hi Chris that’s good to know, i’m not in the area but is this something i should be asking my local dealer?

    I’m seeing him on Saturday with my wife to order her first ever Motability car so any tips are very welcome.




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    Chris allsopp

    Hi dale,

    my advise would be ask but there isn’t many dealers out there that offer a deal on the motability scheme. Where do you live and I’ll see if I know anyone there.



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    Just about to start making decision on what to get, for next 3yrs. Any info on West/South Yorkshire would be appreciated if possible.


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    Hi Chris I’m Great Yarmouth in Norfolk.



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    I’m currently looking at either the Sharan or Touran as my first choice of the Allspace was not compatible with the wife’s wheelchair as the stowage for the boot cover raises the boot height.

    Any advice on which to choose greatly appreciated!!!



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    Chris allsopp

    You just might be waiting a while if you want a particular model in a particular colour. Let me know if you can’t get what you want

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    Hi Chris this is what i’m thinking,


    Sharan. 2.0TDI

    Mobility ref 728549

    £1099 SE Auto
    Winter Pack £215
    Car-net App-Connect £175
    Rear view camera £330

    Total £1819

    Do I have to wait for it to be built or is it possible to look at cars available now that come close to what i’m looking for? i’m not fussed about colour and would prefer at least SE level and desirables are app connect and heated seats.

    were completely new to motability so have no idea if that is possible.

    Thanks for your help.


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    Just ordered with Grace today-   an R Line Tech Tiguan with £500 dealer contribution. A lot of car for £2344 upfront ( should be £2844).  Highly recommend if local or prepared to travel.

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    colin batten

    what are the quoted wait times Sian ?

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    @colin, 4 months ish, mid October,  could have had a white or champagne silver this month. I’m in no rush  though

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    Hi everyone

    How far are you realistically allowed to order a car. I’m in Scotland and getting discounted AP is near impossible from dealerships i have contacted.

    I gave myself a 50 mile radius from Edinburgh and those who bothered to reply have the stock answer of there is no discount available due to it being Motability.




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    so long as you order in person and collect yourself if your prepared to travel for the discount as far as i know theres no can then have it serviced locally your not forced to use the dealer you get the car from. i think there was a dealer in the north east that did quite a few deals that way and people travelled from all over.

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    Any mercedes deals? Thank you

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    Hi Dave,

    You can order from anywhere and travel as far you want as long as you are willing to make 2 journeys, 1 to order and 2 to collect

    I traveled from Glasgow to Hull to order my Tiguan R Line Tech, like you spoke to a dozen or so dealers and it was like I was asking for nude pics of their wives lol

    So if ur still interested in one give Roger a call at JCT600 Hull a bell and he’ll sort you out

    There is plenty of us who have orderee via him and he’s a great guy

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    ‘Any mercedes deals? Thank you’


    Apparently Merc Chelmsford are offering £500 off, best email them and get it in writing.


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    If you have a test drive at any vw dealer you can ask motability for whats called an off site handover which entails you sending a photo copy of your driving licence card both sides and a photo copy of your award for thats more than 3 years on it i have done this and have the car delivered with any adaptions you have asked for.As i think like some hyundai dealers have closed and now you order online or over the phone it may be the future motability knows this as i have discussed this with them.


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    A while back I was able to order a vehicle from a dealer in Leeds although I’m in Glasgow simply by scanning/email driving license and award letter and collect the vehicle when at dealership this was because the discount offered was far greater than that of any dealership closer to home

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    A while back I was able to order a vehicle from a dealer in Leeds although I’m in Glasgow simply by scanning/email driving license and award letter and collect the vehicle when at dealership this was because the discount offered was far greater than that of any dealership closer to home

    Motability clammed down on doing that last year when a certain dealer who frequent this forum suddenly got hundreds of orders so alarm bells started to ring on Motabilities main frame computer and in turn putting a stop to the “customer not present” ordering.


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    You can still do if your illness prevents you from going to any dealer but must have go ahead from motability and dealer needs to visit you.If you have had a test drive i see no problem in this and i know now who that person and dealer was its a great shame as she sold many cars on motability this way. I have done this and even not visited the dealer once having the car delivered as well with no problems i have also bought my own cars on finance the same way if the dealer is a long way away.


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    Hello Chris, thanks!

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