Volkswagen settle Dieselgate

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    About £2k per claimant.

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    Retired and loving it

    Great news especially for those of us who never benefited from the universal credit uplift .

    Anyone have a rough estimate of when we can expect our pay out .

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    £193m divided by bout 91,000 motorists in England and Wales, represented by several legal firms, took action against VW as well as its subsidiaries Audi, Seat and Skoda.

    193,000000/91,000= £212.09p


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    Nope. £2120.

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    Nope. £2120.

    Quite right @Wigwam. Think I must have got carried away with my zero’s and added an extra one on calculator.

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    I had a Vw golf gtd from the scheme between 2017-2020 should I expect anything from Motability?

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    Retired and loving it

    When I spoke to Motability regarding it maybe 18 months ago they said they had no intention of claiming themselves but were quite happy for affected customers to do so if they wished  .

    They gave me copies of my lease agreement and I then passed them onto one of the law firms handling the group claims and left it to them .


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    Its too difficult to calculate what each person will get.

    But; as far as legal cases go; i cant recall the sums linked to these ones but.

    a typical “no win no fee” has a cap at 25% (set by the Ministry of Justice) it may be different for this case.


    So, £193 Million was the settlement.

    Straight away take away 25% for the solicitor firms cut. (£48.25m)

    £193m – 48.25m = £144.75

    Then there will be a success fee.

    Going low, and say they take a 10% success fee; so in total 35% of it goes to the law firms.


    125.45M / 91K claimants

    ~£1300 each.

    BUT; it may be one person had several cars over the period and gets £3000

    it could be someone leased a car and only gets £50

    the indivual compensation will not be disclosed as its likely to have a Non-disclosure attached.

    (note for admin; i tried posting last night; but had issues with phone -so finally decided to sign up for an account)










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    Was all the advice given on here by the experts you have no chance don’t bother, good luck with that. Looks like they were wrong.

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    I had a claim with Slater and Gorden Solicitors, I received an email today saying I was going to receive a check for £350 within the next 4 to 6 weeks

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    Has anyone been through the claim? I drove two 1.6 TDI Golfs between 2010 and 2016. Is it worth me pursuing?

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    Hi All,

    I wonder whether anyone knows whether you can submit a claim directly to VW referencing the case and not have to go through a law firm and therefore avoiding their 35% cut?




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    bugsy malone

    I had a VW Sharan 2.0 Diesel through Motability between 2014-2017 however the Leigh Day ‘eligibility checker’ says my vehicle isn’t applicable.

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    VW are paying all legal costs plus solicitors fees so there won’t be any deductions. I am however confused as to why some are getting as low as £350 and others£2000.

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    VW are paying all legal costs plus solicitors fees so there won’t be any deductions. I am however confused as to why some are getting as low as £350 and others£2000.

    Not from what details i’ve seen qouted

    each member of the claim has had a percentage taken to go towards fees.

    it would be interesting to see how the “commitee” who agreed the compenstation levels worked out their calculations.


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    Brian Hindmarch

    Estimate is about £2,100 per  claimant.  Payment to be made in 4-6 weeks only then will claimants know how much they will receive.

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    I have just had an email from my lawyers. Saying my claim was unsuccessful as I had the wrong type of diesel engine. In 2014 I had a 2.0tdi VW Scirocco. This engine was not part of the claim. I was accepted by the company as part of the original claim. Anybody else had this.






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