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    Just came on the motorway earlier and the guy behind me gave me the “lights flash” to come on in front of him, I automatically lifted my hand and said thanks. That got me thinking why don’t we have a voice command called “thanks” that would flash the hazards, a common way of saying thanks up here in Scotland, or what ever you use wherever you are.

    I then thought “what about a cluster of led lights on the rear that can spell the word “thanks”. I quickly dispelled that idea as I’m sure some smart ass would quickly adjust that to a “one finger” retort, or the like lol.

    Is the flashing of the hazards used U.K. wide? If not what do you use?

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    Hazards, or left blink right blink left blink on the indicators is the common response from truckers.

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    Douglas Brimson

    I think a ‘get out of the middle lane you wan**r’ sign would be a winner.

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    left right is currently most common ive seen. hazards are technichally illegal but used to be used; maybe still are

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    Neon light in shape of  a 👍 in rear window.

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    Ha, Ha, good idea, you will want a job on Motorway Maintenance next?

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    I flash hazards usually, and on the rare occasion where someone flashes hazards for me i “respond” with double highbeam. Same when i let someone in, building a gap and then giving double highbeam to indicate space and clearance. Grew up with it (father being a trucker), can’t shake it off.

    In regards to more “less illegal” means.. I’m not 100% on the legality, but there’s always this.

    Or this, if you’re more affluent.



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    Is the flashing of the hazards used U.K. wide? If not what do you use?

    Forgot to login so can’t edit into the first response: this isn’t just U.K. wide. It’s “universal trucker language” across the entirety of europe. At the very least germany, UK, belgium, france and netherlands, first hand experience.

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    I use the left, right, left indicators sometimes but do it from my steering wheel remote control at high speed and do wonder sometimes if I’m going to cause the cars system some confusion some day and break something by selecting left then right then left again and not using the off button in-between the flashes.😊

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