Very tight restrictions on grants.

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    Today we got the official notification of a grant offer from the Motability charity arm.

    Not a great day as now we are now in the unenviable position of having to apply for a bank loan to lease a car that meets all of our needs.

    We were advised that we would only be allowed to use a grant towards either a Citroen Berlingo or a Peugeot Tepee. Effectively the same car.

    A further restriction is that we can only add %50 extra of our own money to the grant as a way to upgrade.  This means that we cannot upgrade from the base trim to the one and only higher trim as the AP is doubled by the upgrade.

    Despite our protestations that neither the Citroen nor the Peugeot is suitable as the actual hirer is unable to close the tailgate when it is open, the grants department will not review the award.  It is that or nothing.  If we wish to look at any other vehicle class, then a grant would not be made available.

    Now before anyone jumps on this thread and says we should have saved some money towards our next car, you need to know that our current car is the subject of an early termination due to mechanical failure.  It has taken Motability 18 months to finally accept that the dealerships and manufacturer are unavailable to sort out all of our problems.  We normally start saving with about a year to go and have to include the cost of transferring a private plate and the addition of a towbar.  The latter is used to pull a specially adapted trailer for a scooter when we go anywhere away from home.

    We are also faced with accepting the fact that Mrs BluecloudUK will not be able to drive the next car.  Although she has a full licence, she struggles to operate a clutch for anything but very short journeys.

    We are hoping that the new price list, due out in about 3 weeks, is a little friendlier.  The thought of having to find a loan fills us both with absolute dread.

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