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    Hi, am new to the scheme hope you’re all safe and doing well. Has anyone ordered the new mokka and if so does anyone know there delivery dates. I ordered mine 1st Sept but my dealers a nightmare to get hold off.

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    Don’t waste your time contacting your dealership, they don’t seem to be able to give you a straight answer, don’t waste your time with Motability they don’t seem to be able to answer any questions you have, just remember when things get back to normal what your dealership said or did not say, try someone else dealership or manufacturer, vote with your feet. When they have a glut of cars in the near future they will inundate you with junk mail, telling you how much they care about disabled customers (rubbish) they don’t give a monkey’s) they are making lots of money from private customers and Motability customers are way down the list.


    At some point in the near future with the cost of living crisis biting hard, they will be glad of our business. Just remember those dealers who don’t want to know at the moment.

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    Apparently Vauxhall are picking up manufacturing from the 1st July but also all cars made from that date will be the new speck  2022D model so all orders prior to this date that’s not been Built will be the 2022D model with parts removed

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    Delivery day had been and gone and nothing! ordered early January and still stuck on event 21! probably wont see the car until around September by the look of it, the dealer has no idea!

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    I had a wait time of about 7 months to get my mokka

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    looks like even though we ordered in January the vehicle still hasn’t made it to production, so will be the new spec of ultimate trim which is missing the full leather and wireless charging but now has an ap of £0 compared to £200 when we ordered it. on that basis i would think our ap would drop now as well as they are no longer providing the spec we ordered 😒

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    The ultimate has done back into 199 and the elite prem is 399 makes me thing the elite is now the too spec

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    on the new spec its only GS line and ultimate, elite doesn’t exist any more.

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    Thaysbwhatbi thought but Motability have put it back on the site

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    I ordered mokka automatic January 2022, after reading the posts goodness knows when I will get it ,don’t think it be this year 🙃.

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    John McInarlin McGill

    Hi there, ordered  a Mokka 1.2 5 door petrol through the Motability scheme in January 2022, as my contract was up then.  Was told that the build would be July 2022. However, on contacting the dealer, in Ayr Scotland was informed that some of the specifications had changed.  Like the front sensors would not be there and also the mirrors would not close, and the expected build is now sometime in October-December. Nearly 1 year for a new car! Has anyone waited this long?

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    Ordered a Mokka Ultimate. Advertised wireless charger for phone.  No told NO. any advice please.

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    ordered first week of January and the thing still hasn’t been built yet! any vehicles manufactured after june will no longer have full leather massage seats or a wireless phone charger on the ultimate spec these are now pay items to have added

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