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    Hi, am new to the scheme hope you’re all safe and doing well. Has anyone ordered the new mokka and if so does anyone know there delivery dates. I ordered mine 1st Sept but my dealers a nightmare to get hold off.

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    robert, russell macneilage

    hello ditch welcome to the forum. i ordered a mokka on july 8th and my dealer has told me they have put the order in, however they have no firm delivery dates. when i looked at vauxhall website for delivery week nos i find that week 49 is my likely delivery date but no guarantee.week 49 is 8th Dec 2021. My guess is that your order would be arriving early next year, however that is not guaranteed either. Best contact your dealer by phone to get a better idea, if indeed they know for sure.

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    Mark Perry

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Hi Robert, thanks for that I’ll didn’t think to check vauxhall site. When I first enquired about it I took the test drive same day and dealer told me I should get car end of November, so I ordered it straight after the test drive. He probably only told me that to get the order from me. I’ve left messages with dealer for him to ring me but still waiting for the call back. With me being new to the scheme I took him for his word. Which trim did you go for by the way.?</p>

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    hello again mark.  i have ordered the 1.5 turbo d Launch edition, grey with black roof. I have noticed it has not been available since 3 weeks ago. I checked with dealer and he assures me that order went in together with order for the Ultimate just in case the Launch edition was gone. Its a limited edition model. Hoping it all works out to my expectations but who knows

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    Nice! I’ve gone for the sri nav premium auto. Hope it’s worth the wait 👍

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    almost a satisfying acceptance, rather than the, well attitude of some dealers around..

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    Been waiting 4 weeks for a call back from the fella who took the order!! That’s not great customer service is it. Going to have to visit the dealership on Monday.

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    Which Mobility Car

    Been waiting 4 weeks for a call back from the fella who took the order!! That’s not great customer service is it. Going to have to visit the dealership on Monday.

    Ditch, Do you have the email address for the person or the dealership. Phone calls are not traceable but emails are. If you want to email me the dealerships name and persons name, I will do my best to find their email address for you.


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    wmcforum thanks for that. I’ve just had a look at the business card I got with the form and the email for perry’s vauxhall is on it. So will use email from now on.👍

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    Hello again Ditch, just to follow up on my last post. iI too use email to contact dealer. I contacted them again yester day because i noticed that both the Launch edition and the Ultimate in turbo d versions have been withdrawn from the vauxhall list. Their response was not helpful at all, saying that they are waiting for response from Vauxhall. This whole issue about lack of chips seems to be the standard excuse. not amused.

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    I bet you’re not amused. What you going to do then if you can’t get the 2 vehicles that were ordered for you? Keep me updated mate when you hear from them. 👍

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    BobMac have you heard back from dealership yet?

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    sorry I am late getting back to you ditch. Still no change in last report all im getting is ” possible ” date 8 Dec. I would not mind the waiting time if i was kept up to date, however it does not look like that will happen soon. Hope you have better luck.

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    Hello again Ditch. Finally i have had a reasonable response from Vauxhall dealer. Yesterday he called to let me know that the original order for Launch Edition could not be delivered, as we thought it was a limited edition model and all gone. So now he has ordered the Ultimate model which is being built in factory now. He tells me that expected delivery date is 16th December (2021 ?) i have since checked my motability app and car was aggreed by Motability yesterday. Well lets see if that all comes to fruition. Hope you are having better luck with your order. Will keep you up to date with any developments.

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    Hi @BobMac I went to the dealership to see what’s happening with my order as the application to motability had been changed from 6th Sept to 1st Nov. So rang motability to see what’s going on n was told that dealership had put a new application in with changes to the order. Anyways spoke with dealership face to face and he told me because they have removed the wording Mokka sri nav premium to Mokka sri premium thats why I was getting the new date. Was told that it wouldn’t be end of November delivery but now it was end of February to March. He also told me  that manufacturers are prioritising retail customers before they get to lease and motability customers, I said that’s bang out of order n he agreed with me saying it’s not dealerships fault that they are doing this. So it’s gone from a 3 month delivery to nearly 7 months and that’s not guaranteed either. 🤔

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    Hello again ditch. Well i dont believe it, had call from dealership yesterday just confirming the conversation from Nov 12th. Nothing new, nothing changed he said, still expected Dec 16th, im sure i could here a “however” in background. Funny though..nothing for months then two phonecalls in a week, fingers crossed. Dont like the bit about prioritising retail customers, you would expect fleet customers, like Motability, to be catered for equally considering the quantity of vehicles they would shift. If you remember dates i found for builds on website, my date was week 49, 6th Dec, which is only 10 days different , if i remember rightly i worked out early 2022 for your build. Remember factory builds are what Nav models and Ultimate model require for extra trim included in these models. Fingers crossed the for both of us.

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