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    Apologies if there’s already been a discussion on this but I don’t recall seeing one.

    I noticed the new electric Corsa has been added to the scheme and I’m wondering what people’s thoughts are on it?

    I think it’s a nice looking small car with good range (200 miles ish) and a reasonable AP for an EV. The top spec is available for £1699 and it looks like it’s got every bit of kit you’d need. Heated seats, adaptive cruise, sensors, reverse camera etc.

    I must admit that I think the interior looks a bit boring compared to the e-208. If the Corsa-e is available I don’t see why the e-208 won’t follow it onto the scheme at some point. Maybe one for Q1 2020?

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    Menorca Mike

    Don’t the heated seats take power from the battery bringing the range of 200 miles down ?

    BBC Breakfast expert, VW Golf driver.

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    Speedy James

    I am certainly going to try one if the boot size is big enough for my wheelchair and it can be ordered with electric seats.

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    I’d imagine that’s what happens. Is that not the same in all EV’s though?

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    For all those who think the Corsa has a more boring interior compared to the 208 at least in the Corsa they have gone to the expense of having heater controls so you can change the temperature without needing to take your eyes off the road and maybe find a sub menu on the touch screen to change it.

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    Looks good on paper, but until someone independent has tested one of these cars we don’t really know the true ranges & true charge rates/curves.


    The competition on the scheme is currently the BMW i3 & the Ioniq electric, unless you can stomach the e-tense bling.

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    134 bhp!!!

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    I didn’t realise the electric DS was on the scheme. I’m not a fan of the styling  of the DS at all. I liked the DS3 but not this crossover thing.

    I think 134bhp will be fine in the Corsa, especially considering the instant acceleration you get with the electric motors.

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    The problem with the DS for me seems to be the rear seat legroom, wheras the Peugeot e-2008 appears to be much better in this regard. I’ll see what is available next quarter when I’m looking at the cars & wanting test drives with a view to ordering in April.


    Of the electric cars, so far I’ve test driven only the i3S which I couldn’t get my small electric wheelchair into without folding the i3s’ rear seats down which is probably too much of a compromise.


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    Heated seats do reduce range but in my experience it’s fairly insignificant…..heavy right boot reduces it by a lot more!

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    And with only 134 bhp the accelerator will get hammered out of town.

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    “Only” 134? In a corsa? That’s plenty lol

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    Speedy James

    From what I’ve read with the DS3 crossback and Corsa the worst case scenario real world range should be 140 miles.

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    Not with all the extra weight Colin.

    0-60 time is 8.1 which is pretty average.

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    Heated seats won’t make a blind bit of difference to the range, neither will heated steering wheels but they both make cold weather driving so much more enjoyable.

    Using the heater may reduce the range, accelerating away from a standstill quickly will, driving too fast certainly will, driving in heavy rain does cause it takes a lot of energy to push through those puddles.

    Carrying lots of passengers or heavy items in the boot has very little effect on range.

    Don’t pay too much attention to having only “134 bhp”, electric cars are rapid off the line so drive one and see.

    Go onto YouTube and look for “Fully Charged” for an honest assessment of both cars but if I had one I’d expect to get 150 miles minimum range.

    Rhodgie (2 Nissan Leafs and over 90k miles in 5½ years)

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    From what I’ve read with the DS3 crossback and Corsa the worst case scenario real world range should be 140 miles.


    140 miles range is about 100 miles between fast charges (10-80%), which means 2 fast charges to my parents house from mine. This is similar to the i3 & the Ioniq, but where they differ will be fastcharge mph, a measure that we’ve not really discussed here….

    Fastcharge mph – the number of miles of charge gained during a fast charge session expressed as over an hour.

    Ioniq – 140 mph (miles of charge gained per hour)

    DS & Corsa-e – possibly 250 mph (assuming the DC charger can supplyfaster than 50kW)

    2 x 1/2 hour charge stops is ideal, 2 x 1 hour charge stops is tedious

    This is all about those annoyingly long journeys, yet on the everyday driving I do I’ll be able to charge overnight at home.

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    Speedy James

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Thanks Rhodgie your insight is extremely helpful and spot on with my internet research.</p>

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    Jeff Schofield

    Having heated seat’s is good on ev’s as when low on range you can use the seat’s rather than the climate control which uses lots more energy. The corsa & DS3 will almost definitely be good for 160 miles in the worst British weather Unless you’re on the motorway. Summer range should be over 200 during the summer.

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    Speedy James

    My comment about 140 miles was really thinking motorway journey in the winter at around 75 mph.

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    Also regarding the Corsa and the DS3 (& Ioniq), I went to look at these last week as I change in June so will be ordering in March (couldn’t see the electric ones but I sat in a petrol version and I’ve watched the video reviews)

    With the charging port being on the passenger side (at the rear) this causes me a lot of hassle getting access to it… being a wheelchair user you’ll appreciate the need to be able to get access to the drivers door, well these cars would mean I’d also need access down the passenger side of the car too. It’d also be a problem at home as my driveway is down the side of the house so it’s quite narrow.

    The vast majority of charging points are not wheelchair friendly so trying to find ones with 360 degree access isn’t feasible, anybody who can walk should have no issues with this.

    So that narrows the choice for me to cars with a charging port in the nose, like the Zoe that’s just came off or the i3 which is at the rear on the drivers side, hopefully more choice will be available next year. Just another point to be aware of if you’re thinking of a BEV.

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    I have driven one Rhodgie and it was quicker than 8.1 to 60 and packed more than 134 bhp.

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    My nearly 2 ton Alhambra does it in 8.9

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    e-Corsa gone from the scheme


    well that didn’t last long

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