VAG DSG premium now outrageous

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    I seem to remember q2 was a bit higher though with some exceptions. Other than a Leon now which is probably unavailable the extra is indefensible. I am being actively discriminated against by a massive, very rich charity.

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    The pricing for vw and dsg are the cheapest they have ever been compared to 10 years ago, also the total cost is still minimum 40% cheaper then if you got one yourself not through the scheme.

    Automatics or dsgs etc cost more so the extra will always need to be made up somwhere.

    This is not discrimination so stop it.



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    automatics cost more for everyone not just on the scheme so its nothing to do with motability.

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    I’ve said it before and I will say it again and again and again that if your a disabled driver who has had their manual car driver license revoked and replace with an automatics only one simply because your disabled then an automatic gearbox is nothing more than a necessary adaption to the car and while remote controls, push pull brakes, hoists and the likes are subsidised, automatic gearbox s are not and there should be some sort of recourse for this in this situation but because its just a minority of us it gets swept under the carpet.

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    As I have said before in a post as a double leg amputee I have no choice but to drive an automatic and I do understand the extra cost of automatic vehicles but for a charity designed for the disabled and the fact they have I’m led to believe large financial reserves I would have thought there would have been some understanding for those who do not buy an automatic simply because it’s easier to drive or vanity but more it is essential ?

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    i am fortunate in that my disability was caused by my service in the army (if you can call that fortunate) and the veterans agency do a grant up to £660 toward the ap on an automatic so long as you need an automatic due to your disability. i am suprised motability dont do the same. for those that need an auto due to their disability rather than personal choice. they could means test it if necessary.

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    What Motability are doing with these MASSIVE APs are making you “the user” take the depreciation risk. These ICE cars are not going to be wanted in a few years. I don’t want one now.

    AND because EVs are new and there could be a new battery technology that will make all current EVs worthless they are doing the same with them as well.


    East Yorkshire.
    Still looking for an EV I can get my wheelchair in or has not got a ridiculous AP!

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    Menorca Mike

    I love my 7 speed dsg box in my Golf I’m on my third Golf the gearbox is amazing I’ve been driving automatics for 30 years

    BBC Breakfast expert, Toyota CHR driver.

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    Tomas (Tomas)

    The 2 best gearboxes I’ve had are the VW 7 speed DSG and the BMW 8 speed sports auto.

    Both brilliant boxes.

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    Hi Mitch,I like your thinking and understanding and as someone who supports military charity I believe it’s right that veterans receive financial support towards automatic vehicles and I believe Motability could look at a similar gesture based on circumstances and genuine need?

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    I think the whole scheme is a bit of a game of luck each quarter. Hoping that a decent auto is available for a good low AP.

    I was lucky this time as I had a car to px and I got a good price for it. But next time I won’t be so lucky.

    So I’ll have to just cross my fingers that in 30 months time there is some bargain autos on the scheme.

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    Footloose, Chris k  I’m with you. I’m paraplegic with no function and this would be my first, so frankly i don’t give a toss if it’s better than 10 years ago. For the minority with the reserves the way they are it could be done better. I’ll admit discrimination might be innacurate. Can I say room for improvement?

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    Eric Mackay

    On a slightly wider point, I have often wonder how much, if anything, it costs the car manufacturer to produce a precision engineered gearbox compared directly to a precision engineered automatic gearbox or CVT gearbox. Being a retired engineer I struggle to imagine the cost difference to manufacture manual against automatic is reflected in the cost at the showroom, or to Motability. Pure profit perhaps ?

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    there must be a sufficient volume of autos being produced to iron out significant production cost difference to manuals.? Since US favours auto box and therefore use them extensively the cost differential must not be much or the US brands would have gradually tried to cut costs by encouraging manuals over time. Would love a genuine industry viewpoint.

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    It obviously is just for profit as the wholesale cost to make these cars must leave at least a 100% markup regardless if it’s manual or Auto.

    A lot of gearboxes are supplied from outside suppliers anyway and I’m sure the big manufacturers pay as little as possible per unit.

    As I said before the scheme is a game of cat and mouse, where we have to seek out the best AP from suitable cars.

    Sometimes that means picking up the scraps of what’s not selling for manufacturers, but it still allows us our freedom.

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