Under 25's being squeezed out

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    Which Mobility Car

    The criteria for under 25’s is the vehicle (excluding some vans) must be insurance group 16 of less and brake horse power of 120 or less.

    It’s been brought to our attention that new cars are having their insurance group raised, with the increase in safety equipment, autonomous braking etc and security we are at a little loss as to how these are calculated, we understand that Thatcham https://www.thatcham.org/ grade the cars from 1-50 but how can an old A Class Merc 180d SE be group 13 and the new car insurance group 20 and the old Ford Focus 1.5 diesel be two points lower than the new one?

    In fairness to Motability the new Focus 1.5 diesel Zetec is 17 with Thatcham but they have reduced it to 16 so under 25’s can get it which is obviously a good thing.



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    Well I’ve been driving since 17 and I’m now 24 without any claims or points and I’m still limited to what I can drive Well I’ll be 25 in march 2021 so I’ll just have to wait a little while longer now Needing an automatic car also affects your choice as you are fit to get a car in manual that under 120hp and group 16 but then you go automatic and it could be 148hp and group 18 I need automatic as I drive with hand controls

    It’s always been this way many years ago i dreamed of hitting 25, then i foundout when you 25 you not over 25 till you 26 all so i could afford to get insured or could even get insurance on certain cars, I was living in Camden town, london back then, i Had a 1.6l honda accord that got given to me by a customer. It had less than 100 bhp and it was over a grand a year upfront with no installments.. 30 years ago now.

    Somethings in life you just need to wait for and in the same vain be grateful for. Something is always better than nothing when cars are involved.

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    I’d buy my own car if it wasnt for the company that does the adaptions charging extortionate prices

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    its all in the wording. the day you turn 25 your classed as over 25 (with RSA anyway) for that reason Motability uses the words “suitable for Under 25”  as long as your collection day is on your 25th birthday or after you will be fine.

    it is silly that someone could of been legally driving for 9 year since turning 16 yet even though thats the maximum no claims companies take into account it not counted. i guess like with most things they have to have a cut off point.

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    Well I should be fit to start looking at cars in December then

    I currently have a golf but the lease has been extended for 2 years

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    Fergal, I have read through all your messages and really feel that you should be free to get the new Golf if that’s the only vehicle that suits your needs. Maybe something like a change.org petition or something along them lines that we could all sign will get Motability to adjust the BHP and insurance group limits? I’d happily sign it if it made life easier for a handful of people on the scheme. The scheme is there to help EVERYONE and if people are starting to feel excluded and questioning the scheme, it may possibly be failing for some and may need reviewing.

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    Unfortunately it would be a waste of time as motability wont take it on board

    Anyway I’ll be 25 in march so I’m just going to wait now as I should be fit to order a new car in December or January as it usually take 3 months to get a  car sorted and by that stage I’ll be 25

    Also the new golf has jumped to group 22

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    If my dad is the one with his name on the scheme and he was to pick out a car that was over 25, would it be possible to add myself as a named driver. I’m the sole driver of the car as he had surrendered his license and his condition is getting worse so I was wondering if that was possible.

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    Hello, If my dad is the one with his name on the scheme and he was to pick out a car that was over 25, would it be possible to add myself as a named driver. I’m the sole driver of the car as he had surrendered his license and his condition is getting worse so I was wondering if that was possible.

    no you wouldn’t

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    john unless i misunderstand you question ,  i think yes because the pip recipient doesn’t need to be the driver they can be a passenger

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    Yes, he is the PIP recipient, I’m 21 and the sole driver for him. Would it be possible to appeal something like that? I’ve had a look through Q2 and can’t believe how ridiculous these prices are, there also isn’t a lot of choices available for under 25. We don’t want an SUV/Crossover because it’s not as convenient where we live, and all the Hatchback choices are really naff in terms of standard equipment. The stiff ride on our current 1 series is horrible. So was wondering if anyone has had a success story in terms of appeals.

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    I doubt you’d be able to appeal something like that John. If that was allowed then you’d have to ask the question of why an under 25 carer can drive a car outside of the restriction but an under 25 pip recipient can’t.

    I might be wrong though.

    I think you’re most likely going to have to look for a car that meets as many of your dads requirements as possible and is available for under 25’s to drive.

    I personally like the look of the Ford Focus st line x. Looks like it’s pretty good value and should be good on fuel too.


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    My dad had surrendered his license due to his condition and is no longer able to drive, so I’m really just accommodating his daily need. Not sure if that would be a good enough reason.

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    the main criteria is that the car is there for the benefit of the pip claimant it can be driven by a nominated driver. the pip claimant does not need to be able to drive but there are restrictions in that journies primarily should be for the benefit of the pip claimant. i think you either need to be living with the claimant or within 5 miles. other than that you should be good within the u25 restrictions. i cant see mota allowing you a vehicle not for u25’s.

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    My son would not of been able to drive my car as a named driver on the scheme as it’s for over 25s only.

    My step mum had MS for many years, sadly she’s passed away last year as well.

    Her and my dad never got a car on the scheme, because the terms did not suit them. he worked away from home alot driving a hgv and although no one else drove in their household then or could drive it when he was away.. He was not allowed to use it for his own use, so decided to buy privately with the allowance..

    When her daughter passed her test they then got a car on the scheme and it stayed at home and she drove her mum out and about as you do when my dad was at work.. He still had his car for getting to and from work, which sat at his work for weeks sometimes while he was on the road..

    Sometimes the scheme is not for everyone due to the terms not being compatible, with people’s lives… Some People misuse the scheme so all have to suffer and is something they is strict on if they findout..

    So maybe there better options for you and your situtation.. outside the scheme.

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    Pretty sure the u25 rule applies to all drivers of the car / named on the policy – every time we’ve ordered the dealerships have made a point of making sure that all the drivers have been over 25 when picking something over the u25’s bhp / group cap.

    Might have missed something but in John’s case as an under 25 his father will have to pick something within these restrictions.

    If John’s father already has an “over 25” car that he can no longer drive Motability will probably be understanding and allow / not charge for an early termination so that he re-order something within the u25 limits but doubt they would make an exception and allow John to drive the current car in the meantime.

    The other option is to look outside the scheme and fund it via his PIP, would in theory give a wider choice of cars but as an u25 in practical terms I suspect insurance costs will somewhat limit things, unless of course your happy to pay whatever amount the premiums would be.

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    Kenneth Bowen

    My question is I have a 22 year old on my peugeot 1.2 with a bhp of 115 he’s been on my plan now since he was 18 I’m due to change shortly but I just can’t work out how a pug sw 1.2 can have a 115 bhp and yet a pug 3008 1.2 has a 129 bhp so in my opinion is if you can get 2 engines the same with different bhp what chance has an under 25 got to improve themselves

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