Under 25's being squeezed out

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    Which Mobility Car

    The criteria for under 25’s is the vehicle (excluding some vans) must be insurance group 16 of less and brake horse power of 120 or less.

    It’s been brought to our attention that new cars are having their insurance group raised, with the increase in safety equipment, autonomous braking etc and security we are at a little loss as to how these are calculated, we understand that Thatcham https://www.thatcham.org/ grade the cars from 1-50 but how can an old A Class Merc 180d SE be group 13 and the new car insurance group 20 and the old Ford Focus 1.5 diesel be two points lower than the new one?

    In fairness to Motability the new Focus 1.5 diesel Zetec is 17 with Thatcham but they have reduced it to 16 so under 25’s can get it which is obviously a good thing.



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    Jean, which car was this?

    Were you able to convince motability to insure the car even if RSA agreed?

    Looks like motability can increase the insurance group and bhp limits afterall.

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    Funny that. I was talking to motability few days ago and they told me RSA set the rules.

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    Soooo, I didn’t actually get round to contacting Motability but my initial contact was through the RSA Twitter private messaging feature that I got this response. I have read about this in the past as well and Motability blaming RSA and vice versa. Hopefully, someone has a chat with both RSA and Motability and see where we all stand.

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    Well, this is a revelation. I thought it was always RSA that had an issue with the Under 25’s but it is basically Motability’s choice. Anyone got in touch with them yet?

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    Well I’m 23 and have been on the motability scheme since 17 and I’m due to change my car again in November and I have been driving golfs since I started and I’m on my second golf at the minute

    But I’ve looked now and I’m not fit to get a golf this time again as the all the automatic golfs are 148hp and I need automatic as I drive with hand controls but the manual golfs come under 148hp so under 25 can drive manual but manual is no good to me and I’ve been speaking to motability and the only option they giving me is to extend my lease

    so at the minute I’m either going to extend my lease or I might just return my golf in November and go and buy myself a used car and then I can get whatever I want it’s probably madness as I’ll have to pay full price for the adaptions and the prices they charge are ridiculous but anyway there’s a few cars I’d like but you never have them on motability


    but it I personally think motability should increase hp to 150 and insurance group to 20 and look at driving history as you’ve good drivers and terrible drivers it doesn’t matter what age they

    us under 25’s aren’t looking for powerful cars we just looking motability to increase the hp limit and insurance group

    well at the minute there is 2000 cars on the scheme and once you put in under 25 it drops to 690 so the rate it’s going soon won’t be any under 25’s on the scheme



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    Fergal.. must you stick with golf? Have a look at Suzuki Vitara auto which is £299 or if you want to stick with vw group then look at seat ateca. Through these are suv type cars but there are other normal cars that will fill your needs.


    Buying used you got the hassle of high insurance, maintenance etc.

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    Fergal… Focus st line,. Merc b class and Audi q2 is available for under 25s…..

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    I’d like to stick with what I know as the golf has suited me the best for getting in and out and the seats too and any of the high vehicles no good for me as I wouldn’t be fit to get into them with my disability

    but it funny to think I’ve less  choice now than when I started driving at 17

    i say I’ll just end up extending my lease to be honest


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    Fergal, that is sad to hear. I totally agree with that and it is shocking and funny that the kinds of car you could drive at 17 are no longer available at 23. I believe the 150hp and insurance group of 20 is a fair balance and is something that needs to be looked into by Motability as soon as possible. The issue stands with them and not RSA as they will insure anyone that Motability agrees to. We need quite a few people to ask about this request so it makes a difference and speeds up the process of them looking into it.

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    Which Mobility Car

    The new Mazda 3 is ok for under 25’s which is great for a 2.0 litre car. 120bhp and insurance group 16 up to Sport Lux trim. Sadly GT Sport and GT Sport Tech jump to group 17 so these are out of bounds.



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    Motability are trying to attract more customers but their stance on younger drivers are getting tighter. New cars are jumping up miles in ABI Groups as well as BHP increases on every new model. They need to adapt and bring changes with the introduction of all these new cars. Thoughts on this?

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    Anyway I’m 24 and been on motability scheme since 17 with a clean driving record anyway I was due to change in November but I’ve just extended my lease as my selection was so poor infact my selection was better at 17 anyway I’ve been driving a golf since the beginning and I wanted to get another but cant now as any of the golfs now that are automatic are 150hp and over group 16 so not allowed but I’m allowed a manual golf but ain’t any good as I drive with hand controls and lightened steering so that’s funny as the scheme is meant to help disabled drive but now my selection is getting even smaller because of my disability

    Motability need to change it to group 20 and 150hp also I’ve seen a few on here practically say dry your eyes you are getting a new car for next to nothing yes I no that but due to my disability it’s the only real pleasure I’ve got in life and a lot seem to think cause you are disabled you have no interest in cars but I do anyway I’m not looking a powerful car but I’d like one that’s looks a bit sporty

    If I wanted power I’d buy my own but when you are disabled you need a lot of money behind you to that

    anyway peoples that’s not disabled can buy a powerful car and have there fun then sell on without losing a fortune

    But If you do it and have to adapt the car you wont be long losing thousands from the adaptions and value of car too


    Anyway I also had an idea of leaving the scheme and buying my own vehicle a golf r also wanted one for a while now anyway that was the plan I’ve priced insurance and car anyway I’ve priced the adaptions and some adaptions can be swapped like hand controls anyway they are looking £700 to swap hand controls over but for £787 you can buy a new set and have them installed also have to add in lightened steering and it cant be swapped to another vehicle and it cost £1200


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    The problem for all of us with disabilities that change over time is finding a suitable vehicle, but I can understand the frustration when something suitable isn’t within a low enough insurance group.
    I know i found finding private insurance very expensive for anything remotely nippy when I was younger so not much has  changed.
    Which cars are allowed to under 25s is set buy the insurance companies risk and not the scheme.

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>High time Motability flexed their buying power & sorted this out, seriously we’re not talking billions here & esp where you are looking at automatics, how often are autos paired with bigger engines with no choice?</p>
    Its not unusual to see say a 1.2 in manual but want the auto? Its only available with a 2.0 litre engine or a higher trim too…

    From 21 onwards i had company cars (i was a field engineer fixing pc’s, tills etc) i had stuff from 1.0 up to 2.5 V6 at various times, as we had fleet insurance it was never an issue we just had x drivers covered with x cars & that was it, insurance didnt care whether a 21 year old had a Volvo V70 auto T5 or a VW Lupo 1.0.

    Maybe if its a huge cost problem use some of those huge profits to fix it OR make it something you can apply for help with like a grant but it gives you more choice of cars & “grant” covers the insurance increase?


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    Fergal, I remember when I was 24 and had similar feelings to you. I couldn’t wait until my next renewal where I’d have access to the full scheme.

    Luckily you’ve extended your current lease and it’s not long until you’re 25 so by then you’ll see if the Golf 8 r-line is on and that should tick a lot of boxes for you.

    What did you say when you rang up to extend your lease?

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    When i was 17 in the 90s my first car was a Renault 11 top of the range with digital dash etc was a nippy 1.7 petrol never had a single accident in it.

    Next was a Rover 216 again 1.6

    Then i had a Citroen XM 2.0

    My highest insurance was £550 a year even at 18 & whilst regularly out at 2am too. I know things have gone crazy since when i employed staff i took on an 18 year old who bought a new Fiesta & was paying £3500 a year insurance.

    BUT people are assuming those age stats that show young drivers are a higher risk apply to those driving on the scheme but that may not be the case.

    In my experience living in rural norfolk the elderly are waaaaay more dangerous. I have something happen without fail every time i go out which is partly why i dont like going out anymore. The worst was driving past the church where a road joins from the right with a T junction, give way etc. I was on main road & little lady in a micra failed to slow down or stop ploughed straight into us, bounced off went up a bank on right of road, onto 2 wheels back down bounced off kerb on left, drove on 200 yards, stopped looked in mirror & drove off i had to chase her down.

    Had to get wife to deal with her as was too angry, first words why didnt you see me, 2nd i didnt see you. Conditions were perfect & i was driving a bright red mondeo estate. Car was a write off.

    What was worse i was talking to guys at local petrol station & they said oh whats her name? So i gave it & he laughed said to their other staff “hey guys, dorothea’s done it again” then “she crashes her car every day”.

    She kept on driving till she had a stroke & caused numerous accidents & no one was interested

    Thats just 1 example i could cite 100s more all caused by elderly i think personally demonising the young whilst not caring about older drivers is stupid & unhelpful esp when say a 2.0 auto is available in Zetec but not in Titanium X trim so those with a young carer or young & disabled aren’t allowed a nicer trim? The performance could be identical just the trim different.


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    So, it seems after over a year or two of this thread, Motability have yet to take this matter into consideration, even though the amount of new cars that have jumped insurance groups with facelifts and new smaller engines have become the norm. In my honest opinion, insurance group 16 is very low and something around 20 would be adequate. It wouldn’t change a whole lot of things as the bhp can remain the same. It would most definitely open a lot more options up for those that the limits apply to.

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    I think increasing the insurance group to 20 and bhp to 150 would be a fair request for under 25’s

    As I’m under 25 but I’ve been driving 6 and a half years now and I’ve no claims or any penalty points but I’m still limited to what I can drive I think it’s unfair to tar all young drivers with the same brush


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    I think increasing the insurance group to 20 and bhp to 150 would be a fair request for under 25’s As I’m under 25 but I’ve been driving 6 and a half years now and I’ve no claims or any penalty points but I’m still limited to what I can drive I think it’s unfair to tar all young drivers with the same brush

    Problem is you can thank some of your peer’s for that.. Even over 25’s are restricted up to 200 bhp not just price.. Is it because we disabled. One size new fits all, but it is more about the actual inurance cost imo than anything. Like certain companies only employ drivers over 25. as it’s alot cheaper for them..

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    Well i see the car search facility is back up and running on the motability website and I’ve been looking at cars for under 25 and it’s quite poor cause there is nearly 2000 cars to choose from but once you put in under 25 and automatic this drops to a 177 cars to choose from

    See you can get a 3 series bmw now and hopefully it’s still available come march 2021 as I’ll be 25 then

    I’d even be willing to contribute more money towards insurance to get a car that is available to over 25’s

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    An additional contribution payable towards the insurance premium would solve a lot of these issues on this thread. The BHP and insurance group limits have been the same for many years now. Not too sure why Motability haven’t reviewed these!?

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    They’d need to move with the times as cars are constantly changing and so is the insurance groups and BHP

    I’ve tried ringing and mentioned the insurance contribution but they wouldnt hear tell of it

    It’s like all of the big companies sometimes they never have any common sense

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    It should be if you’ve been driving for 5 years or reach 25 whatever comes first


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    My two cents, keep the BHP limit with the possible exception of WAV as being largely van based I’d guess due to their nature these typically have more powerful engines.


    Increase the insurance group a bit across the board so that more cars are available to under 25’s but by limiting the performance in theory the chances of an causing / being involved in an accident or claim are kept around the same even if the cost of said claims goes up a bit.

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    Well I’ve been driving since 17 and I’m now 24 without any claims or points and I’m still limited to what I can drive

    Well I’ll be 25 in march 2021 so I’ll just have to wait a little while longer now

    Needing an automatic car also affects your choice as you are fit to get a car in manual that under 120hp and group 16 but then you  go automatic and it could be 148hp and group 18

    I need automatic as I drive with hand controls

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