Under 25's being squeezed out

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    Which Mobility Car

    The criteria for under 25’s is the vehicle (excluding some vans) must be insurance group 16 of less and brake horse power of 120 or less.

    It’s been brought to our attention that new cars are having their insurance group raised, with the increase in safety equipment, autonomous braking etc and security we are at a little loss as to how these are calculated, we understand that Thatcham https://www.thatcham.org/ grade the cars from 1-50 but how can an old A Class Merc 180d SE be group 13 and the new car insurance group 20 and the old Ford Focus 1.5 diesel be two points lower than the new one?

    In fairness to Motability the new Focus 1.5 diesel Zetec is 17 with Thatcham but they have reduced it to 16 so under 25’s can get it which is obviously a good thing.



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    Heh heh heh, pay extra for that badge!

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    Adam, not so sure on badge over spec, for some yes but maybe not the majority – the Mrs and I have always picked cars based on spec / features rather than badge and we’re awaiting delivery of a top spec Seat Leon.  We could have ordered a BMW 2 series or Merc GLA but the specs are not even close and not really sure there is much to be gained by spending potentially a lot of money on option packs unless we intended to keep the car beyond three years.

    I do agree with you when you say “Being disabled doesn’t mean you can’t have a luxury premium car” but that’s not really the idea of the scheme which surely is to to get people in new / reliable cars that meet their needs?

    The fact that that some “premium” brands are available is a bonus for those that can afford the higher AP or meet the insurance requirements but I’m not convinced that someone’s needs can only be meet by a BMW or Merc as opposed to a “lesser” brand.

    Know i’m repeating myself (but) the scheme can’t be everything to everybody and some people will be disappointed that their age or reliance on a younger driver means they cant get the car they “want” but as long as there is a reasonable choice of every type of car open to every age of driver then its working – a wider choice for younger drivers would be nice but doubt there is a quick answer as to how Motability would go about doing so.

    I’m sorry if I sound blunt or uncaring and this isn’t aimed at anyone in particular but sometimes it seems that people can be really ungrateful…  If Motability added a Bentley or Rolls Royce they’d complain it’s only the “small” engine or lowest spec model and the AP is high whilst forgetting just how much the scheme offers for what is a relatively small outlay – not happy with the choice of cars then tell Motability and hope things change or go private but good luck getting a new car, insurance for two drivers, servicing, tyres and breakdown cover for £60 a week…

    Yes, more brands, models and U25 options would be great but please don’t forget that for some people the scheme is a real life line and having the freedom that comes with a reliable car has got to be more important than car park willy waving over who has the best badge.



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    Yes, more brands, models and U25 options would be great but please don’t forget that for some people the scheme is a real life line and having the freedom that comes with a reliable car has got to be more important than car park willy waving over who has the best badge.

    Hear Hear!

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    I personally think they should increase the group and BHP limit just a tad in order to accommodate for the increases in the smaller premium cars.  The A Class and the Audi A1 as well as the BMW 1 series are all the cars you’d expect to be available for under 25’s and WERE available before they were facelifted.

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    I agree that the under 25 range needs to expand by a bit, whether thats increasing the BHP or the insurance group. Not by a lot but enough to accommodate more needs and choices. All the new cars that were previously accessible by U25 are being cut out due to their prices and insurance increasing and I think motability should adapt those changes.

    The choices are already diminishing for those above 25 so imagine how limiting it must be for under 25s. Eg. Tiguan, A class, BMW, mazda3 amongst others have been removed. Have a quick search foe yourselves. No one is asking for expensive fast cars, just more variety in line with the changes.

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    I’ve been on the motability scheme since 17 and I’m now 23 and and I’ve have Volkswagens golfs since the start but I’m due to change soon but I’ve been looking online on motability website and now it looks like I’ll not be fit to get a golf as I need a golf with automatic gearbox and now the golfs with automatic gearbox are over 120hp but you can get a manual golf if you are under 25 as they are under 120hp and a manual golf is know use to me as I drive with hand controls so I think motability need to do something about it as soon they won’t have anything for under 25

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    Tomas (Tomas)

    Many people have campaigned for the under 25’s without success.

    I see a lot of the under 25’s as better drivers than a lot of the over 70’s who have no restrictions placed on them.

    A couple of days ago I watched in dismay at a lady in her elder years take around 6 attempts to park her car before eventually just dumping it over 2 spaces without a care in the world.

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    there are good and bad in all age groups tomas, but the recent changes and redesigns have increased quite a few insurance groups for models taking them away for under 25s. i think a little tweak here would be fair.

    ive said previously on other threads the under 25s will have a restricted choice on motability as they do outside the scheme because of the insurance situation.

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    if mobility had increased the limit from 16 to 18 then there would be a lot more cars available one example Mercedes A180d hatchback and saloon, at the moment for BMW there is nothing for under 25’s, until the new 1 series comes out which I don’t think will still be available for the under 25 if the ABI limit stays at 16, however if it does increase to 18 i think that will also be available for the under 25’s.


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    There are 720 cars suitable for under 25’s, I don’t think having no BM’s or Merc’s available until you turn 25 is too much of a stretch, how many under 25’s not on the scheme are running round in brand new Mercedes and BMW cars? It has to keep inline with the motor industry to some extent I suppose.

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    The bmws and mercs were available previously so its not an unreasonable request from the u25s to want it back. This is the same for Honda civic, Peugeot, Tiguan, even Audi a1!
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Motability needs to increase the insurance group threshold from 16 to at least 18 to keep inline with the motor industry.</p>

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    I’d have loved a brand new car when I was under 25 let alone care about what make, but with the crap we have to deal with and what we had to go through to get our awards, why shouldn’t all makes be open to everyone?

    All be it with a smaller engine or even a black box to cover the added risk of young drives blah blah blah…although i never made a claim and I’ve been driving since my 17th birthday.

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    I agree with you Cats & Philjb.

    The Audi A1 is suitable for under 25’s but only the basic models. For example the S line 25 TFSI which means 1.0L petrol is insurance group 17 because its 5e ‘S lone’ version. Just added kit. There should definitely be something in place though because not all under 25’s are crazy drivers who get a car through their grandparents’ PIP. There are genuine drivers out there who will look after the car. I understand the insurance may be higher but for drivers who have no points and or any accidents they should be allowed.

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    I know it’s slightly of topic but I’m very surprised more disabled drivers are not taking advantage of the rules and driving at 16. Is it that it’s not widely known or is it the parents keeping it quite.

    Can i ask the young drivers,were you aware that you could, or was it assumed it was 17.


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    Any chance of RSA granting some leeway or special requests to approve one of these “higher category” vehicles for under 25’s? My chap’s been on the previous vehicle for 3 years (no claims made), still 21 and it’s time for a new one. Currently got the A Class but that’s no longer available so a bit stuck. Appreciate any feedback.

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    I’m curious about the engines in the Mercedes vehicles – I always thought the A, B, GLA and CLA were based on one platform and shared the same engines etc. The puzzling thing is that the B Class is available for under 25’s but the A and CLA are no longer available? Can someone please explain this to me…

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    The B Class was not suitable for under 25’s until last week. I was the one who told Motability as the B Class was ABI group 19 but I checked Thatcham and it was 16 so I informed Motability and after speaking to over 50 advisors (some helpful some nor so helpful) the Mercedes account manager Sam changed the ABI on the site to 16 making it suitable for under 25’s. All this tool about 5 weeks. Hence why its now suitable.

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    Muhammed, have you got any contact details for Sam? They’ve got the A Class ABI incorrect as well.

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    Motability need to make a few changes to the under 25 restrictions as the selection is getting smaller and smaller

    I’ve been on the motability scheme since 17 and I’m now 23 and I have been driving golfs since the beginning but I’m due to change again in November but this time I’m not fit to get another golf because I’m under 25 and out of all the cars the golf suits me the best

    I think it should be based more on driving history rather than your age as I’ve been driving 6 years now and I’ve no claims or points


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    We know that as overall under 25s are more prone to accidents etc hence the reason for capping the power rating and insurance groups for under 25s in the scheme. But motability should see the driving history of its customer and see if they can allow him/her a car which is slightly above the 120bhp limit or slightly above the group 16 insurance. Even consider adding a tracker to monitor their driving before the order date and/or after delivery of new car.

    I am also stuck in choosing my next car. My current car Renault kadjar my under 25 offspring can drive but they can’t drive the new facelifted kadjar. Do I stick with my current car????

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    its difficult especially as new cars seem to be going up in insurance group as wazza says even new versions of models that were under the cap are now being taken out.perhaps motability could consider grandfathering these models if they were previously available unless theyve stuck a rediculously sporty engine in it then they can retain their u25 listing.

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    dave h

    Have you thought about the ateca
    Even the top spec SEAT Ateca 1.6TDI Xcellence Lux 5dr can be driven by them £1499 for the auto</p>

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    Muhammed, Mark, M, Meak



    The A Class has the correct ABI. I’ve already checked and done the research. The most efficient A180 diesel SE 114bhp is insurance group 17 and the rest are 18 or above.

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    Any chance they will allow the CLA to be driven by my 21 year old chap? I’ve had him on for the previous 3 years on an A Class which is due for a change now. Maybe a special request to RSA? Thoughts people?

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    I spoke to RSA, the insurance company in regards to insuring my daughter on a car which goes above the caps set by Motability and whether or not they would be able to insure her with a voluntary insurance premium contribution or anything along the lines of that. They stated, they would be happy to accept that but only if Motability accepted. I believe the insurers are okay with under 25’s but it is purely Motability that have this really low BHP and ABI limit in place.

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