UK’s most dangerous drivers: car dealers, priests and tree surgeons in the frame

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    Study shows men are six times more dangerous than women on UK roads, with car dealers, and tyre technicians among the worst
    Loaders, car dealers, tyre technicians and priests are among the UK’s most dangerous drivers, a new study has shown.

    Insurance comparison site MoneySuperMarket looked at the 7.8 million car insurance enquiries it’s had in the last 12 months and cross-referenced the occupations of drivers with dangerous driving offences they had declared, including causing serious injury by dangerous driving and causing death by dangerous driving.

    • 30% of drivers have seen a physical assault in the last year

    Loaders – who are responsible for loading and unloading goods, usually in warehouses – were found to be the most dangerous drivers, with a dangerous driving offence rate of 7.21 per 1,000 motorists.

    Second were car dealers, with dangerous driving offence rate of 4.06, followed by technicians with 4.05. Also featuring in the top 20 professions with the highest dangerous driving offence rates were priests (2.76 per 1,000), tree surgeons (2.63) and bar staff (2.41).

    At the other end of the scale lawyers, headteachers, professional footballers, demolition workers and veterinary surgeons were among the occupations with the lowest rate of dangerous driving prosecutions.

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    Statistics taken without context can be misleading – I wonder how the numbers would add up if they accounted for the amount of time driving for one thing – most of the higher ratings are on people who would traditionally spend a lot more time behind the wheel. Additionally, I don’t think you can take the solicitors or professional footballers (who can easily afford good solicitors) at face value as they’re undeniably in a better position than most to fight a case.

    While I don’t doubt, for a second, that males (especially young ones) are worse than females but I do wonder if it’s actually 6x or if that figure is enhanced by the average males’ inability to flirt their way out of a ticket lol – that isn’t a general sexist thing, that’s 100% based on my personal experience as I’ve been a passenger 3 times in my life when the woman driving did exactly that (one time was my girlfriend at the time lol – I didn’t mind – was in Australia at the time, and the fines there get scary, saved us a good chunk of change).

    "Man is born in freedom, but he soon becomes a slave, in cages of convention, from the cradle, to the grave."

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    Statists and damn statists?

    Did you know that 1 out of 7 deaths on UK roads where caused by drunk drivers, looking at that statistic isn’t it about time we made it compulsory to drink before we drive.😁

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    Menorca Mike

    Don’t drink and drive you may spill it

    BBC Breakfast expert, VW Golf driver.

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    Yawn yawn yawn…. another copy and paste job polluting this invaluable forum.

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