UK speed cameras explained

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    Everything you need to know about UK speed cameras, the types, how they work and what to look out for
    Speed cameras are firmly on the UK motoring map, whether you think they’re a good thing or not. Those that use them would prefer they were known as safety cameras, as they’re designed to make UK roads safer, but whatever you want to call them, recent fake news reports about cameras on motorways like the M1 and M25 being set so they snap more motorists breaking the speed limit, show that they can still be misunderstood. This guide helps you to know what to look out for where UK speed cameras are concerned.

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    A point I answered on another thread is not covered by this article.

    Many drivers appear to assume that when the speed limit on a smart motorway changes lower, say from 70 to 50 shortly before you drive past the sign, then you will get caught, accusing the gov’t of cashing in.

    This is not the case at all. The authorities know that you couldn’t and shouldn’t lose 20-30 mph of speed in a few seconds, and so don’t penalise the driver for breaking the new limit as it changes.

    In fact, there is a grace period of up to two minutes from when the limit is lowered, so getting a ticket because the limit changes just a few seconds before you pass the camera just does not happen.

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    Didn’t know that aidy.

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    Most of the camera’s on smart motorways are just there to record speed of traffic flow, they are not speed cameras designed to fine drivers. On the M25 there are only a couple of “actual” speed cameras and they are off to the side, not above the multitude of gantries.

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    Well on the M1 and M62 near me they have speed camera’s on the smart gantrys about 1 in 3 and I know this for a fact as half a dozen people I know have been nailed by them with the variable limits!

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    There’s 1 Hadecs 3 camera on the M62 between junctions 26 and 28.

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    Just using google maps street view I counted 7 cameras between J26-M62 and J40 -M1, nice to know we can’t go speeding on that stretch, it’s usually a car park anyway.

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    I got flashed on the M1 12 days ago, it’s never happened before and the gantry wasn’t lit up but the next smaller motorway sign (that doesn’t go the whole way across the motorway) said 60. How long does it take for fines to come through, is it longer as the car is leased?

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    You need to receive a NIP , notice of intended prosecution within 14 days however that is to the registered keeper.

    If you are not the keeper on the V5 then its 14days to whoever is the keeper on the V5. It is the keepers job to identify who the driver was.

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    I’m the name on the motability but I don’t have the log book so is that motability who is the registered keeper?

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