UK speed camera tolerances revealed: is your car's speedo accurate?

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    We investigate the internet rumors surrounding UK speed camera tolerances and whether your car speedo can be trusted
    At the start of 2019, rumours swept the internet that speed camera tolerances on certain motorways were so strict, they would issue tickets if drivers exceeded the 70mph limit by just 1mph.

    Those stories turned out to be untrue and unfounded. But rather than allow misinformation about speed camera ‘thresholds’ to circulate unchecked, Auto Express asked the UK’s 45 police forces via Freedom of Information requests how strictly their 3,224 speed cameras enforce limits.

    • UK speed cameras explained

    The majority of the forces that responded said their cameras would only activate when drivers exceed the speed limit by 10 per cent plus 2mph, in line with prosecution guidelines from the Association of Chief Police Officers.

    This means cameras won’t issue tickets until someone is driving at 35mph or more in a 30mph limit, or 79mph or more on the motorway, for example.

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    My in-laws got done doing 34 in a 30? Got points and a fine.

    Mainly as he immediately got out of the car and gave the copper an ear bashing, I pay your wages etc.

    No speed course as he’d also been banned in the past. 🙄

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    I’ve never had a speedo (at least on a relatively modern car) under read. They’ve always overestimated.


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    Whenever I get a new car I just run Ulysse app on my phone and check the actual speed with cruise control on at 30/40/50/60/70mph and make a note so I know where I’m at, mine reads 2-4mph under across the range.

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    Guys there is a thread in the making here with these apps and gizmos that are talked about, never assume we know what you are talking about start a thread and teach those of us who are in the dark.

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    First you need a smart phone. 😱

    cars read under to stop you getting a ticket. That’s good enough for me.

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