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    Which Mobility Car

    Love Homeland, thanks for the heads up on it’s return. Watched the first couple of Picard and now won’t continue on the advice from the thread.

    Basically, like many of us, I’m always on the lookout for good TV shows to watch so please bombard me with recommendations.

    My taste is varied, Vikings to Good Fight (series 4 coming in Spring) one thing I’m not big into is science fiction or fantasy, Game of Thrones was no better than Okay in my opinion,  Life in pieces (amazon prime) makes me laugh, money heist first series was good, gave up on the second. I’m not loyal, I will give up on something if it’s not entertaining me.

    Would love some recommendations.

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    I’m a late comer to Homeland so I’m playing catch up. I’m currently on series three, and I’m intrigued by the complex and flawed characters.

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    Madam secretary is an easy watch, The last ship, scandal, fringe, Ozark, Chuck, Berlin Station, The enemy within, Breaking Bad, Dexter, Californication and Battlestar Galactica.

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    i enjoyed madam secretary  but then i liked west wing as well.

    just found torchwood on iplayer why they didnt make more is beyond me, keeping faith is excellant and another series is due soon,  only realised today its the same actress.


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    Not sure if slightly OTT comedy is your thing but the Mrs and I both loved

    Derry Girls (
    Lee and Dean (
    London Irish (

    The latter two are rather silly at times, not very PC and can be rather crass but worth a go if typical / more mainstream comedies don’t really do it for you.


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    After watching Picard on Prime, I flicked around and started to watch Hunters. I actually enjoyed watching this. Maybe worth a punt. Features Al Pacino

    Inspired by true events, Hunters follows a ragtag team of Nazi hunters in 1977 New York city.

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    Some of my favourite tv shows and where you can watch them in no particular order:

    House (amazon prime)

    white collar (Netflix)

    Sons of Anarchy (Netflix)

    the office (Netflix for UK, amazon prime for US)

    The Newsroom (sky box sets/now tv)

    The Wire (sky box sets/now tv)

    Billions (sky box sets/now tv)

    Those are just off the top of my head. I’d be able to reccomend more if I really sat and thought about it. There’s a good years worth of viewing there though haha

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    Mike 700

    There are so many good series on, if you are happy to live with sub titles!

    Scandi, Dutch, French, Belgian , Welsh!

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    Loving ‘The Expanse’, also ‘Breaking Bad’ + ‘Better Call Saul’, ‘The Good Place’, ‘I, Zombie’, ‘Bojack Horseman’ . . .

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    Which Mobility Car

    Thank you for the help. I stumbled across Chernobyl and as it’s a mini series, the commitment level is one I can handle. The first episode was as fascinating and harrowing as you would expect. I’m looking forward to the second one tonight providing I can stay awake long enough after the Man City v Real Madrid match.

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    Chernobyl was a brilliant watch. The end of episode 2 was terrifying if it’s the one I’m thinking of. The fact it actually happened is even more scary.

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    Mark C

    All about the comedies for me….

    This Country (BBC iplayer)

    King Gary (BBC iplayer)

    The Righteous Gemstones (Sky)

    East bound and down (Amazon and Sky I believe, maybe Netflix too)

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    If you like good old fashioned family fun then I recommend “The Durrells” on Netflix. Based on a true story (but nothing like the book I read many years ago) it’s allows you to imagine living on Corfu in the 1930’s with no mod cons and no money. It’s heartwarming.

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    Which Mobility Car

    ‘My family and other animals’ I loved that book. Thanks Pops.

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    Totally and enthusiastically agree with Mike 700. So much brilliant stuff from oversee find the Belgian stuf the most enjoyable – it is way off the wall and constantly surprises you. If it is still around look for “The Outlaws” – the blackest, funniest murder (mystery-ish) story.

    On another tack, try “Shakespeare andHathaway” the Beeb afternoon slot. It is lightweight, meaningless fluff but very well made, acted and written. Most entertaining – stories with a bit of wit and humour that do not drop into the SitCom pit of despair.

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    Which Mobility Car

    Short of moving to Asse, Silly or Ham, how does one access these Belgium programmes?  Do you have recommendations as I’m sure there are some Flemish stinkers.

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    Which Mobility Car

    Excuse me, I see the out-laws is a Belgium ‘bonkers’ comedy.
    I will watch it, I love a subtitaliato.

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    “My family and other animals” …. that’s the one WMC.

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    Netflix , I stopped sky tv about 4 years ago i was paying it every month and no one was watching it kids in their rooms on computers watching netflix or prime ,

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    WMC – most Belgian stuff seems to be on All 4 under the Walter Presents banner. Contents of this vary depending which platform you use – Sky, Virgin and simple computer online all have different stuff. As far as I can see, sadly, Outlaws is not available right now. But  Code 37; sex crimes; Rough Justice; Hotel Beau Sejour and all very good. In fact, anything from Belgium is worth investigating. However, the best is Professot T which is like House meets The Singing Detective. Try it…

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    Mike 700

    Belgian TV is usually very  good, as are these-


    Wallander -Sweden

    The Killing – Denmark

    The Bridge – Sweden/ Denmark

    Modus -Denmark

    Borgen – Denmark

    Follow the Money – Denmark

    The Team – Europe

    Trapped – Iceland

    Arne Dahl – Norway.
    Mammon – Norway
    Aquitted – Norway

    Spiral -France

    Stockholm Requiem – Sweden

    The Adulterer – Netherlands

    Thou shalt not Kill – Italy

    Rebecka Martinsonn – Sweden

    The Border – Poland

    Norskov .


    Etc etc etc

    Sooooo many!

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    Money heist on Netflix. Best watched in Spanish with subtitles.

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    Again, thanks, Mike 700. Agree completely with your Euro choices. There’s just so much good stuff which does not follow the US pattern of writing, production and styling. Seems most UK drama does this in the hope of selling to the Yanks. Euro TV people don’t seem to care.

    Other Euro dramas worth watching are the German cop shows in the Tatort series. Sharply made, constantly surprising and not afraid to use a splodge of wit and humour. Notable items are: Inspector Borowski; Mind of a Murderer; Helen Dorn; Inspector Falke. All on All4 – there are others lurking on, e.g. Amazon and Sky’s On Demand button.

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    And let us not forget Inspector Montalbano. One of the first EuroCop series to get here (BBC4); definitely one of the best – intriguing, unusual plots, stunning characters and cast with real looking people (sometimes even Old Folk) not a collection of pretty young things mumbling lines. Set in the breathtaking background of Sicily. All the series available on BBC iplayer, at least, it was last time I looked.

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    Mike 700

    And let us not forget Inspector Montalbano. One of the first EuroCop series to get here (BBC4); definitely one of the best – intriguing, unusual plots, stunning characters and cast with real looking people (sometimes even Old Folk) not a collection of pretty young things mumbling lines. Set in the breathtaking background of Sicily. All the series available on BBC iplayer, at least, it was last time I looked.


    Agreed, and don’t forget ‘Young Montalbarno’?

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    Young Montalbano – yup! What happened to that? Does not seem to be any more coming through. Sad. I was looking forward to seeing more of Livia’s mum. A Brit actress (Croydon, I think) who was probably dubbed and definitely charming.

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