TV licence is it a rip off what do you think

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    i got my declaration letter in from tv licence for me to confirm i dont need one .

    i got rid sky several years ago because i dont want live tv  just watch netflix  so i dont need one .

    it use to be if you had a tv you needed a licence  i think you use to need one to listen to the radio.

    i think the tv licence is a rip off , money for nothing ,  i think it goes to the BBC but i might be wrong.

    what do you think .

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    TV licence money goes entirely to fund the BBC in its many forms, not just Broadcast TV and radio but iPlayer and internet news etc.

    Whether it is value for money is up to the user.  I find most of it’s programming biased and watch very little.  However I do watch some and therefore am bound to pay under threat of criminal action.

    There is a questionnaire running on BBC website asking users what they think of it as there will be a review under the new DG and there’s also a lot of support for decriminalising the Licence Fee.

    Politically I’d be very supprised if much changes.

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    Here you go @martinod


    Just there for anyone interested.

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    There is a questionnaire running on BBC website asking users what they think of it as there will be a review under the new DG and there’s also a lot of support for decriminalising the Licence Fee.

    Not very useful to those of us who don’t use BBC website, watch the BBC or any live channel, etc., so they’ll only get biased answers.

    For me, the BBC failed when they stopped being a public service broadcaster & decided to chase the commercial channels ratings, so essentially around the time Eastenders started.


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    Dumbing down comes to mind. At one time the BBC was looked up to, it had purpose and integrity.

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    Dumbing down comes to mind. At one time the BBC was looked up to, it had purpose and integrity.

    Fondly remember sitting around with other students, drinking, & watching the Open University progs on BBC2 as a background, didn’t matter what subject was on, it was simply interesting.

    BBC News was merely presenting the facts rather than having a presenter’s unwanted opinions.

    And for entertainment there were the weather forecasts, Tomorrows World, & The Sky At Night.


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    . i think the tv licence is a rip off ,

    It’s £13.12 a month…and for that you get all the BBC channels/Radio/Website and iPlayer – how is that a rip off?

    You may not want it or think that it should not exist but can’t see how it’s a rip off…think you need a better definition of what a rip off is.

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    alan1302   i suppose  you are correct it is up to the individual as to where its value for money or a rip off   . £13.12 is not a lot , but you are / where made to pay it it was made law to pay it yet it went to the BBC who paid extremely high salaries to presenters like jimmy savile.

    BBC would decided what you watch and when , yet subscription channels like netflix ect are cheaper and you decide what you watch and when .

    it is a personal choice to decide rip off or not (apart from it being law to pay it ).

    my personal view is it will be older people in their 60s, 70s, 80s who pay it (im sure theres stats somewhere about it )  and are happy to pay it because they have always paid it, older people  who cant get to grips with new technology

    if the BBC became a subscription channel  i wounder if they would get as many people paying , as they have just now because its law .

    if it was not law would you pay it


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    you do not need a tv licence to listen to the radio , yet i think years ago the tv licence said you did

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    Thanks Mrs ajn I simply don’t know how much TV licences are and tbh never have.

    Mrs ajn have all those sort of things covered otherwise I’d end up in the slammer.. 😂

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    Chris (Chester)

    For me although the TV License to fund the BBC is not a rip off and you do indeed get a lot of things, I would like to see it scrapped as we already need to pay extra for so many other things (Sky, BT, Netflix etc).

    I could tolerate it and was happy to pay when the BBC was innovative, impartial, democratic and a joy to watch/listen to. For the past 5 years, it has been so biased pro-Remain, Anti-Tories, pro-devolution and pro-Scottish independence, Pro-Black Lives Matter etc in fact it does a disservice to all those campaigns I just mentioned as it turns people against them.

    Recent polling showed that less than 40% of British audience find the BBC to be impartial and this is going down daily. We all hoped that the new Director General would improve impartiality and change tack but we were proven wrong.

    My guess is that with the 2 new channels this yeas (GB News and the 2nd Murdoch News channel, I forgot its name) plus the continuous growth of social media and YouTube, the BBD will have to scrap the TV License and seek advertising revenue to fund itself in the next 5-10 years.

    It can’t come soon enough for me… Had enough of being patronised/brainwashed and if I wanted this kind of propaganda, I’d move to North Korea or Moscow.

    p.s: First time I comment on a non-motability related topic but I feel strongly about it as all my friends, colleagues and family who agree with me

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    Which Mobility Car

    Chris. I have massive issues with the BBC. It has lost all youth so now only produces output for people who use it. It is the equivalent of a record shop in the 1990’s, we know it’s doomed, just a matter of how long it can hold on.  Death in paradise anyone?

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    Chris (Chester)

    Indeed WMC, I like Strictly as much as the next man but how much more of Mrs Brown Boys and Gary Lineker’s multi-million pound salary can we tolerate???


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    License is not, quite, a ripoff. More used in a misguided fashion. Standard of programme-making is shocking. Coverage of “minor” sports events like snooker or tennis is utterly dreadful – constantly switching channels, in and out of red button, and ending coverage before a particular match has ended. Can’t record the stuff and have to go online to find out who won. “Entertainment” programming, like Mrs Brown’s Boys, as above, and all the other so-called comedies is utterly, utterly awful. We try to watch this stuff  but fail to understand what is meant to be funny.

    News coverage should be of the quality and balance of the old World Service radio news. Sadly it is not. Even the WS has gone wrong – following US pattern of 15secs of attention.

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    Time for a change on BBC funding is long overdue. You only have to think back to programming over xmas / new year and it was repeat after repeat with only the odd piece of new content. Whilst I understand covid has stopped a lot of new programme filming I struggle to find anything to justify my £157.50 per year. The final straw for me was asking over 75s to start paying the full fee if not on pension credit, very miserly! If it wasn’t for “her indoors” addiction to East Enders and Casualty we would never have BBC on.

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