Trump’s legal battles: How six cases may play out

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    As president of the United States, Donald Trump enjoyed unique protection from legal action, be it criminal or civil.
    Now, after losing the 2020 presidential election, Mr Trump will soon become a private citizen again.
    That means he will lose his presidential privileges, putting him in the crosshairs of litigators and prosecutors.
    “Once he is out of office, the atmosphere will change,” Daniel R Alonso, a former US federal and New York state prosecutor, told the BBC. “He will no longer have the reality or the threat of presidential power to thwart investigations.”
    A wide-ranging criminal investigation in New York is the most serious legal concern for Mr Trump and his real-estate company, the Trump Organization.
    On top of that, there is an array of lawsuits ranging from allegations of fraud by a family member to sexual harassment by an advice columnist.
    A legal storm is brewing. Here, we consider how the six biggest legal battles may develop.

    1) The hush-money allegations

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    Thanks, Brydo.  Interesting reading.

    Thump still has time to issue Pardons to all his pals before he leaves Office.  A lot of people are wondering if he’ll ‘go quietly’ with dignity intact (probably, but only after months of sulks and whining), be dragged out kicking and screaming, be led out at gun point, or hole up surrounded by Thump-fanatics and go down in a blaze of ‘glory’.

    But before that happens (in whichever form), the next Question is going to be – Can Trump ‘Pardon’ himself?  And if so, by how much?  No President has tried to do so before, apparently, so it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

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    Can Trump ‘Pardon’ himself? And if so, by how much? No President has tried to do so before, apparently, so it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

    Perhaps Trump won’t need to pardon himself, perhaps Biden will do it for him as part of the ‘going quietly’ transition deal that he will negotiate – perhaps that is what all this is about – after all everything is always about him.

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    Remember a president can only pardon on federal offences he cannot pardon on state offences.

    wmc I take your point on Biden giving him a pardon but surely he must be prosecuted to ensure no other president does what he has.

    The American system is a joke and they claim the greatest democracy in the world 😂😂😂😂😂

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    In as much as one can trust the word of un-named sources “familiar with the discussions”, it does seem that, at least for now, Biden would prefer a ‘quiet transition of power’ to having to deal with multiple investigations into Thump and any resulting prosecutions.  Reuniting a divided Nation, etc.

    On the other hand, he can’t actually prevent independent prosecutors from pressing on with their own investigations . . .


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    Given the graft and corruption associated with every US president throughout history, it would be unwise to start prosecuting Trump. It would set a precedent for prosecuting all the others still alive including, in time, Biden.

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    Which is why Biden doesn’t want to get involved.  But he can’t stop independent investigations and prosecutions.

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    Could have been Could have been Could have been

    Where is the evidence?  Where is the PROOF.

    I’m all for a fair and honest election, and IF they supply genuine evidence and reliable proof that can be independently assessed, THEN there should definitely be an investigation.

    But they have NOTHING.

    I could have been a prima ballerina.  You could have been an astronaut.  Trump could have been a decent human being.


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    Ah but but but…

    I think the purpose of the press conference was to shame the main stream media into reporting what was happening. Instead they just talked about Giuliano’s running hair dye!

    They kept going on about having sworn affidavits which are evidence. They will only turn into proof if a court agrees.  This will go on and on…

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    Wigwam nothing is happening, the “orange one” is clutching at straws, and that’s being generous. His law suits have been thrown out of court after court even though most of the Judges are Republican, Trump has appointed over 200 Republican judges since becoming President.


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    Brydo, what is happening is that the Trump team is making allegations of fraud and the main stream media is ignoring it, whereas they were happy to repeat and inflate any unfounded allegation against Trump. Don’t you find that strange?

    You may be right that all these allegations will come to naught but the lawyers will be making their money for a while yet.

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    The lawyers are the only people to win but democracy is the big loser.

    The reason the media is giving the cases short striff is because they know its all absolute tosh. He is going along the line if you throw enough mud some will stick, unfortunately for him it hasn’t worked.

    You’ve got to hand it to him he has no morale compass and is still trying to turn the election in his favour by hook or by crook.

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    For someone who lives in Scotland, Brydo, your faith in the impartiality of the media amazes me!

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    I’m not sure what you mean wigwam.

    The American media is certainly not impartial, so the key is to listen to both sides then make your own mind up.

    Anything can be spun but when the courts are throwing out case after case you begin to get a feeling about of who is on the wrong side of the law.

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    Exactly my point Brydo. It’s impossible to listen to both sides of the argument when the main stream media suppress one side, when Twitter and Facebook block dissenting voices.  The US MSM is in the hands of the Democrats just as the Scottish MSM is in the hands of the SNP.

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    Georgia recount (by hand, supervised) again returned Biden as winner by the same margin.  Thump has now withdrawn his demand for a recount in Michigan.

    If Trump had ANY verifiable proof of Election Fraud he would have presented it by now.  Why wouldn’t he?  By not doing so he’s only making himself look a fool on the Global Stage – a spoilt child throwing a tantrum because somebody’s taken his rattle away.

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    Oh, Hello.  White House Press Meeting an hour ago: the Great Orange One is now claiming that Pfizer “and others” sabotaged his Election Campaign because they deliberately “decided to not assess the results of their vaccine … until just after the election”.

    No evidence provided, of course, and he refused to answer any questions.

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    Georgie the frightening thing is over 70,000,000 Americans voted to re-elect him, that fries my brain, how can so many people be so stupid. But wait the UK elected BJ, maybe there’s a virus going around that makes people really stupid.

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    I think you’re right, Brydo, except there are two viruses working together – virus ‘Pull the ladder up, I’m all right’ and virus ‘Blame someone else for our problems rather than work to solve them ourselves’.

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    It’s all quite fascinating . . .

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    Texas Asks Supreme Court to Rule Election in Four Battleground States Unconstitutional

    Pdf of Texas case is in the article (a long read)




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    No wigwam the election is over, Trump is trying every angle to muddy the waters as he will be jailed once he’s no longer President.

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    I had a feeling Trump would bide his time and then appeal to the Supreme Court because he thinks he’s loaded the SC in his favour (he appointted three of the nine Judges) and thus ‘owns’ the Supreme Court.

    Unfortunately for Trump, the Supreme Court will have to insist on seeing all the ‘evidence’ Trump simply doesn’t have.  If he actually had any solid evidence he would have produced it by now.

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