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    Looking to put an order in for a new car next month so trying to pin down some of the cost.

    I know I won’t get a cost for the AP until Q3 prices are release but having not visited the adaption cost page on Motability for a few months I’ve notice a few changes there in.

    One of the new things to change is the prices now cover 6 months with the current dates going from 1st April – 30th September 2021 so looks like I will be paying £445 for the Lodgesons 7 way remote control I need with the prices in the past for this item being somewhere between £275 and £350 variable and £333 last change over.

    Worst to come is despite Motability saying you can transfer your hoist at no cost it now says “at no cost or where there is a cost it will be significantly lower than getting a new adaption”.

    Then it says “In order to transfer any suitable adaption to your car, dealer must add the relevant transfer kit to the application”.

    All very fine but having looked at the adaption price list today nearly all “transfer kit” have been removed and they were there before the current price list was release the first of April, at least for the Autochair LC Range of hoists it was for sure.

    Its bad enough trying to budget for future costs with AP’s being picked out of a Tombola never mind moving the goal post too with adaptions.

    Anyone who ordered a hoist transferred since April this year I would love to know how you got on.

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    I ordered a new Tiguan in April and asked if I could have the old hoist which was new 3 yrs ago and still in perfect condition taken out of the old car also a Tiguan and put in the new car.

    I was told by Des Gosling it can be done but the cost would be much higher than having a new identical hoist fitted. Daft init☹

    It’s a waste really as the new hoist is costing £295 and we will be leaving the old hoist in the car when it goes back. Those hoists are about £1200-1500 fitted at full retail without any motability discount.



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    Hi kbfern

    The way you’ve been treated with your hoist is how I’ve imagine its going to be but what gets me is Motability published a price on the adaption prices list for the transfer and for my hoist that was free but now there’s nothing and were left to the mercy of the dealer and adaption installers as to how much they want to screw from us.

    With your installer for instance did they give you a truthful answer as I have no doubt the installer makes more money from a new install than for transferring an old one.

    I admit paying £295 for a new one is a good deal and well worth it if you need one but renewing something that has nothing wrong with it is just plain stupid.

    I’ve sent an email last night to Motability asking for explanation for this change in policy so will report back if I hear anything but for now I have to budget £740 for adaptions before even thinking about inflated AP’s.

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    Clipped wings

    Hi Chris,

    ordered the Allspace last July and was told no problem to transfer my Autochair from the Touran. However, there was a warranty limit of 3.5 years but car expected December. Car arrived late January and was told that the transfer kit was unavailable. Perfectly serviceable autochair departed with the Touran, probably binned.

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    Hi Clipped wings

    To be honest up until the start of this year I always had it in mind I’d have to budget for a new hoist but then reading the adaption price list back then I seen your able to transfer for free so I’m thinking “great news” then as time nears they whip the carpet out from under me and then I get the feeling their letting me down along with my other bug bear paying a premium for automatic gearboxes when my disability dictates its a must have disability driving aid.

    With the 3.5 year warranty I did wonder what happens if the delivery of your new car was very late like many are now, how would that impact on the 3.5 years and again reading Motability guff on this it does say they take into account the delayed time.

    That’s all very well telling us what can be done but makes but sense when the adaption prices does not give a costings for the transfer and makes out they got your side when in fact there’s no such thing and the readings in their guide is nothing more than off the cuff remarks just to make everyone feel good and that were being looked after. I’ve grown to expect that from British politicians but not from Motability. They will look after you because its written in law, laws or guides that they make but then make up excuses like late delivery of cars so your hoist is out of warranty or whatever but all I ask for is honesty and if I have to pay for a new hoist, so be it but don’t tell me I can transfer for free then change your mind because either you can or you cannot, what’s it to be.

    No reply back from Motability in regards to this matter yet but maybe their stalling and looking for an answer to this big gaff on their part and I already know what there going to say “you can always apply for a grant” but sorry I’m already fed up with the DWP rifling through my bank accounts because I’m on pension credit, without Tom, Dick and Harry joining in.😢

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    Thought I’d put this thread to rest after Motability rang me today with the explanation as to why you can’t transfer your hoist to another car any more.

    Simple answers is down to the hoist manufacturers as they don’t provide the transfer kit any more, well in the case of Auto-chair anyway because I think some manufactures still do. Goes back to my thoughts “why do a free transfer when you can sell Motability and their customers a new hoist”.😩

    It was a useful phone call because I explain to them that my next car may have a 6 month waiting time and my current car will be 3 months passed its service date but they told me to tell the person who I order my new car from and they will sort that out even though as I pointed out, it won’t be the same franchise/dealer.

    So at least I now know in advance how much I need for the car AP (£2,049) plus hoist (£290) plus remote controls (£445) and hopefully after a GCB of £600 I will need an out lay of £2,184 and from memory that’ not far off what I paid at last handover.😎

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    Interesting to me thread as i have a hoist in mine. I thought it would just be a matter of transferring it..doh! oh well, my other plan is if thats the way, i might consider a car with a smaller boot now and get a folding scooter. they take up little room and the offset from no hoist and hopefully cheaper ap will make it similar or maybe cheaper. The current travel scooter doesnt do lots of miles so it should work me thinks.

    Thanks to op for the info

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    Hi struth

    Down the folding scooter road with a smaller car is a way I’ve looked at before but two things put me off that ideal, one being all those moving parts that carry my weight, not that I’m over weight, well not by much anyway, but I fear reliability problems with something that so expensive to replace I’m not risking it.

    Number two, although 90% of the time the scooter is in use (more or less every other day) the scooter is used in flat supermarket type stores and on pavements however from time to time it does get a bit of rough treatment over gravel, grass and sandy roads that I don’t think the folding types can handle with there very low to the ground clearances.

    If your just doing shopping runs and the likes I think the folding way plus smaller car is the way to go.

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