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    just had a look on the website,
    you enter your surname, dob, and postcode.
    it shows your application between the dealership and motability.

    my eligibility was accepted and order approved. it shows the dealers details and the car you have ordered. a few faqs.
    nothing about delivery im afraid.

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    Same here, just shows dealer details and car details with accepted indicated above. I suppose it`s good for making sure you have ordered the right car but it would be nice to track the journey from start to finish to save having to pester the dealership for information all the time.

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    I’m new to motability and placed my order with motability yesterday and it’s still being checked, I suppose it’s cos I’m new? It does say it can take 3 days, so fingers crossed I’m excepted but I don’t know why I wouldn’t!

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    I’m new my application took less than 24 hrs to be approved.

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    I had to ring Motability eventually, there was a glitch in the system, and they sorted it out and everything is okay. My dealer told me they got it okayed the same day! So what the problem was on the tracker I don’t know? Anyway he managed to change a car he had on order and it should be available around 2nd week in April, fingers crossed.

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    Micheal p hickey

    I’m a new application and the motability dealer said it was ok and I paid deposit. I can’t track my application and the dealer said he was having a few problems putting application in but will be ok. Do I just sit back and wait or what I have not got any answers

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    Micheal p hickey
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    As above really just shows your car ordered and approval and details of the dealership

    Just waiting now for handover day in september

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    Motability  at this time are only accepting orders from current  customers who have reached or surpassed the 3 month date from the end of contract.
    If you are new to motability, the 1st July is when motability orders can be placed by anyone who is eligible.

    The application checker is normally spot on & kept upto date.



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    Just been on the checker…. it states my details are passed and that I have to liaise with the supplying dealer.

    Usually I would have written confirmation from Motability with the code but I have received nothing.

    The dealer has the car on site now.

    Motability appear to be lagging behind.

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    I am not a very happy person I placed a order for a seat loen and the derby branch sold the car and motability won’t let me place a new order because it is to many cancelled orders it is not my fault because the dealer has sold the vehicle please help

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    have you cancelled the order? and have you cancelled other orders?

    unusual for mota to restrict in this way.

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    have you cancelled the order? and have you cancelled other orders? unusual for mota to restrict in this way.

    I’d be interested in the background of this as well. I have a new car application approved by Motability after they agreed to terminate my existing lease early. The problem is that because of no viewing or test driving before order then I may well not want to proceed with this order once I do get to see and test drive the car.

    So, my question would be: does a refusal to accept a car on order count in the same way as a mid-term cancellation, in reagrds to Motability’s 3 cancellations in 7 years and you are out of the scheme rule?

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    christopher craigie

    i was wondering how to check the progress of  a new car application thanks

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    tony driscoll

    same thing happened to us.ordered qashqai got all paperwork signed and stamped from nissan middlesbrough,about 3 weeks later was told on phone that they,ve sold it,absolutely shocking behaviour ,informed motability ,they werent even bothered,they only want your money

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    To find the information you guys want simply register yourselves in to the Motabilty system, takes a minute then you should see your order and if you don’t then the dealer has not put the order into Motabilty.

    you will need your Motabilty customer number to register.

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