Track my Mazda Shipment?

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    Does anyone know if the below information is accurate and accounts for all Mazda cargo carrying vessels to the UK? My order was placed last week, so unsure if it would be for one of the vehicles already in transit (I imagine they’re all allocated orders).

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    P.S I’m told mid October delivery, not sure if that is accurate since the first ship arriving at Southampton, leaving Japan after my order date, is Nov 15th arrival.

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    As far as i’m aware Matt the cars don’t come in to Southampton,

    They ship from Japan to Belgium – Zeebrugge is the holding port for Mazda’s being supplied to Europe.

    From Zeebrugge they will ship to either Rosyth, Killingholme, or Purfleet and be at your dealer within a 15 day target, normally it takes 10 days.

    I don’t know of a way where you can physically track your car.


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    Err, is that spam from Walter Marshall?

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    GPS technology has been available to the general public for almost thirty years. Since becoming available for public use, many different applications have been commercialized. GPS tracking is one of the applications in widespread use by individuals and commercial interest.

    Commercial shipping interest around the world use GPS tracking to keep track of ships and their locations. Cargo containers aboard ships are often tracked by companies to keep track of shipments and arrival times. You could actually use GPS tracking for each sea going container to locate it anywhere in the world at any given time.

    How to track imported cars from Japan?

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