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    Does anyone know if the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid (due to be in showrooms next week apparently) is likely to appear on the Motability Scheme? Thank you in advance.

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    I personally like the grey interior – but it would have to come with Panoramic Sunroof

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    Menorca Mike

    I like an electric sliding sunroof

    BBC Breakfast expert, Toyota CHR driver.

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    The Rav4 came onto the scheme on friday buddy.

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    That’s what I mean about the door arm padding, where did it go, or is that Uber weight savings?

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    It looks really odd as the arm rest is black? It looks Yuck? To me I’m afraid.

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    Ok, so decided to scratch my Toyota itch today. Called into the dealership, and first checked out the C-HR. Didn’t expect it to be suitable, and despite a very decent package, having managed to crack my head on the roof getting in … and out, it underlined that its not ideal for a 6’2″ frame. Surprisingly decent boot for the size of the car though.

    Onto the Rav4, I was able to check out an Excel spec. It had the black leather with silver stiching and that looked damn fine and seemed very comfy. With me in the drivers seat, the 6 foot salesman was sat comfortably behind me. I thought the cabin was a very nice place to be, just a shame you can’t get a black headlining on an Excel spec. The biggest surprise was the size of the boot, its huge, almost as big as our Santa Fe. Today wasn’t a test drive day, more a look, touch and feel. If and when we do want to take one out for a test drive i’m gonna be keen to see what I make of the centre console over the course of a decent drive. It looks great and makes you feel like you’re in a cockpit, but it does narrow the legroom whereas the Santa Fe’s console is cutaway to give more legroom. Time will tell on that.

    Glad we checked it out though.

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    I think the interior looks fine but the exterior is just plain ugly. There’s not many cars I wouldn’t buy because of looks, especially if it was a good car but this is one along with the Fiat multipla. I think I’d feel a bit self-conscious driving it.

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    Not for everyone granted

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    For anyone interested in the Rav4, with an hour to kill, this review has to be the most detailed i’ve seen yet :

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    To me it’s a shame, iv’e no doubt it’s a good reliable car but those looks.

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    Its pushing the boundaries for sure, but lets face it we don’t all like the same things. Overall i like it, but i don’t like the rear lights especially

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    They do say that Beauty is only skin deep but ugliness goes right to the bone, in this case the chassis. 🙂

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    Haha even fugly to some for sure

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    Menorca Mike

    I’ve just watched the video I would like to take Louise minchin in the same countryside for a picnic on a warm summer day in a silver coloured one

    BBC Breakfast expert, Toyota CHR driver.

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    For me following that review , it looks like most toyota interiors, cheap and lots of hard plastic.

    And did Anyone mention it’s ugly.

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    Menorca Mike

    Phil it doesn’t look so bad in silver with silver alloys I built it on Toyotas website it depends on model

    BBC Breakfast expert, Toyota CHR driver.

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    At least it’s not a bland, dull, boring, lifeless, VW.

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    well said SaintsMain!!

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    If nothing else, its getting talked about …… haha

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    Let’s take a vote, I like it ?

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
    Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.

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    Yep, i like it too

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    Thumbs up from me.

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    It starting to grow on me I would like too see one in real life, plenty of space for my scooter, the excel is full loaded and a better AP than the Honda CRV.

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    Unfortunately I do get confused and get things wrong, so I apologise in advance.

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    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it’s the wheel arches that I find a little odd however, it is a very angular design.

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    thumbs down from me – I was originally very pro but after hands on and research its a no no – reason…

    1 poor quality interior

    2 poor (dated) infortainment

    3 cvt box

    4 sunroof and 360 camera cost cira £1600 🙁 ouch!

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