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    Does anyone know if the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid (due to be in showrooms next week apparently) is likely to appear on the Motability Scheme? Thank you in advance.

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    I’ve never gone by the onboard mpg, I work it out myself on actual mileage.

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    Michael Seignot

    That’s higher mpg than even the manufacturer claims IIRC.

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    I agree with Brydo the Tig is a very bland boring shape just like my Golf but it is the superb dsg gearbox ride and quietness what makes me love the Golf now on my 3rd and the excellent mpg in my 130 bhp version with non sports suspension ! Yes you can dress a tig or Golf up with fancy alloys etc but it’s still a bland shape and they always have been ! The Italians and french cars have more design but imho not as well made as VW

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    So coming back to the Rav4 Hybrid, has anyone on here actually driven one yet?

    I’d be interested to hear initial thoughts

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    You’ll be lucky macca, the Tiguan owners club will be all over the thread again.

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    I’ll watch out for them I’ve heard they’re a cracking bunch of guys and girls. ?


    I’ve not driven a rav 4 as I just don’t like the look of it or the hard plastic interior. Plus we already got our car and love it.


    Have you tried the Tiguan.

    Its drives so well and has a really good size boot. ?? ?

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    lol Macca I thought any looking at the Rav4 always end up with a Hyundai.

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    Haha, well the Tucson is very much a possible next time around for sure, but I have a big interest in the Rav4 too, also interested to have a closer look at the Eclipse Cross.

    The mrs and I walked past a C5 Aircross recently too and we actually both kind of liked it although the carwow review i watched slated the Sat Nav/Info centre, and i’ve never been well motivated by french cars, so who knows ??

    I guess the point is, our next motor could be one of a number of things, and we’re keeping an open mind on it.

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    Both Tuscon and Eclipse Cross where contenders for me to… Tuscon ruled out because Premium SE only available in petrol, if you want diesel you have to downgrade to Premium 🙁

    Eclipse Cross was the only other car besides the Peugeot 3008 that actually drew a WOW when I sat in the cab. Awesome setup let down by no option of heated steering wheel, a TINY boot, and could not get used to the split rear window (seriously limits visibility).

    Ordered the Tiguan 2.0 TDI R Line Tech (Pure White) last Saturday 🙂

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    I test drove the Rav4 Hybrid twice and I’m sure i’ve posted a mini review in one of the threads here.

    Long story short, i thought the Rav4 interior was comfy (particularly due to a high centre console and lonnger resting area for the left arm) and the seads were comfy and a very good size (compare to my X1).

    On the second test drive i covered nearly 30 miles whilst chatting away with the rep (1hr 15 min drive) with a mixture of motorway and local driving. Car was very good over pot-holes and a very quiet suspension- unless pushed.The switching between electric and petrol was hardly noticeably. I noticed a lot of wind/air noise around the front door mirrors at around 60/65 on the motorwat though. Actual MPG recorded for the journey (the rep had an app) was 64.7mpg if i remember correctly.

    Tbh i hated the resolution and graphics of the tiny SAT NAV screen (reminded me of VHS) and the lack of Apple CarPlay (for now – apparently update might/will come in the not too distant future) was an absolute bummer. Plus the model I am interested in (EXCEL) comes standard with leather seats (I hate leathers in my X1) and no option of a cloth trim.

    So I went ahead and ordered a Tiguan 2.0 TDI R Line Tech DSG in Pure White on 13th March also recieiving a handsome discount of £600. Only issue – Provisional build Week 24!

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    Very interesting read Zaheer, much appreciated

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    Very pleasantly surprised with the new Rav4 Hybrid AP’s that have appeared on the motability site.

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    Mmmm…. worth cancelling the Tiguan R Line for a 4WD Excel Rav4?

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    Don’t think the 4wd is on yet Zaheer

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    It is mate!! Not the first (AP £2245)  but the second Excel Version is 4WD (£AP 2745) I think – hence the price difference in AP – hope someone else can confirm this too

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    Great if it is, just doesn’t come up on a 4wd search

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    Zaheer test drive them back to back, I’d be surprised if the Toyota was anywhere near it for tech and interior quality.

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    @PhilJB I agree – the tech and drive on the Tiguan was much better as far as I could remember – the interior quality and layout was better too. The main thing I liked was the MPG being a hybrid and the high Centre Console armrest area. I’m keeping the Tiguan for now.

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    I didn’t like the left hand armrest had little or no padding compared to the centre consul.

    Ouch on long journeys.

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    So every time i’ve looked at a car with the option of a beige leather interior i’ve always ended up shying away from it. It was an option on the Santa Fe that we currently have but as such a huge portion of the dash was also beige it was ultimately a no go.

    Looking at the Rav4, beige lether is an option on the Excel spec and I kinda think it looks ok given the mix of beige, black and silver.

    Thoughts guys ? ….

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    Menorca Mike

    Looks nice but I’d prefer all black

    BBC Breakfast expert, Toyota CHR driver.

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    Hmm, its the ‘marmite factor’, no doubt the novelty would wear off and it would irrirate me over time whereas black is timeless eh?

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