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    Does anyone know if the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid (due to be in showrooms next week apparently) is likely to appear on the Motability Scheme? Thank you in advance.

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    poss only the base model as its priced v close to the cap.

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    This thread here may put some light on it for you Zaheer76, although speculation toyota are good at getting cars on the scheme so may see the lower spec version first then the others (under the 35,000 cap) may follow.


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    Thanks guys. However it was my understanding that of the base model of the car is under the cap then higher models could be included (with varying AP). The Excel is around £34k I believe. The reason for my asking is that I am due to place an order to replace my BMW 25d xDrive xLine – I am on the the verge of placing a deposit for the R-Line Tiguan this week. Wondered of its worth waiting it out till April 1st to see if the RAV4 appears? Ideally I want a hybrid SUV – not keen on the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV or Countryman etc.

    Thanks again for you’re replies.

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    There used to be a rule whereby if the base model qualified, then high priced models could be included on the scheme at motability’s discretion. But i believe that rule was scrapped when the new caps came in to effect in Jan last year.

    I have just replied on different thread with the current caps which may help with your decision making –


    Mota History - Nissan Qashqai Ford Focus Seat Leon ST Mazda CX-5

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    Thank you Trev!

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    Ok, just got off the phone with Motability (for a different matter – but I also was interested in the Rav 4 Hybrid)…

    Incidentally, I also asked about new cars coming onto the scheme in the 2nd Quarter and was told to expect a significant number of new arrivals. I then pressed for ‘what exactly’ and was told ‘too many to go through individually’ so asked about the Rav 4 Hybrid.

    Response : The Rav 4 Facelift model will appear in the 2nd quarter but no details yet as to trim.

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    72 Dudes

    That’s good news. I think the entry level model is known as ‘Icon’. Mrs 72 Dudes may be encouraged to look at one later in the year as I think the RAV 4 may suit us too.

    Having driven a Prius a few years ago, it’s worth mentioning that the advertised ’20 miles on electric power’ or ‘runs on electric motor for short periods’ does not apply to the initial warm-up phase of 2 or 3 miles, so a bit redundant for those only doing short journeys.

    Maybe the system has improved on the latest models?

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    This is exactly the news I was waiting for! Think I’ll hold fire and order in Q2!

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    Toyota RAV4 (2019) is now available in my local Showroom (Bradford). Apparently not available for Test Drives until March. Will pop down in a few mins to check it out!

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    Hi Zaheer76,

    Let us know what you think and if you can find out what models will be on in Q2 that would be great 🙂


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    Spoke to the Motability specialist who thinks that at least one trim level will be available on Q2. I left impressed with the interior which I thought was a step up from my current X1 in terms of size and the simpler layout.

    Will hold fire on the Tiguan for now and see whether the RAV4 appears. Due for a test drive next week. Will let you guys know of my thoughts when I get in one. Hope I can get close to the mpg I got in the loan CHR I had a few months back!

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    Went to the cinema tonight, as I was early I popped into the Toyota dealership next door.

    They had a RAV4 in the showroom so I had a quick look around. The boot space is always the most important thing for me, so was pleasantly surprised to see a decent sized flat floor, with a huge space for the optional spare wheel. It’s a bigger space than the X1 mainly because of the wheel size. I was surprised as this is a hybrid, and other makes such as Honda and Hyundai lose boot space in the hybrid models.

    The interior looks great, with a huge screen in the middle of the dash, much bigger than BMW.

    It was only a quick look, but first impressions are very positive and if it drives well I would consider it as an alternative to BMW.

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    Hello Hammerhead

    Spoke to local Motability Specialist at Toyota who is confident that RAV4 should appear by Q3 at the latest. He was saying something about higher trims (Excel,Dynamic) not being available until May. I’m hoping to arrange a test drive in March some time so will fill you in on any first impressions!

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    Thanks for confirming my thoughts Robert!

    The X1 Dash has too many buttons – who needs a CD Drive these days come on! Its pointless.

    One thing I forgot to mention is the position of the front seatbelt buckle . Currently on my X1 I struggle to twist and engage it! Perhaps due to the size of the sport seats which in my opinion are two narrow (I normal build 6 ft).

    In the RAV4 I found it easier to engage/disengage the seatbelt. I love the fact that the centre console is much higher and wider (armrest etc) – gives much bigger sense of space.

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    Menorca Mike

    I’m afraid the RAV4 has the same terrible cvt auto gearbox as my neighbours CHR hybrid it’s noisy and doesn’t know what gear it’s in the BMW auto gearbox is superb like my DSG box

    BBC Breakfast expert, VW Golf driver.

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    In 2005 I suffered a brain injury which has left me with mental and physical disabilities.
    Unfortunately I do get confused and get things wrong, so I apologise in advance.

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    Be interesting when it comes on the scheme probably too late for us.

    It’s not the prettiest car I have ever seen, too many angles and those square wheel arches are, well a bit different at least.

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    Be interesting when it comes on the scheme probably too late for us. It’s not the prettiest car I have ever seen, too many angles and those square wheel arches are, well a bit different at least.

    I cant see any advantages for to the mobility customer, as a business users  there may be some tax incentives?

    In 2005 I suffered a brain injury which has left me with mental and physical disabilities.
    Unfortunately I do get confused and get things wrong, so I apologise in advance.

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    Some day the perfect car will come along.

    I agree with you about the gearbox and of course BMW have the idrive, which I love. But BMW are being left behind with some of the new technology which is becoming standard on other makes but are expensive options on BMW.

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    I managed to get a test drive of the new RAV4 arranged for Saturday morning. Will post impressions soon!

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    You lost me at CVT gearbox . Enjoy nonetheless

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    Cvt’s tend to rev and whine and are an acquired taste.  The  bmw dct is even worse,occasional loss of power in 1st gear.

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    I will never have a CVT  gearbox again.

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    Menorca Mike

    I can’t understand why Toyota continues with this terrible gearbox maybe you could ask the salesperson Saturday morning

    BBC Breakfast expert, VW Golf driver.

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    As a car nut, the only constant over the last 30 years has been reading how bad CVT gearboxes are. Always.

    Why on earth are they still in production??

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