Toyota Delivery Times

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    Hi all!

    First time Motability user and very excited! I placed my order for a Toyota Prius+ one month ago and was wondering if anyone had any ideas how long the wait times usually are for Toyota? I’ve heard everything from 2-12 weeks but would love some real life experiences if possible please. Thank you 🙂

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    Prius Driver

    I ordered a Prius Plus back in February.  I got it a couple of weeks ago.

    Worth the wait in my opinion. I went for the excel.

    Having a foot brake instead of a hand brake took some getting used to.  The self parking is fun and the kids love it but unless the bays are marked with white lines it rarely self parks straight. I never use it when by myself as it’s much quicker to just reverse park yourself.

    MPG is accurate and I’m saving a lot of money on fuel already.

    If you turn on all the safety features you do get the car beeping and talking to you if you go over the speed limit. The lane assist will beep if you move out of your lane for any reason. The collision assist hasn’t activated yet but I’ve read that most drivers can go a year or two without seeing it activate.

    I enjoy trying to drive it as economically as possible.

    It’s my fifth 7 seater on the scheme,and while not the largest is the most economical.  My last was the seat alhambra, driving in town most of the time and it cost a fortune to run.

    Enjoy your new Prius, it’s a lovely car.

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    Menorca Mike

    Is the Prius plus higher than normal Prius to get into ? I have back problems my Golf to low

    BBC Breakfast expert, VW Golf driver.

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    Prius Driver

    I’m sorry but I have no idea, I’ve never sat in a normal one.

    It does have heated seats, which I find helps my back when it’s sore.  Backache isn’t part of my disability but I have occasional muscular backache.

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    The Prius Plus is just standard hatchback height for getting in/out of.

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    PRIUS PLUS is an old design using toytas oldest hybrid system, it also being dropped from Toyota’s range in the near future.

    It has very few safety systems compared to the prius and other Toyota hybrids if you do not need 7 seats your best staying away the new corrolla estate has a large boot and good passenger space  the Rav4 is very good if you want the higher ride hieght.

    The prius + was a failure fir Toyota it never caught on it use old dated interior plastics the only good point from the lease point if view us the low deposit.  If you happy with a basic slow car with basic safety feature then tis will do if you want a car that has new tech and more advanced cleaner engines with better performance then avoid the prius + deal are trying to get shut if cars because Toyota have lots sitting in storage areas. The car a dog.

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    Has anyone received their order?

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    Our RAV4 is due at the dealers on 30th September, not getting excited until we actually see it with the number plate we have chosen!



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    Ordered RAV4 AWD on 16th August it came to dealer end of November still can’t take delivery as need hand controls waiting for them to be fitted seems nobody,s had these hand controls fitted to a Rav 4 before so it’s taking ages to get them fitted 😩😡

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Ordered my Prius+ in December and was told delivery end of February 2020. Had a phone call last week and we’re aiming at 4th February. Getting excited. I was told that if I went for the yaris i could’ve had it within 3 weeks  but I wanted the Prius+. According to what I’ve read in a number of reviews it’s going to be worth the wait. 3 weeks to go😎</p>

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    Hi all

    6 months on from the last comment and have to say – I wish I had found this thread before Xmas 2019!

    We liked the look of the Prius + and ordered our Excel model beginning of December 19 and were told that delivery was showing last week in January 2020.

    We got a call from the dealers on 26th Jan and were told that because of the weather, our delivery date had slipped to the 20th February 2020.

    Just had a call from the dealers today to say that delivery won’t now be until 17th March 2020 – once again because of the weather!

    Considering the Prius + is very much unchanged from 2016 when the 2 tone interior was replaces by the black or grey one, surely it would make sense to have more vehicles available in their UK storage areas ready to be registered as and when needed.

    When our car is finally delivered and registered as a 2020 m/y,. The care could have been manufactured 3 years ago and still be registered as a brand new 2020 vehicle and nobody would be none the wiser!

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