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    dont know if anyone has seen but this car is now £195 ap on the 1.2 manual Petrol specs not bad either for the entry lvl although the size of the engine and electronic parking brake puts me off slightly.

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    Why would the electronic parking brake put you off???


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    I tried one on a Astra years ago just couldn’t get used to it mind you I only had it for a few days

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    Which Mobility Car

    Price now increased back to £495.

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    So what was all that about, a 24 hour price reduction?

    Did someone at motability, or relative of an employee want a £300 reduction? lol

    Seriously though is this common? Any thoughts at to the reason this happened?

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    What was it before the short lived reduction ? Was it suposed to have gone down by 195  and not to 195 maybe

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    Still £195 on the Toyota web site and local dealer was in there earlier today. However head room getting in and out of the rear of the car isn’t great, so looking like the eclipse cross for me now.

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    Maybe it’s a hint at the Q2 pricing! As it’s not a new addition vehicle they may well of already set the pricing for Q2 and somebody Input it now by mistake.

    this of course is opinion only but now the Chr is no longer a new model Toyota may well done a better deal resulting in a lower AP and the resale values are good.


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