Toyota bz4x awd

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      Anyone considered or tried this car it looks great value at the moment

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        I quite fancied it but couldn’t even get into it!

        I’m 6’5″ and couldn’t get under the door opening, it’s actually taller than both my previous Ateca and current Enyaq but has less access height!.

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          I took my daughter to the Toyota dealership last week especially to look at the bZ4X as Motability class this as a small suv,

          needed something small as she’s the motability customer & has only recently passed her driving test.

          Reading the spec sheet, it fitted our needs to a T,

          We only walked into the showroom & daughter said I can’t drive that it’s the size of a tank?

          We never even opened the doors to have a look.

          For the AP it’s a lot of car in more ways than one.




            Anyone considered or tried this car it looks great value at the moment

            It was only £499 in the previous quarter so it has shot up in cost a lot now.  Think the Skoda Enyaq would be better (cheaper) option now.


              I don’t have any experience of the vehicle but there was some pretty negative reviews by electrifying regarding range and some other stuff, it might be worth watching that before making any concrete decisions.


              Im not a fan of all the plastic on this car, I seen a picture where someone had wrapped it so it was all body coloured and the vehicle looks so so good, I wonder why Toyota has decided not have at least one version of this car all colour coded.

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                I sat in one, never drove it, good general impressions but didn’t like the seat – felt like it was too wide and smooth, slipped around on it – may be too firm?, I’m not a small guy at over 100 kilos so don’t think that was the issue – I passed and am now waiting for an Enyaq myself

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                  That was the FWD Motion trim which is no longer offered unfortunately.


                    I was considering the FWD Motion trim at £499 AP. However that has been removed from the scheme.

                    A few pointers. The FWD version would have been my choice as the AWD isn’t all that much more powerful (only 14 hp) but it takes away 28 miles of range. In addition, the 20 inch alloys on the Vision trim, though they look much better, take away roughly another 25-28 miles of range. That’s why the 18″ FWD Motion trim achieves a theoretical 313 miles whereas the 20″ AWD Vision trim gets 260.


                    In addition, when I was watching reviews, all reviewers were saying that upto model year 2023 the FWD one can fast charge at up to 150kw whereas the AWD uses different technology and is limited to much less (something like 115 if I remember correctly). Model year 2024 might be different. I do not know.

                    Finally, the car that I test drove, an AWD Vision trim, had about 113 miles of range left. As soon as I would turn on the AC, the range would drop by close to 30 miles (down to 83 miles of range). I believe this is far higher than other EVs, even ones without heat pumps.

                    The final consideration is that you can’t have an upgraded sound system on the BZ4X. The factory sound system is better than a lot of stock systems on other cars though.


                    But and it is a MASSIVE but, the ride quality is absolutely exceptional (faaar better than the Mach e and better than the Ioniq 5 too) and handling on the car is great too (much better than the Ioniq 5 and still better than the Mustang Mach e). I can out imagine how much more comfortable the car is on the 18 inch wheels. All in all, it is a great car if that’s what matters to you. With regard to the gimmicky stuff (to some), there are better EVs out there.

                    I myself am torn between the I5, the Mach e and the BZ4X although would have liked the cheap as chips Motion trim of the BZ4X. Hope it comes back.

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                      I have the FWD vision version but test drive the FWD motion, have to say, for me, the vision was better, not a lot though, the ventilated seats are brill when the car has been parked in sunlight! Using auto eco rather than full a/c only takes around 15 miles off though and the car is very comfy with that, but it’s each to their own as they say.

                      Bz4x fwd vision in silver


                        Just a heads up. The FWD Motion trim is back on the scheme for £695. £200 more expensive than the last quarter.

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