Torn between two… well options (and you're probably old if you get that )

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    Think I have nailed my next car down to one of two.  Either the Tiguan R-Design or the Skoda Superb Estate. Equivalent power and economy, not too far apart anyway, the Superb is the car I really wanted when I let the wife talk me into the XC60 I have now but the Tiguan has all the toys I kinda fancy, most importantly the 360 camera which I loved to bits when I rented a Nissan Rogue (Qashqai equivalent) in the USA last year, not available on any Superb anywhere – not a deal-breaker but a big negative in my head.

    As far as I can see there are no mega deals on Skoda anywhere (I don’t see me driving hundreds of miles for a £50 m&s voucher) and the discounts being offered by JCT600 on the Tiguan make them roughly the same AP too – just a case of if they can get one for me in time to qualify for the offer – already been told that Skoda can get me a car very quickly as there are cars in UK stock, and I do kinda miss having a regular “car” as opposed to the SUV.

    I was pretty much decided on the Tiguan Allspace but with the extras I need (ok I admit, want), I’m looking at 6+ months for delivery and I want out of the XC60 sooner rather than later.  I don’t have the AP to hand but I have no doubt I can find up to £2k pretty quickly if needed so not too worried about that side of things.

    Any thoughts? Reasons to go one way or the other? Warnings (other than the 1.5 TSI stuff which already has me concerned even after the VW group claim to have fixed it).

    Feel free to blow my precarious two-option situation with another option I haven’t noticed, but not the Seat Leon – I just don’t like them).  £2k is about all I’m willing to spend, I can go more but there’d need to be a VERY good reason)

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    I think you are the first person on here that ive seen ,whos wants rid of the xc60.everyone else seems to extend the lease on theirs.

    All the best choosing your next car,personally i would go for the skoda,i have had suv and too miss driving ‘a car’ like you .


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    I’m the devil on the other shoulder. I’ve driven SUV’s since 2006, and would never choose a car instead now due to ride height needs for both I and my wife.

    I actually much prefer the taller ride height anyway given the view of the road. Personally i think the Tig is far better looking too. (Odd, as I never liked it to begin with, but opinions change eh?).

    Plus of course 500 quid off at JCT600 gives a hell of a lot of car for the money

    ….. err hang on, i’m beginning to talk myself into a Tiguan R Line here ! £1699 for an auto?, damn thats a good deal. If it wasn’t for the fact that i’d be giving up 4wd for 2wd I could be tempted.

    Good luck with your choice fella.

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    The Tiguan is a hard car to beat for the price. The seat alteca a close second but it’s not quite as practical.

    If the newest model xc60 was on the scheme that would win hands down, unless it was really basic spec.

    we got a cancelled order and qualified for the discount. Then a bonus of finding out the car they sourced for us has over £2k worth of options on it already paid for. Result.

    The only thing I don’t like on our Tiguan is the start stop, it just doesn’t work very well compared to other car I’ve had and can get confused. Turn it off.
    Then adjust the front autonomous breaking (forget what Vw call it) to late to save it kicking in at some surprising and unnecessary moments.
    Then you’ll have a great practical car.

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    As for another option …

    Hyundai Tucson Premium SE …. absolutely loaded with kit. With winter coming i’m sure your fingers would love you for the heated steering wheel.

    Just £99 over your £2k for the auto

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    I was also looking at the the superb estate, but we found the Tiguan interior and the tech was so much better in every way, the seats in the Vw were also more comfortable and we both liked the higher  driving position.

    But like you I do miss the days of not needing an SUV type vehicle.

    It’s kind of the same feeling when you get married start a family and then have to sell your pride and joy and say hello to practical and boring. lol

    But you’ll find the Tiguan drives like a golf, which is no bad thing on such a big high car. Vw did a great job Making it so car like to drive.


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    xc60 you dont like it ,,  i like the height and width

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    I’m not really sure if I “need” an SUV or not – my wife talked me into the XC60 over the Superb 3 years ago but the truth of the matter is her two main justifications were the higher position for me to get in and out which kinda made sense at the time – the majority of my disability is weakness in my left leg but after a couple months it became more obvious that the height wasn’t really a benefit for me as, getting in it just means I have to lift my left leg higher, and when it comes to getting out, it’s really the right leg that does most of the work and (so far) that’s unaffected.  She was also keen on the 4wd (well AWD) but again, that’s more about the fact that she is from the mountains of Pennsylvania and it isn’t really that helpful in the North-East of England. The couple of times I’ve noticed the rear wheels doing any work have been on a bend when the back end stepped out on me BECAUSE of the AWD lol.

    I’m completely comfortable admitting that I’m a bit of a geek and the tech in the Volvo is VERY last generation, that and the stop-start which I HATE are probably my two main moans about the car – it’s served us well enough but we’re due for a change so I’m wondering if I should have stuck to my guns 3 years ago and gone with the Superb which is why I was pleased to see it finally pop back onto the scheme.  As for the Tiguan, there’s no denying that will tick my geek boxes.  I tried to call Roger at JCT earlier but he wasn’t in this afternoon (bloody part-timer lol) so will give him another call tomorrow and find out about the offer and any availability issues – at least then I’ll have a complete picture to make my decision on.

    Re: The Tucson – had some bad experiences with Hyundai rental cars in the USA so I don’t think that’s in the running at the moment but I may swing by the dealer and have a look anyway

    "Man is born in freedom, but he soon becomes a slave, in cages of convention, from the cradle, to the grave."

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    Last gen tech in the XC60 eh? We test drove one and amongst other things the sat nav was a big gripe for me, it was aweful.

    Hyundai? Well we’re 6 years in over 2 cars and in fact we’ve just extended the current lease. Can’t speak of the Tucson first hand as ours is a Santa Fe, but JustSaying runs one, so i’m sure he can offer his view on it.

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    I’m jumping out my D5 rdesign XC60 it’s ok but I find it noisy and slow with old tech…….


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    Yep it’s amazing how tech moves on, I thought the digital cockpit was a gimmick at first, but now I’d really miss it.
    one of my biggest hates is slow or sticking sat nav, the worst culprit was the Citroen c5 airspace it just wouldn’t start up, when it did it was quicker to use my phone.
    Again the Tiguan isn’t the most exciting or stylish, but it ticks a lot of boxes over its competitors.

    I can remember buying a brand new Volvo 760 turbo GLE and thinking it was just amazing with electric everything.

    Then we had a v50 with it’s floating centre consul but it was slow and boring.

    The new Xc40 is too small, but it’s a quality suv, if it’s big brothers make it to the scheme I’d be very tempted.

    As for the superb if you need a big estate this is the car for you, but depending on AP there are better driving cars that are nearly as big, like the Passat and even the ford mondeo.

    one estate I wish would make the scheme again is the Audi A4 as the interiors are amongst the nicest.

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    The tiguan R line drives very car like surprising enough and I am coming from last 3 cars being BMW so that should say a thing or too and god I love the tech inside, I am sure if you tell JCT your willing to accept any color you will find one on route or in stock as I did with my dealer in kent. I was lucky I literally phoned up on a weds to find out if they had canceled orders or stock ones and told they are waiting on one from port (30 miles from dealers) and was driving away following monday :O with side assist and headlight washers for free… the tech in the rline tech also does not disappoint.

    And for me its the most car like suv to drive with the sportier suspension.

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    Hey Colin, i recalled this mini review that JS had posted a wee while back on his Tucson :


    ‘We have the Tucson although the 1.7 diesel and in Premium as the Premium SE wasn’t available, 16 months later and nearly 10,ooo miles later it’s surpassed all expectations, the things I would like to add are all included in the Premium SE, I really can’t fault it, mpg wise overall in 16 months ours says 37.1mpg but that’s short journeys in a very rural and hilly area, the dsg box has never missed a beat, after 7 hour journey I still felt comfortable and the driving aids really make a long journey less stressful. I think Hyundai have done a great job on this platform, having still kept an eye on present cars I would still chose the Tucson, the 48v system would be of interest now though as all wheeel drive too ticks lots of boxes. The only other one I would consider at present is the Seat Tarraco”

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    37 mpg for a 1.7 diesel that’s shocking imho

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    Don’t forget he’s saying that’s short journeys, i.e. when the engine is relatively cold, in hilly rural areas.


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    11300 miles a couple of trips to the airport later it’s now at 37.4 mpg, but yes mine is probably not the best guide as most trips are 5 miles and upto 40 miles but none are even dual carriageway (I do take her for a blow out in sports mode to keep the cobwebs away) normal roads are hilly,twisting roads then the town and the Aircon is always on, most individual trips only return an average speed of around 24mph, I’ve got to do a 200 mile trip soon I’ll try and remember to reset the trip to see the difference, but to be honest I don’t expect to much more taking into account I have the older 1.7cdi and the New ones use the newly developed 1.6crdi Diesels, so mine is not a true representation.


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    So in our 2.2d auto Hyundai, i estimate the aircon takes about 5 mpg to run, would you think its similar in the tucson or less ?

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    I never think to reset Trip A or B and have never reset the main one until after the breaking in period, Ill try it on a return trip next time I go over 20 miles, I’m not sure where I got the notion from but I’ve always assumed Aircon lowers the Mpg by 3mpg so 5 sounds accurate.

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    Have you not got an eco mode or 2 cylinder mode ? It’s made a big difference on my Golf the first tank full I got 650 miles that’s from no miles drove it out the showroom ! I do agree yours is a heavy car etc that’s why the hybrid versions of the diesel could benefit you where you live ?

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    Even if the 1.5 is now fixed and yes it does have 2 cylinder mode, the engine feels very sluggish if you drive in town in town traffic, then it keeps up at 30mph ok.
    But with more then 2 adults and my scooter my wife’s chair and our dog it felt like it was so underpowered? we took it on trip down the A3 to the devils punch bowl, about 60 miles at 50- 70 mph and the Mpg was high 20’s according to the computer, up hill stretches the Dsg had to change down to 6th then 5th to stay at 70, by comparison our 2.0 diesel does the same journey showing 54mpg.



    I have to say though the tiguan we had suffered from the poor running and cutting out when cold.

    If your thinking of getting one ask for an extended, extended test drive and insist on having it over night to rest it from cold.
    fingers crossed Vw have actually sorted out the issues.

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    Our older Premium model only has normal and sports, I’m not sure on new ones. We are not due to change till Jan 2021, but as said on the otherthread for our needs hybrid/diesel combo would be of interest but I think thier will be a few powertrian options nearer the time.

    As Colin the original poster suggests I too am happy to look at other options, when my time comes. With size/specs and discounts I can see why it’s hard to see past the Tiguan at present to be honest (the looks have grown on me since noticing more lately) but it if a dilemma as the Skoda lives up to its name as I think it looks Superb! But it’s Mrs Colin that needs convincing not Me lol.

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    Phil it’s the 1.5 tsi manual engine which had the problems not the 1.5 tsi dsg like mine the service manager told me this at my local VW dealer where I’m going tomorrow for oil service at 19000 miles

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    I have never sat in a Tiguan will sit in one in showroom tomorrow as my next car in 2021 needs to be higher to get in

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    Mike if you look online it’s mostly manuals but not all.
    The manuals are more likely to stall but the Dsg hesitates from cold, like it wants to stall?
    I’ve witnessed it myself.

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    The seats are great in all but base spec, I found them too soft and unsupportive.
    I need a higher seating position and have our Tiguan set to the highest setting with still lots of head room, even with the glass sunroof.

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    Phil does the glass sunroof slide open ? May I ask how much that was before I joined motability 20 years ago I had electric tilt slide roof on my bmw 3 series and Orion ghia

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