To mask or not to mask: what will you do after 19 July?

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    So on the 19th of July almost all of the COVID restrictions will be lifted in England according to The PM B.J

    So what will you do?

    What I will do is more or less carry on wearing my mask where appropriate. I will also still be careful of shielding because I am extremely high risk. However, as I have had both doses of the vaccine. I do feel safer to the risk.


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    ive had both doses and i am not particularly high risk, i am overweight but dont have any other particular risk factors as my disabilities are all physical rather than medical if you see what i mean.

    but even so i will keep my mask etc and follow the same routine as before more for other peoples benefit than mine.

    theres a bit too much selfishness around i want to do what i like etc etc i wont be rushing back to the pub etc too many idiots around for my liking.

    ask me again in 6 months lol.

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    I’m with you Mitch I will continue wearing my mask 😷

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    I will continue to sanitise, will continue to keep a decent distance from others. If the masses had actually carried out these measures we wouldn’t be in the mess we are.

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    Mask up and keep an even bigger distance from unmasked people.  I do fear the masked will rapidly become open to abuse for making the unmasked feel ‘guilty’ about ‘living normally’ again.

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    Yeah safe words there, won’t be long before we’re seeing unmasked goons coughing purposely in queues though..



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    I shall continue to do the mask thing AND self-isolate as much as is feasible. Don’t care which new bunch of lies BJ and all his thugs are spitting at us. Simple logic tells me that when there are constant increases in the number of people infected, number of deaths and number admitted to hospital, then relaxing all safety measures is criminally incompetent. Figures, by the way are provided by the government. Have shown increases of up to 50/60% for weeks. Covid continues to kill at the rate of over 6,000 per year and is constantly increasing.

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    Yes true Tharg, when life loss figures are just taken as, Oh this many have died today or throughout the virus.
    it’s as if it’s becoming comfortable for lives lost…The devastation of losing a close one, one life lost would be a nightmare…

    They just rattle numbers off, these people who sadly died are so sadly missed must be awful..


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    What are those funny shapes everywhere on some replies on here, I thought I was just me, but see quite a few replies with “”>#*\!’pstyle all over the place🤔

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    Which Mobility Car

    It’s html script, when people copy and paste into the box or it looks like there is a conflict with certain keyboard settings. We just edit them out when they occur, perhaps I should do a little more research as to why they appear.


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    Tharg. I don’t want to cause an arguement and you must do what you think is best, of course, but these are the facts:

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    Which Mobility Car

    Is that only up to the 1st of July, it’s the 7th now. Also we were always told, when it suited, that the death figures are two weeks behind the case numbers. Clearly, and thankfully, there is evidence that the vaccine rollout is working and the number of people who are requiring hospital treatment is decreasing but we all still have a right to be worried. The real problem now is the isolation issue, schools, they break up soon, and hospitals simply do not have the staff to operate fully and as nothing is to be done about this issue until August when the case numbers we are told will be 100k from where I’m sitting the situation is looking worrying. We know Boris wants to be brave and make the big decisions but there is a time to be brave and I don’t think we are there yet. As ever the lad has got his timing wrong.

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    Wigwam – I do not deny that current figures from your graph are much lower than the height of the outbreak. However, the government figures, below, are yesterday’s stats and continue to show an alarming daily percentage increase in all categories. Extrapolating the figures for deaths gives an annual death rate of 7,300, that’s well up on the previous days and is increasing every day, as are the figures for the other categories.



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    I’ll be taking my usual precautions against flu, as in avoiding contact with small people who spread all manner of diseases (I think they’re called children), and avoiding old people as they usually have extra diseases & spend all their time discussing them rather than getting on with dying from them.

    Mask? If the hayfever is particularly bad then yes, as I have been doing, but not those useless paper masks & stretchy masks that seem to have become a fashion item. Anyway, the pollen is outside rather than inside.

    It’s July & my current worry is the stinging eyes from some grass pollen, that’s my major concern as it makes driving interesting.

    I’m double vaccinated & in my 50s & very likely had COVID at the end of February 2020, I’m not worried about COVID causing my demise, there are too many other factors to worry about, such as needing exercise after the NHS decreed that only walking, running & cycling counted as exercise & our thuggish police prevented me driving to a flat area to exercise in the manual wheelchair.




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    Tharg, don’t you find it strange that the government is still quoting deaths within 28 days of a positive test which the WHO says should not be used as a measure? because I do…

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    Wigwam, maybe it is strange that Boris is using the 28-days parameter. But it is the only stat on deaths that I can see. I reckon, though, that whatever basis used to compile the stats, the overall trend in terms of percentage increase will be similar. I am not a statistician, and maybe I am applying too simple a mathematical approach. However, taking the deaths figure, above, if the 20% increase is applied over three months, we will be seeing over 1,200 deaths per week; 60,000+ p.a. This is an under-estimate since the 20% will increase day-on-day. Look at the exponential rise in the same figures for number infected. No matter how you measure them, all figures show an alarming rate of increase. I really hope that they will level off and decrease. But with further reductions in precautionary measures, I fear it will only get worse.

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    I will continue to wear one in circumstances and situations I deem to be appropriate,  but hopefully less regularly than recent months.

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    The Delta variant is far more rife than the stats are telling us. If 30,000 cases a day are identified by PCR testing then you can bet that a huge number of cases of covid amongst the ‘young and healthy’ are not being  reported.

    In the last ten days both my son and daughter in law have tested positive with lateral flow testing and now two of my grandchildren have tested positive with the same test. So in the same household 4 out 7 occupants have covid.

    They have followed the rules and my son and daughter in law have both been double jabbed (early because they are foster carers). It shows that double jabbing doesn’t stop infection, it just makes it far less serious.

    If you have any health issues that make you more vulnerable, please be careful.

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    Sound advice, POPS. Mrs T and I both have issues which make us more vulnerable so we will take it very carefully. Took another look at government daily stats and the number-diagnosed-per-day figure is still climbing rapidly. Now at just over 50% of the highest figure back at the start of January. The number-of-deaths statistic continues to rise also. Given that the death-rate proportional change is some three weeks behind the number-diagnosed figures, I reckon we will see an alarming increase in deaths over the next three weeks. Sincerely hope not, but I DO find it disturbing that aside from publishing the figures we hear nothing about the stats from Boris and his people. There is surely a link between relaxing precautions and the increase in those affected by Covid.

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    In our household we will continue to wear masks and both sanitise our hands and clean every parcel/food shopping delivery that comes through the door .

    We might be advised by the government but common sense says our family need to keep shielding ….maybe indefinitely !

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    With you on that, Unclebob. On the Beeb’s Morning show today the Chair of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, Helen Stokes-Lampard, said things are getting worse. She cited the government figures for the increasing percentage of people registering as infected and the number of deaths. She said the increases were alarming and were bound to happen with all the relaxation of precautions.

    Her item on the Beeb was about 3/4 minutes long and virtually the only item in the hour that I watched which was NOT about tomorrow’s football. So, thousands of lives at risk or the outcome of a sports game – which is more important? Answers  on  a postcard, please..!

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    Yes Tharg I do enjoy watching the football,(only the bigger compitions) however the fans, crowds seem to have totally lost all thought of the virus..

    These packed stadium’s and the behaviour of supporters could undo all the hard work we all done to try stop the spread..😕

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    Due to a cockup by the nhs i still only have one jab. should hopefully get second soon(maybe lol) I have been in isolation for  about 15/16 months, which has been hard as im susceptable to chest infections and lungs are us. Im not really able to wear masks up til now as ive now found a gadget that pushes the mask away from mouth etc (a cage) and im gett better at trying it. by time i get fully protected im hoping i will be able to use it for short periods. Still get out in car by by self.

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    This could turn out to be a disaster, positive tests going through the roof, hospitalisations and deaths rising and the government have boxed themselves into a corner with there’s “no going back” mantra.

    This point was always coming and picking the right time to do it was always going to be difficult so I am sympathetic but this whole “freedom day” nonsense is adding to the open at any cost attitude. A family member is a nurse in London and she tells me there are many double vaccinated in her hospital in a bad way.

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