To all the disabled, especially in England, be careful who you vote for.

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    The result of this general election will almost certainly be decided in England and, unfortunately ,it looks like the Tories will win a working majority. It is likely there will be a smattering of Tory seats won in Scotland and wales and of course they don’t stand in northern island. So we will be facing a Tory government with no mandate in three of the four countries in these disunited of kingdoms.

    So the plight of this nation is in the hands of the English people and I would ask the members on this forum, disabled or not, to consider whether or not a vote for the Conservative party is in our, your and the many best interest.

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    Mike 700

    Mike 700 I respect your right to vote Tory but would you consider yourself your average, Joe public disabled guy? You have just returned from New York and I have lost count of the number of times you have been abroad visiting family. All of which is great but your average person, never mind being disabled, couldn’t afford to do that. I am more worried about the poor Mike, I am trying to persuade those who are persuadable to vote against the most right wing government in living memory. A government who’s cabinet is full of “Tory Toffs” who don’t have a clue about what “making ends meet” actually means.



    I suffer from Parkinson’s Disease, which is a’progressive’ debilitating disease, which means that it get worse, as time goes by!

    Coupled to this, both of my femurs , pelvis and both hips are held together by stainless steel screws, rods and wire, weighing in at around 2kilo’s , from losing an argument with a parachute ( the last of just over 2000 previous arguments )

    In a working life of around 45 years , during which I was made redundant three times, retired from aviation on medical grounds, and I was finally forced kicking and screaming into an early retirement due to the PD, I paid some 5 % of my income into pension schemes so that I had enough in retirement to visit my children and grandchildren living abroad.

    My attitude is that life is what you make it, work is where you find it, and nobody owes me a living and I skimped & saved so that I would not be poor in retirement, , that doesn’t make me a Tory, or a bad person, just good at planning, and I find it particularly strange that you should condemn me for saving enough to enable me ( a disabled pensioner ) to still be visiting my kids?

    Labour economic policy is fantasy politics , cruelly designed to fool the vulnerable and they should be ashamed for the lies they are promoting over the NHS – thoroughly ashamed , and even though I will not be voting Tory as clearly stated in an earlier post, like Pops I shall go down the independent route, the Tory party is , currently, the only party to vote for, as no other group can maintain a strong economy and deliver democracy, and I will never ever vote for the shameful liars and charlatans of Corbyn’s Militant Tendency Party!

    May I suggest that you take a look at the people in Labour’s current and previous shadow cabinet and you will be surprised how many came from well to do families, attended public schools, and OxBridge.


    Have a good evening.

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    A good informative post Mike 700 …. Thank you for sharing some personal background to your views.

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    Menorca Mike

    Pops I agree with your every word well said

    BBC Breakfast expert, VW Golf driver.

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    Mike 700 I think you will find, if you read my post again, that I said your travels were “great”. I don’t know where you get that I was condemning you as I certainly wasn’t.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
    Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.

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    Donkey Oatie

    I think that in England particularly the remnants of the class system and the innate feeling of inferiority that a majority of middle and working class have allows anyone with a upper class accent to be trusted more than they deserve to be.

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    Accents are important with reports suggesting negativity towards northern or Welsh and positivity towards southern ones in respect of job interviews.

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    I suspect that depends on who is interviewing and where. Personally, all accents are fine by me as long as I don’t have to struggle to understand them.  I do prefer TV announcers etc to have a neutral accent though otherwise I find myself listening to the accent not the message.

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    There are lots of non stories.

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    Pops I agree with your every word well said

    Thank you Mike.

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    I am sorry to hear about your condition Mike 700 and I thank you for sharing your situation.

    However I would be grateful if you could explain that with such a Strong/good economy, how so many, of us, like myself as an ex Civil Servant for 27 years are not feeling the benefits of this Strong Economy, but feeling the effects of several years of Austerity at the hands of a Conservative Government, which despite BoJo being part of that Government, now considers that there was no need for Austerity after all and his Government made a mistake with their Austerity Policy.

    I worked for the Government all be it not as a Cabinet Minister, but as a mere Clerical Officer, with a severe life long disability, suffering at the hands of BoJo and his hard hearted welfare cuts, which have cost some of our fellow disabled their lives.

    So Pops and all, it is obviously every individual’s democratic right to vote for (or not vote) who ever they like and I respect that, but the simple fact is that we shall have the return of BoJo and Co, unless we put Labour into power, as the most, the rest of the parties or independent’s can be for the next Parliament, is to be protest groups, only a Labour Government can be an alternative to a Tory Government.

    Also before any of our Tory/Anti Labour contributes, blame Labour for the Austerity, remember Labour did not just save the banks, but saved every body’s savings in the banks in 2008.

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    Sorry, despite the name of this topic, my contribution was aimed at every body in Scotland, England and Wales, (and with respect to our friends in Northern Ireland) and was meant, as to save the interest’s of all our member’s and voter’s who on this site are mainly disabled or who are looking after the interest’s of the disabled.

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