Time to search for a new car

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    I got my Tiguan at the beginning of January 2019. So to my mind, I am due for renewal Q1 2022 (January).

    As of today the, the 30th of September I have not received a letter from Motability, to say it’s time to choose a new vehicle.

    Am I correct in my thinking or will my receive my renewal letter in Q1 2022.

    Thanks in advance

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    You can check it online on their webpage, gives you the exact date at which you can order.

    Current: SEAT Ateca Xcellence Lux 1.5 TSI DSG MY19
    On Order: VW Golf GTE PHEV DSG MY22

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    i’d think it will come along very soon; in october. i got mine beginning of sept from a early dec 2018 last car. it might take few days past your date for anything in mail but you should get an email and it will be in your account page of their site

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    Thanks for that.

    I have created an account and now, I can see that I can place an application for a new car from the 17th of October.

    The way things are at the moment though I don’t think I will be looking. I payed a hefty advance payment for my Tiguan SEL, 2.0, 190 DSG diesel with a few extra’s and with Covid I feel I haven’t had the benefit of the large payment, plus I have only done about 16000 miles.

    Also the current cars on the scheme don’t exactly have me running to the dealers.

    So is there anywhere in my account page where I can ask to extend or do I have to phone up.



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    I think you can extend on the Motability app, 1 yr or 2 yr extension. Once you extend you can still order a vehicle at any time during the extension period. You may not be able to extend though till nearer the end of your current lease.

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    Go for the 2 years extension

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    That’s my intention to ask for a 2 year extension.

    Also to keep checking for new additions (Ha) that might take my fancy.

    Jaguar F Type would do.

    That would have the Daily fail in stitches

    Thanks for all the good advice

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    Right, I have had my letter to say that I can start looking for a new car from the 17th of October. It also says that if I have done less than 15000 miles I could extend. I have done just over 18000 miles, has anyone extended who have done more miles than what was stipulated in their letter.

    Also what are reasonable reasons for asking to extend.

    Thanks in advance

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    I don’t think they need any reason for an extension the way things are at the moment but going by what I’ve heard other say here that having made a large AP on your current car three years ago is a good enough reason and 18,000 miles is not much far out anyway.

    I’ve extended by a year without even talking to anyone using the form below but had just under 15,000 due to lockdowns.


    Just to add you can’t put the form in until 3 months before the end of lease, in your case next Sunday / Monday will be fine



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    I extended in May for 2 years with just over 21000 on the clock.

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    Thanks for the reassuring comments.

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    We have just extended our daughters lease, filled in the on line form but it was not allowed as my daughter is the customer not me but made a phone call and they asked my daughter a few questions and this was accepted even though she had no idea what they were talking about.

    I asked for a one year extension but was told best to do two years as we can order a new car at any time during the extension and if we only did one year it cannot be extended again, the motability operator did tell me to be aware that you need one year remaining on your PIP to order a car so if we did go the full two years then my daughter would by then have less than one year remaining so we would have to hand the car back and not be able to order another until the PIP is renewed about nine months later, so that’s something to be aware of. At no time was I asked why we wanted the extension.

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    Thanks for that Marc

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    I’m going to order in January I was thinking Hyundai kona electric if the AP doesn’t go up

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    2 year extension secured today, with 30k miles on the clock.  Room to manouver now. Motability were amazing.  I highly advise just talking to them, 10 minutes on online chat for me today.

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    Very reassuring, DaveH

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    I’m going to order in January I was thinking Hyundai kona electric if the AP doesn’t go up

    Having taken 2 test drives, I would recommend the Kona. Great value at present.

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    i have only had one test drive but i loved it can’t wait to test it again before i order 🙂

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    All done, lease extended for 24 months.

    Thanks for all the advice

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    Does anyone know if you get the good condition bonus when the 3 years is up, or is it when you finally hand the car back?

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    It’s paid on hand back.

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