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    Struggling to find a stock Tiguan SEL petrol anywhere, despite it being listed as available.


    If anyone finds one anywhere, can they let me know please.



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    Doubt you will now they making the newer version and review vids have been online for a bit..

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    Loads of diesels about, either in stock or waiting to be shipped from the continent.

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    Yes there might be, but you cannot get the sel on the scheme in the diesel. you can get the r-line but not in the 2.ol tsi 4wd, only in 2wd. The match edition i dunno? I did have a golf match and could not order any other golf at all for april handover.

    Was one i looked at back in Jan, I guess maybe there alot less sel’s about, There is the match edition but the seats ain’t comfortable imo. I did have a golf before and couldn’t order one of those at all.. As the golf8 was coming. It was listed on the Mb search but my local dealer who’s great told me no chance of getting one at all.

    so i looked at the t-roc and tig and decided to go another route.

    did your dealer tell you there none about.

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    Matt B

    Try this contact at VW Inchcape Bolton. šŸ¤ž

    Carl Fraser, tel: 01204 531 464

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    There is a white one available in an Aberdeen VW dealer apparentlyĀ 

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