Tiguan r line tech

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    Dave h

    Dsg version gone manual still on

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    Fantastic! Can’t wait to get mine… although it’ll be a different colour. Nice shiny black!

    VW Tiguan R-Line Tech auto in nice shiny black. 🙂

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    BionicRusty (Wayne)

    Winston, she looks awesome. You’ve snapped some great pics there. Looks like a VW ad. ? ??

    Looks very comfortable  ?

    If funds allow, I’ll have one on my drive this time next year. ??

    Same colour probably as well.

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    @brydo – just down at Duck Bay ( Loch Lomond )

    Still no joy on this lotto jackpot ?


    @dougieb – nice one mate, when is your estimated delivery date?

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    The estimate is early december.

    VW Tiguan R-Line Tech auto in nice shiny black. 🙂

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    Good stuff, I’m sure it’ll fly in ??

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    The Tig looks the beau locks there pal

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    Off to place an order on Saturday for one.

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    Thanks @macca

    We haven’t been blessed with many sunny days up here since I collected it so that wee day out was an unexpected bonus

    @BionicRusty & @Smithy hopefully you guys don’t have too long to wait and can get your hands on one soon

    @brydo the night time pic was at Duck Bay and the day time ones were at Inverkip Marina, worth a wee drive down to see it if you’re down that neck of the woods



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    So, here’s a question. Has anyone on here opted for the Tiguan R Line in Tungsten Silver?

    I’ve never seen one on the road. I did view one in a local dealership and thought it looked great. It seems to be a colour that would look cleaner for longer.

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    My friend is due to collect one next week, like you I haven’t saw any on the road so I’m looking forward to seeing it in the flesh

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    We used to have the Tungston Silver on our Golf and it looked fantastic, but my friend has a Tiguan in Tungston and it really doesn’t suit the car.

    I think there’s only one colour that suits the R Line Tig is the bright white….even their TV advert uses the white as it makes it look a stunner.

    Providing VW put the 1.5 petrol R Line DSG back on the scheme and it stays around £1600 ap, we’ll certainly order one….in White.



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    I have spent a wee while looking for mudflaps for a tiguan r line but it

    appears they don’t sell/make them. Anyone on the forum know of a work around?

    I have read countless threads on other vw forums regarding this and the consensus is

    buy a generic set and modify them.

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    The photo is reflex silver I had that on my previous Golf but now I have tungston silver as reflex silver was no longer available on my golf 18 months ago here is my golf in showroom day I picked it up 

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    Reflex silver is brighter and I preferred it to tungston silver both are available for the Tiguan

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    This is tungston silver 

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    Hi Macca

    I had considered a Tiguan r line as my next vehicle(2nd quarter 2020)if I don’t extend my lease and believe the silver is stunning and would possibly be my choice as I enjoy cleaning my vehicle I’m sure it would be a great choice of colour if kept clean?

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    Yep, that’s Tungston….stunning on my MK7 Golf.

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    I’ve always thought they look nice and purposeful, ours is indium metallic grey, unlike the white it looks clean for weeks and I hate washing cars.

    In my opinion no other SUV has the i look good without trying too hard look.

    Where are the haters?

    Normally someone says they’ve bought a Tiguan and the response is god how boring every time I see one I just see another disabled car. ?



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    Dave h

    My current gtd is in tungsten silver I think it looks the dogs looks clean for weeks but I’ve been over ruled for the tiguan by the wife and daughter so its indium grey 

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    Dave the non metallic indium grey looks black in certain lights and then solid grey in bright light.
    There was one in the showroom when we picked ours up and I had to do a double take as from the inside it looked grey, but looking through the dealers window from outside it looked black.

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    I think the R Line’s achilles heel is the extremely restricted colour choice. There was a hint that a future Tiguan coupe could be available in green, that would appeal.

    What would shake the Tig up is if they brought it out in a colour similar to the Performance Blue shown below that Hyundai use on the I30 N :

    Now that colour I would like ?

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    I like the Volvo polar blue or even the original Ford Focus ST  Asbo orange.

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    This tig r line looks nice 

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    My last few cars were similar colour blues so I fancied a change, hence going for metalic grey.

    I don’t really want a car that stands out to much, living in London, they tend to get unwanted attention.

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    I loved the lighter signal green that the Mk2 RS2000 was available in …

    A revival of those 80’s colours would be interesting to see on modern cars.

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