Tiguan R Line 1.5 TSI Auto

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    Ok so this version of the Tig is available at an AP of £1599.

    Interestingly its not described as an R Line “Tech” so i guess the first question is does this have a lesser spec than the 2.0 TDI R Line Tech? Also i’ve see rumblings on here about the VW 1.5 TSI unit, so can someone elaborate? Are there real problems with this unit.

    As a driver that does less than 5000 a year i’m wondering if there is merit in considering a petrol over a diesel.

    The motability site states average mpg on this unit to be up in the 40’s. Realistic …. ?

    All experiences, thoughts, & views appreciated.



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    I am interested in this model too, because I do mostly town driving so I need a petrol.

    Looking at the VW site there is only an R line tech so I am assuming it has to be the one.

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    I have been waiting for this engine also. Price looks good and I am curious to know if it is old stock that they are trying to shift as the R line has been replaced by the R line tech. In terms of spec, the difference between the two is tech comes with keyless entry, tailgate closing and a reversing camera I believe that’s all that is deferent.

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    Hi Macca, as someone who cancelled a Touran recently because after driving found the 1.5 tsi to be lacklustre, my best advice is thoroughly test before considering ordering.

    Too many complaints in various cars with this engine.

    Regards,  wonky

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    Just spoke to VW dealer and he is pretty sure it would be the tech version.

    Made an appointment to go in this afternoon to order it as long as it’s the tech model.

    He said they have a white, grey, and black one being built and I could have one of those within a couple of months, if not it would be around 5 months for a factory order.



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    What are the complaints with it exactly?

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    Perhaps some folks on here run this 1.5TSI with a DSG box in another V.A.G. car?

    If so how have you found it in real life?

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    Pretty sure it’s the old model as it says on vw brochure that its available from stock only.




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    But Pirots was advised a factory order would be around 5 months ???

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    Definitely says it , but wont let me post link ,it’s saying it’s spam.

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    I guess it will unfold in time.

    I’ve raised the question to a VW dealer that I recently visited, so lets see what comes of it.


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    New VW Prices





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    Definitely suggests its a standard R Line

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    1st july to 31st october ? vw changing the quarter dates?

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    I am beginning to think the dealer has got it wrong.
    I shall be phoning again before I make the journey to hopefully confirm.


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    Just spoke to the dealer again to try and confirm whether it’s a R-line or R-line Tech. He said he knows it says R-line on the price list but it is the R-line Tech because they are not making the R-line anymore, only the tech version.

    Hopefully it’s correct and the ones they have coming in are the Tech versions, otherwise I am going there to order one and I will have wasted my time. I will stipulate again that I only want a tech version though.


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    Sorry to harp on but it quite  clearly says “please note these models may be no longer available to order, or only available from stock and NOT available to factory order.” only says it for r – line   ,not the r-line tech.

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    My dealer confirmed its R Line from stock only, ….. and they have no stock.

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    So I made two phone calls and went to the dealers and totally wasted my time. Dealer was assuming it’s an error and it must be the tech version because why would a car that there is no stock of, and is not made anymore be on the list.

    Never mind. 2 hrs of my life I will never get back.

    Peeved off, I went over the road to order an XC40. Motability guy not in on a Monday and the lead time for a T3 petrol is end of the year, or next year. Good job the guy was not there because I might have placed an order, and with all the options it needs to spec it up it’s not exactly cheap.


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    He spoke with forked tongue then?

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    He spoke with forked tongue then?


    He assumed it was an error. Which to be fair you might, because only a numpty would put a car on a list that is not manufactured anymore and there is no stock of.








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    I’ve got the 1.5 tsi (150bhp) on my Karoq and my wife has got the 1.5 TSI (130bhp) on her Golf SV through motability. They are both excellent engines and it’s all down to how one drives it and the selection of (Eco, Normal, Sport drive) that changes the gear changes and transforms the car… driving the 130bhp normally on Eco can get mid-40s mpg whereas the 150bhp on Normal drive gets low 30s mpg. We had them both just over a year now so these are real figures not from online reviews… I hope this helps!

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    Cheers man, sounds good but unfortunately it appears as though VW have put this spec/unit on to clear stocks so its not an easily accessible car

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    I had a manual Tiguan 1.5 se as a loan car while my car was having recall work done.

    It would kangaroo from cold in 2 cylinder mode on the dash sometimes stall.

    The dealer said they had loads of them for sale with the same issue and it was a characteristic of the engine?, but vw were trying to come up with a software fix.

    But we know dealers and BS go hand in hand.

    But I only had the car two days and it did it every time it was cold. My kids found it the same.

    But as we hear there are good cars out there with no issue?

    I don’t think I’d order one unless I knew it was a new engine type or a fix has been done.

    It was totally frustrating having a queue of cars behind while you had to kangaroo away after it stalled.

    Plus it was showing mid 20’s mpg on the average mpg reading. But maybe it was thrashed everyday as a pool car?

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    sorry should have added both automatic 18reg (7 speed box)

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    Menorca Mike

    Totally agree Chris well said I have the Golf 1.5 tsi dsg 130 bhp very economical never had a problem now done 15.000 miles in 16 months

    BBC Breakfast expert, Toyota CHR driver.

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